NooBTooB 101 2014: July (Dishonored)
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    (Pro paint skills in full display here.)


    So, Dishonored was a clear winner when it came to what people wanted to play this month! Personally, this was my number 1 pick as well. I've been dying to play it since I got the game a while ago! I look forward to exploring the city of Dunwall with you all. :D

    For those uninitiated; The NooBTooB 101 event is where the NooBTooB forum plays a game for a whole month. The community gives updates, impressions, experiences, advice and just generally discuss and dissect the game together. :) If you'd like to play Dishonored, hop on in and play the game with us!


    Random unboxing pictures:

    Sweet, sweet box art.


    What is this Elder Scrolls malarkey?!


    There we go.


    Ready, set, go!



    • Report on your progress regularly, post updates and let people know where you're up to

    • Reports can be as text or a video, whichever you prefer

    • Be sure to be very detailed: talk about what you like about the mechanics and gameplay, the story, the look of the game etc etc

    • Spoilers are acceptable (even encouraged) but please place them within spoiler tags

    • If you've played the game before, try a different route through the game -
      much of the strength of this game is the options that it gives you to
      approach different challenges, also if you would simply like to talk about your experiences with the game since you've played it before, feel free to do so

    • Help each other out, give hints and tips based on your own experience if people are getting stuck

    • NO WALKTHROUGHS - make it up as you go along, let the dice lie where they
      fall, live with your choices. Upset an NPC? Accidentally kill the guy
      who was selling the item you need? Miss a collectable because it was
      hidden behind a pot plant? Tough!

    - Dishonored is available to buy on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. All platforms also have a Game of the Year Edition that includes all of the DLC!

    Towards the end of the month, or if one finishes the game early, I'd like everyone to give a summary of what they think of the game. Be it bad or good, let us know. Now, get to playing and get to talking!

    Previous 101s:

    June 2013 - (Remember Me)

    August 2012 - (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

    September 2012 - (Mirror's Edge...didn't really take off)

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  • Great choice, i am really looking forward to playing this, i am more than happy with this choice :)

    Thanks for the work you have put in dude.

    Quick question, do i get the game of the year edition (£11.99) or standard (£4.99) do you think?
  • I own the standard. I think the bulk of the discussion will be about the main game but I don't see why playing the dlc would hurt.

    I didn't like the game too much when I played last time but I remember rushing it for some dumb game of the year reason. I suppose I could give it another shot and take my time.

    Oh I also tweeted this out. Hope it brings people in.
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  • @8drawt I'd say get the GotY Edition. If you like the standard game and would be interested in getting the DLC later, I'd say it would cost you more in the long run. The DLC was quite well liked it seems, so I made sure to let people know that a GotY edition exists. That link possibly contains spoilers! Just to let you know that the Brigmore Witches DLC scored a 9/10 in that particular review! :)

    @nutta27 I'm glad that you're giving the game a shot! There seems to be two main ways to play Dishonored as well. A more stealthy route, or a more chaotic one. Perhaps you could try a different route to the one you tried before. :D

    Thank you for sharing guys! I'll be tweeting about the thread over the next few days/weeks as well so hopefully the event will gain some traction. :)
  • Well thanks for that info Nutta and FirLocke, i went and grabbed the GOTY Edition its only a fiver or so difference and still really cheap :) .

    I didn't check out the link to the info on the DLC, I think it will be fun to approach this knowing as little as possible. All i have done is i watched a video a week ago thought it was interesting, i cannot remember almost anything of it now so will all be pretty much completely new to me. I rarely play games i know almost nothing about so this is going to a different experience if nothing else :) .

    Having not participated in this before i am guessing we start on July the 1st?

    Oh and i forgot to mention that your pictures are great and really made me laugh :)
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  • Nah, start whenever you like! I have. :P I'm going into this pretty much 100% blind as well. Just played it there for about 30 minutes, really good opening. Finding it difficult to play stealthily, but then again I've always been terrible at stealth!

    Glad you liked the pictures, figured I'd try to inject some humour into the OP. :)
  • The humour was bang on :)

    Well cool i will start soon then :p . I am playing on PC, i am sure i am probably the only one :( . Gonna bang up the settings to max and hope it looks pretty. I have no idea whether this is a straight up console port or what; in fact i have no idea what this game is about at all, you mentioned stealth, i had no idea that stealth was even a feature haha. It could be shmup for all i know xD
  • I'm on PC also.

    In its essence Dishonoured is a first person stealth action game. You can run through it and be loud but from experience I think the way the game should be played is stealthy. Its a pretty short game I think I completed it in just over 4 hours my first go around.

    I popped in and did the first little level. I am liking it more now I am taking my time soaking the world up and playing it as stealthy as possible. I wanna take a slow and steady approach this time try and play like a "ghost" as much as possible. 

    Each mission has multiple approaches if you did not know and most have a side quest that generally makes the main mission easier (usually performing the side mission will make another character aid you in the main mission in some way) as far as I remember. I plan on taking on all the side missions this time see how things differ. 

    My PC is pretty poor these days and I am running at 60fps with everything turned up so the games not very taxing to machines and still looks beautiful if anyone was worried.

