NooBTooB 101 2014: July (Dishonored)
  • I like the progress posts everyone, keep at it! :) I haven't gotten round to it recently, but as we head into July, I'll be catching up!
  • Ok, I just completed the 2nd main mission in the brothel. I did it without raising any alarms. :) I am killing dudes where necessary but I will choke them out if I can get close and they are alone.

    I did manage to kill one of the Twins in the boiler room with steam. :) I really like the indirect ways of killing the main bad guys, so far its been fun and challenging. I got the safe code for the Gang leader from the artist who was into getting electrocuted. But I forgot to give him the code before I brought Emily back to the base. 

    Oh, well. I am really enjoying my time with this so far. I just unlocked the slow down time power. It got me caught a few times in the Brothel, I don't know how to use it effectively yet I guess. I still find zipping around with Blink to be super effective and fun. :)
  • Just started mission 4, with those Metal Gear things walking about. I'm still not sure how I feel about this game. I think I'm not a fan of the maps. They've all been pretty average and samey.

    I might go back and play it on the hardest difficulty, just to force myself to be sneaky and try to get the good ending and find new ways to enjoy myself. At the moment I just walk into an area and lay waste to the place. My ending will most definitely be the bad one.
  • Spoiler:
    I just got my powers from the Outsider! Heading into the mission after that now. I loved how much story you could actually read up on once you get to the bar. Before you even you go to sleep, I spent like a good 30 minutes to an hour just talking to the folks and reading some books. Dishonored does a great job making the world feel full, even though I've only explored a small space so far.

    I loved the sequence after you wake up from sleeping though, it was so cool and weird. It was nice training session to get used to using Blink as well. I've chosen the Dark Vision ability to go along with that, and I think I'll try to go down a more stealthy route. Everyone is majorly depressed in Dishonored, so I'd like to get a good ending. You ain't gonna see me restarting anything though, even though Dishonored nicely offers up that option at the end of a misson!

    I love the heart thing that you can use to listen to people's inner secrets. Genius plot device haha! After waking from the session with the Outsider, there was a book that I'm pretty sure was referencing the DLC, in particular a character called Daud and the Brigmore Witches. Interesting stuff.

    Well, I killed 12 hostiles in the first mission apparently. Not a great start to a stealth playthrough! Still, with my new-found abilities, I'm gonna try a little harder to be stealthy.

  • -Everyone is majorly depressed in Dishonored
    Haha, I wonder why.  12 families are missing loved ones!  Good job Firlocke.
  • Finished it last night. The ending was suitably bad, everyone hated each other, most people ended up dead, and I was known throughout the lands as a butcher.

    The game was enjoyable but it never really sunk its hooks into me. The story was clumsy and some things just didn't make any sense. The combat was pretty average as was the stealth, but the exploration of the larger areas for goodies, NPCs, and coin was fun. I also liked that things you did earlier would have an impact on game conditions later.

    The main problem with this game is the loading screens, there's so bloody many of them, and those coupled with always returning to that stupid mission hub island after every mission just murdered the flow of the game for me.
  • @shozaya Welp, when you put it like that it does sound pretty bad! That's the thing though, at least I noticed that the characters want to make their life better. The game could have easily taken the easy route and have the NPCs be apathetic or just angry all the time. If it were that way I would care less and wouldn't bother as much trying to become better with stealth. It wouldn't be a world worth improving.

    Then again, I'm the guy who generally prioritises gameplay over story, so I hope the stealth becomes fun to say the least. :P
  • I echo what Dr Flibble said about never really sinking its hooks into me. I completed it the other night, i managed it without killing anyone :) . I am going to replay it again this month, it is the sort of game i can pick up a mission at a time.

    The story i feel is pretty so-so with only one interesting  (while very predictable twist) throughout.

    I didnt have an issue with loading screens at all on PC, it was loaded onto my SSD and the loading screens were almost instantaneous so i didn't notice them. Thinking about it I can see how they would have been an issue though if they had taken time as they were quite frequent. Also the city felt a bit artificially segregated to force the player to move through a door allowing for a loading screen to the next section. I did a fair share of reloading to manage to play through without killing a person, had the loading screens been longer i may well have given up on the stealthy approach.

    Anyone else managing to play through without killing anybody?

    I say without killing anyone, i did kill the old rat lady towards the end who's name escapes me right now. It doesnt count as a murder i dont think, it is to save a person as well.

