NooBTooB 101 2014: July (Dishonored)
  • Huh, interesting! I'll give it another shot. :)

    And welcome back from your holiday 8drawt! I hope you had a good time. :)
  • Cheers dude! I had fun :) Still not returned to dishonoured since the other day, i am gonna try and get into it at the weekend. I just really wish I could care a bit more about the world.
  • Wow i ended up just completing the first DLC, i wasnt that up for playing but really got into it more than i have done before. In all but 1 mission i got ghost. But i kept inadvertently killing enemies by choking them and they would fall off the roof or similar which was a bit of a bummer. But i never killed anyone other than sleeping enemies falling to their death.

    Gonna have a short blast on the last DLC as it is a continuation of the second one ( so can keep previous upgrades and runes etc i think) , i probably will end up completing it eventually. So yeah really enjoying it atm :)
  • I have owned this game since it was released but never played it because I had so many other games to play. Now that it is going to to a free game with Xbox Live Gold membership this month I will finally play it and do a full game review and you will be able to find it on my YouTube channel.

    I miss the NoobToob videos, when are you guys gonna come back to YouTube?
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