Capcom for Sale?

  • Sooooo yeah. At the moment, if some one wants to, they can buy enough shares in the company to take control of Capcom.

    I'd say Capcom has the biggest stable of recognizable characters outside of Nintendo. Out of the potential buyers, I think Nintendo would excite me the most. Imagine that, Nintendo owning the two biggest fighting game franchises, Smash and Street Fighter! That, and Mega Man would come back in full force!

    Outside of the 3 platform holders, I can't think of any game developer or publisher big enough to acquire and be able to use all of what Capcom have well. I have a feeling that perhaps a third party company that's interested in gaming might buy them out, much like Kadokawa did when they acquired From Software.

    It's entirely possible that no one will buy the shares, but Capcom, despite their recent fuck ups with their DLC shenanigans, have amazing legacy and history. Here's a list of bunch of their game series:

    Street Fighter
    Resident Evil
    Monster Hunter
    Devil may Cry
    Dragon's Dogma
    Mega Man
    (Marvel, SNK, Tatsunoko) Vs. Capcom
    Rival Schools
    Ghosts N' Goblins
    Final Fight
    Power Stone
    Bionic Commando
    Breath Of Fire
    Dead Rising
    Dino Crisis
    Ghost Trick
    Phoenix Wright
    Lost Planet
    Viewtiful Joe
    Power Stone

    Let's not forget that they also published games such as Remember Me and Asura's Wrath!

    And I'm probably missing a few! Looking at this list, I actually don't have much experience with Capcom games. Mega Man and Street Fighter are the two I'm most familiar with. Do you have many memories of some of their games?

  • Does anybody remember the Capcom chime in the beginning of Super Nintendo games?

    Street Fighter II was the most played game on my Super Nintendo. I've scoured every inch of every bit of background detail and every time, there was that chime to draw me in.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens and what this leads to!

    PS. I think Okami does Zelda better than most Zelda games.
  • @sloth I totally forgot about that chime! It was great to hear that and then something like the Street Fighter tune right after that.

    I don't think this essentially means Capcom is up for sale or going after buyers and is more a case of shareholders having another option (the cash out option).

    Capcom has been a bit strange over the years and has had some games I really liked like Dead Rising 3 and some games I felt like weren't fun (or lost the charm of the previous games) like Resident Evil 6.

    But looking at that IP catalogue makes me think if they do get sold some business is going to end up with some amazing IP.

    If they are looking for a buyer I'm not sure who would be a good fit for them (this is excluding a non-gaming or smaller company in the gaming buying them). Nintendo would be good but would they allow Capcom to make some of the less family friendly games like Resident Evil? Maybe if they buy them they turn Capcom into a sub brand that isn't all inclusive family friendly brand Nintendo is more recently known for and that allows Capcom/Nintendo to make some more "mature" rated games.

    I think Microsoft might be a decent fit for them. The current regime seems very gamer focused and this would be a very big gamer focused purchase. Regardless what MS did with previous purchases likes of Lionhead, Ensemble, Rare, Bungie and FASA they were bought under a previous regime and the new one could help develop/work on those IP (I know Phil Spencer has been running internal studios for a while now but he wasn't heading up the entire Xbox division when most of those studios closed, were sold or restructured).

    If it does go to a first party I can imagine franchises like Street Fighter having a problem with a large portion of it's community not being able to play those games.

    Also whoever buys it will need to make sure to get those film rights back to IP like Resident Evil or get some money invested in it so it doesn't seem as low budget.

    Anyway if they do get sold whoever buys them will need to help increase their revenue. I have no idea how well/bad they are doing but if their shareholders aren't happy to support Capcom staying as they are they probably aren't doing as well as they could (this could just be something like getting rid of the management there and integrating them into a bigger business).