  • Interesting, so impressions so far are that it's an alright game, but not something that one would be eager to continue playing. I must say that I'm not chomping at the bit to find out what happens next either. Might be because I am trying to play stealthily and cautiously though, I'm thinking of switching it up to be honest.
  • Okay, I'm nearing the end and I have some questions for everyone; How did you handle the PARTY? I didn't kill anyone, and managed to not spoil the party, but I'm curious as to what messes you may have gotten into there.

    I did the last quest for Granny Rags and got the achievement, and then re loaded a save and chose to help Slackjaw, but didn't get the achievement? I have no Idea whats up here? Also Granny Rags is awesome!

    I keep finding Lovecraft references! Specifically
    the Granny Rags character
    , and a mention of The Deep Ones, in reference to how some of the guys got their powers.

    I also let Daud live.
    We didn't see enough of the Empress for me to care enough to avenge her. Daud just wanted to leave that crappy city. After the twist (which I saw coming), is when I wanted revenge. All those guys that betrayed the MC (who's name escapes me atm) are getting killed.

    And since its still early in July, and I have the story dlc, I'm totally going to dive into that when I finish with the main game. I think I'm enjoying this a lot, maybe more than you guys... ;) I totally want to replay and make different choices. I am playing on HARD now, so I really didn't explore too much of the beginning levels (I am now though) so I want to go back and do that. The Lovecraft influences are really drawing me in, I haven't played much else since I started this.
  • Anyone else get the feeling this game won't last the month? Everyone is breezing through it.
  • @Dr Flibble If a lot of people are finishing it early, I might do a bonus 101 for July then. :)

    @8drawt Kudos on a stealth playthrough btw! It's definitely more difficult to play that way, at the start anyway.
  • Hey Vampirelich, no i am really enjoying the game too :) I will probably replay it at some point but i am going away for a couple of weeks so wont be able to atm. So will also probably skip if we do a bonus game.

    I managed to get the achievement for not disturbing the party :) And the clean hands achievement :)

    I knocked her out after investigating and then paused time while carrying her and blinked to the cellar from what i remember :)

    I enjoyed most the collecting hearts and platforming. I didnt experience the combat at all on my playthrough though, apart from the sleeping darts. which are always useful.

  • @8drawt cool, I didn't even think to do it that way.
    I told her someone was waiting for her in the basement and I followed her down there and then chocked her out and carried her to the boat.

    Since I never got the Bend Time level 2.
  • @vampirelich Yeah your way way is definitely better and proper :)

    Spoiler: I would have done it your way had i spent the time to realise it was possible to bait her to the cellar xD  

    I had only recently got the bend time power 2nd level (I think it cost a whopping 8 hearts or something :0 ) but i had a few hearts as i collected most of them and didn't need to invest in any combat skills. The way i did it was definitely a bit opportunistic and scruffy haha.

    @FirLocke Cheers for the kudos :) I really enjoyed the stealthy playthrough. And I am quite tempted to have another playthrough on a harder difficulty soon but I am going away tomorrow so not much point starting today. I am thinking about trying to do it undetected ( which i suspect is near impossible really so it probably wont happen).
  • I beat the game! HARD mode the whole way, and got the High Chaos ending. That last mission was really GREAT! So many ways to get the job done. I totally got revenge on all those dudes that had it coming.

    All those Lovecraft references couldn't have just been a coincidence... right? I'll have to look that up I guess. I really enjoyed my time with this game and I'm really glad that I finally got around to playing it... thanks to this event, @FirLocke

    Next up BOTH story dlcs, in which I hope to see even more Lovecraft nods. :D
  • @8drawt Have fun while you're away! @vampirelich Glad you guys enjoyed it! :) I doubt all of the Lovecraft references are coincidental, I'm pretty sure that they are actually references. I've never delved into anything Lovecraft, so all of it is going over my head. What do you like about Lovecraft? How should one get into it if they're interested? :) Feel free to have a massive post if you've got a lot to say haha.
  • I'm sorry for the length of this post in advance. ;)

    A couple summers ago when I still worked at the pool at my Apartments, I was bored and the library had a CD collection of All of HP Lovecraft's work, some of the discs were scratched beyond reading, but that summer I listed to most of Lovecraft's work on my iPod. :)

    If memory serves a good picture of the Void is painted in the short story The Music of Erich Zann. I mention this specifically because its semi related to the game.

    If that catches your fancy, Cthulhuchick has compiled all of HP Lovecraft's works into a free ebook.