    The first safe in the sewers combination equates to the way the whiskey bottles are lined up on the wall....hint.....hint.

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  • @nutta27 I just got to that point, thanks! :D On PS3 it's a fairly stable 30FPS, looks great. The way we have to collect things using the square button really reminds of Bioshock.
  • I am playing Wolfenstein as well at the moment and the way the game feels really reminds me of that. From what I remember I spammed the jump power for most of the game last time I played it so I might go for more variance in the powers this time around.
  • Gonna start tomorrow probably, maybe tonight if i cant sleep. Its big, something like 14gb will take 45 mins to download through steam :0
  • @nutta27 Glad to hear I am not alone :) I didn't realise it was first person and i am gonna take your guys advice and take my time.

    I doubt your PC can be too bad if your running games a couple of years old at 60fps with full details. I suspect you are being modest :)
  • My laptop can't even run Gone Home at 60 FPS so I've no chance at running Dishonoured well!
  • I've got the vanilla version on 360, but picked up the story dlc packs really cheap a long time ago. :) I installed it last night and played the opening.

    I'm trying to go stealthy but when I fuck up, I'll just kill dudes. I'm still right at the beginning and I've killed 3 dudes so far I think. Decent fun so far, still getting used to it though.
  • Played the opening mission managed to get through without killing anybody thankfully.

    Had some issues getting it to run on my PC, had to use a command to get it to run windowed mode as for some reason because it was trying to launch fullscreen at a resolution that wasnt 1080 it would flicker on then minimise. So got it to run windowed then configured the right rez and back to fullscreen and all is good now.

  • Guilty of murder you say?!?!?!?

    -Proves innocence by slaughtering hundreds
  • :) haha
  • Ok, I am in the city streets now, and I am so not used to the combat. I have done the first side mission for the Old Granny, and I couldn't figure out how to non-violently take care of her guests, so I killed them. Looks like I'm just going to be killing dudes this whole playthru.

    Maybe I could have done non-lethal if I was playing on normal and not on HARD, but oh well. It still pretty fun, but I'm still not used to the fighting yet.
  • The fighting is a party and attack system. Time your parry with the enemies attack and they will be left vulnerable for an attack. I'm playing on hard too this time around.
  • My first impressions:

    I went in to this with a really open mind as it is probably not the sort of game I would usually play and i know very little about the game. For some reason i was reminded of Bioshock infinite initially, probably because the way the Unreal engine feels and the slightly cartoony character models. Obviously the art style is completely different (almost a polar opposite :) ).

    Playing through the first mission i thought hey this is in atypical stealth game with a strange alternative reality, plague, early 20th century vibe to it. I wasn't very enthralled at all but willing to give it time. It reminded me vaguely of playing thief 2 many years ago. After a while as the game has progressed it has grown on me a lot, for some reason the collecting and upgrading of powers i am beginning to really enjoy. As soon as i found out how much verticality there is to this game it has drawn me in and i am really enjoying it :)

    The platforming - like elements are winning me over, my favourite part by far . I am not particularly very far through about an hour or two, i am not killing anybody and doing my best to avoid being seen. But no combat. Having lots of fun :)
  • Guys Dishonoured is currently £2.50 in the steam summer sale. What other reason do you need to pick it up and join in. Its fucking less money than my lunch cost yesterday and you will have a month of "fun" and conversations.
  • Been away for a couple of days so I haven't progressed, but I'd like to re-iterate that yes, Dishonored is currently featured on the Steam Sale! Both the standard and the GotY editions:
  • I've already played this through so I won't join in this month, it's not quite as great as it's made out to be. Still, for €3,79 you're getting a very enjoyable action game with great stealth mechanics let down only by what I saw as a rather thin main story. :)
  • Played this game before, but I'll gladly pick it up again on 360. Should be cheap as chips.
  • Ok, I've gotten past the first main mission. I've upgraded blink and I love it! Super useful, and I like how much I'm free to tackle situations differently. I am really enjoying this so far. I love the Lovecraftian undertones, and how you get your powers from The Void. :)

    I saved that Lady's uncle, the Captain and I non-violently killed the Overseer guy, by switching his drink with the poison one.

    During my escape from the place, I jumped out a window into the courtyard full of guards, but I just chained 3 or 4 Blinks together and was long gone before any of them knew what was happening. I also tried to save a girl who was being attacked by the guards, but I didn't.

    I'm just rolling with it for the event, a 2nd playthru would be pretty fun I think.
    I'm playing stealthy, but I'm not shying away from killing dudes when the need arises, or I fuck up. :) I will keep playing. :)
  • Started a new game because I'd forgotten everything. I'm in the 2nd main mission now, the one where you have to get into the brothel, and I'm not playing stealthily at all. I'm walking death, slaughtering anyone I come across, civilian or otherwise. It amuses me that people still want me to help them even after I've just brutally murdered all their friends.

    Initial impressions are I kind of like the game, the gameplay is pretty fun but I don't know if I'd enjoy playing stealthy. I'm also not much of a fan of the maps, with lots of loading screens being thrust in my face.
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