    Welcome to Night Vale is a twice monthly podcast and is a great place to start. Its weird fiction based on the unused story ideas of Lovecraft.

    Lovecraft may not have been the best writer, but he had some really neat ideas about cosmic space beasts that want to eat us and this planet, that a lot of others have ran with and done really well.

    As to what drew me in,... I don't know for sure. I love weird fiction, ... the atmosphere I guess. Uncaring Cosmic Space beings. ;) A new indie game coming out soon is some weird fiction is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter that I'm looking forward to.

    For a movie reference, In the Mouth of Madness is one of my favorites.

    Magrunner Dark Pulse is a great game with Lovecraft themes. Its a physics puzzler similar to Portal 2, by the same team what brought you The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Its available on Steam and Xbla, and PSN.

    Eldritch is a Lovecraftian first person rogue-like, ... think a first person Spelunky with a Minecraft artstyle, and great atmosphere.
  • Sorry about this Double post... BUT... I started up the Knife of Dunwall DLC and Daud is a BEAST. There is no way Corvo should have been able to take him down as easily as I did. Daud's Blink is so much stronger!... I'm at the halfway thru this dlc, and then onto The Brigmore Witches. :)
  • Beat The Knife of Dunwall! That was really fun! I didn't like the gameplay in Dishonored at first but after I got used to it, I had a ton of fun. I enjoyed the twist at the end of this dlc, I didn't see that fight coming and I was out of healing potions so it was really tense.

    One more dlc to go. It feels like I've been playing this game forever. ;)
  • Just started the game, and so far I'm enjoying it. The start is slow, and the story is heading into a trite, albeit, enjoyable direction. I think my favorite thing thus far is when I choose to be stealthy, it really is possible to completely avoid all opponents. I almost swam my entire way through those sewers (when able) and fought almost no one. I enjoy that kind of variety. 
  • Ok I beat the Brigmore Witches dlc! And I'm now done with Dishonored, that was a lot of fun! I thought the corrupted bone charms were an awesome idea in the dlc. Also I think Daud was my favorite character. After learning about what he did, I'm glad I let him live in the main game. :)

    So... I beat the Knife of Dunwall in High Chaos, but I beat the Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos. I used help from the Witch in Red who asked not to hurt any other witch besides Dehlia so I got through that whole last mission without killing anyone. I used the corrupted bone charm that makes you invisible if you are standing still, but doesn't let your mana regen. By the time I got to the Void for the last fight I was out of mana and potions, so I had to take Dehlia down without fighting. It worked out pretty well, and was a neat way to play that mission. Definitely the highlight of this dlc for me.

    This event was a lot of fun, and I have no idea when/if I would have played Dishonored without it. Thanks guys. ;) I'm super glad I finally played this game, I had a blast.

    Also I'm not sure if I can participate next time. I think I'm playing the DS2 dlc and Shovel Knight soon hopefully. Maybe if I can finish those up quick enough though. :)
  • I'm glad you enjoyed it vampirelich! I'm finding it a bit difficult to care about its world to be honest, and I don't usually enjoy stealth which I feel the game encourages. I find myself wanting to like Dishonoured more than I actually am. I'm feeling like I should like it too!
  • @FirLocke I actually didn't have fun with this game at all in the beginning. You are really limited in your options at the start, and the enemies can kill you pretty easily so it seems like stealth is necessary the whole game.

    But later on when you get some more weapons and void powers it really opens up and you can just glide through the environments wiping out all the dudes if you want. The start of the game was pretty slow, I didn't think I would like it as much as I do at first. :)
  • Yeah I second what vampirelich has said, i found it very limiting at the beginning but as the abilities got a bit more interesting (Particularly Blink) the game opened up so much more. The only thing i would have enjoyed more is a third level to the abilities, i feel this would have made it more interesting and increase the longetivity,

    I thought that i would have a little taste of the second DLC, I am glad that you play as a new character and are forced to level up the abilities again. I know this sounds as though it is conflicting with what i have just said about a slow beginning to the game (well, it totally is) :) but having to improve the abilities again through collecting runes is what gives me more of an incentive to carry on playing. Whether i do feel motivated to carry on remains to be seen.

    Playing through the DLC i have decided to try and play without being detected at all, this is turning out to be too much work. So if i continue i am totally gonna drop that goal i wreckon as progress is a bit too slow to remain too fun. I will still play through without killing anyone though.
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