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  • So some of us NooBTooBers decided to do a contest where we pick our World Cup brackets.

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    Celebrate this sporting event that has cost poor and working class Brazilians millions of dollars and spurred large scale riots by joining our group!

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    Who will win the World Cup?
    1. Which country will win?9 votes
      1. Argentina
      2. Spain
      3. Germany
      4. Colombia
      5. Portugal
      6. Other
  • Not a huge fan of footy, but I looooove watching the World Cup. I'm supporting England because that's the team that I know most of the player's names :P.

    I say I'm supporting them, but at the same time I don't mind seeing them getting thrashed at all because they are cocky SOBs.

    I watched the England v. Ecuador friendly last night, good game! Ecuador's goals were waaaaaay nicer than England's, but the man of the match was definitely Oxlade-Chamberlain. Made the most out of every opportunity. Barkley had some sweet plays as well.
  • I went to watch England vs Peru in their last home friendly before the world cup and they were looking impressive. I don't see us winning the world cup though. Not a chance.

    This years will go to a south american country maybe Brazil or Argentina. A European team have never won a contest in south america. Apparently the players can't handle the humidity.
  • Awesome. I've signed up. Thanks for setting this up.
  • I want to see an upset. Bring on the underdogs!

    Found a handy list of when the matches are on! These are on ITV/BBC, and also in UK times only though.
  • Cool joined. I love football and the World Cup is my favourite sporting event. The atmosphere in the country is just always awesome and an excuse for excessive drinking :) . I am from England so naturally supporting England, I am not very optimistic at all but it will be fun.

    Thanks for list FirLocke
  • Hodgeson has chosen a team that is far too young. if anything he has chosen this team to let them get to grips with the world stage with a hope they can compete in the Euros in 2 years and in the cup in 4 years. If he has chosen this team to lay the groundwork for future years then the lads smart I just hope the fans and the F.A give him a chance to see it through.
  • Yeah i agree with you Nutta, i hope they give him the time.
  • That Netherlands Vs Spain match though. Holy shit, I don't think anyone expected that result!

    Here are the goals: 

    Netherlands 5, Spain 1. Spain won the World Cup in 2010. Netherlands came in 2nd place in 2010.

    I'm really interested to see how Spain change for their next match.
  • I know nothing of Football. That first header is gorgeous. Zidane has the most amazing highlight reels I have scene. Why are only scorers on the list of best players all time? Hockey worships a great goalie.
  • Well the sabermetrics of football are a nightmare.  Two, 10 man amoeboid  masses in constant flux against one another.  Good freakin luck with that math.
  • Peter Schemichael is known to be one of the best players of all time and he was a goalie. If you want to see an amazing highlight reel forget zidane and look up bergkamp.
  • I know nothing.  I liked the highlights of Bergkamp passing more than scoring.  It made me think about the passes I had seen in the Zidane reels.  I really loved the grace of Zidane receiving these mortar shot passes down his body, but then I thought that probably a real football fan would not care how a player managed a shitty pass.  The film was beautiful, but the skill being demonstrated was not essential.
  • Yeah, the scorer infatuation is a bummer for analysis. There's a lot of evidence that a great defender is every bit as important as a great striker, perhaps even more so, but because they command about 1/3 of the price as a striker, they're a sneaky cheap way to build a team for savvy managers.
  • England played well last night. The result wasn't great but all in all a good showing. If we can keep that up I can see 2 wins in the group stages pulling us though.

    Rooney was a bit of a weak link last night. I just dont think he plays that well behind a lone striker.
  • Yeah, you could tell Rooney was frustrated in that position. Sturridge, Sterling and Welbeck were brilliant though. I wish Glen Johnson and Gerrard pushed forward a bit more though, they both seemed to want to get rid of the ball the moment they got it. Cahill did a great job defending as well.

    Gotta give respect to Pirlot from the Italian team though. So graceful, so accurate and soooooooo forward thinking. Amazing player! That time where he let his team mates pass go through his legs to go onto the striker which led to Italy's first goal, god damn that was beautiful! Chiellinni was a monstrous defender on Italy's side as well. Oh, and even though Italy's goalie Buffon was injured, they had a pretty great substitute!
  • Yeah Pirlots dummy was a thing of beauty. That shows great awareness of your surroundings and great teamwork. I bet that move was tested in practice a good few times though.
  • I think that's a big weakness that England have. Do they have any practiced set plays? Every time they're on the offensive, it looks very improvised.
  • Some good games so far.

    I thought as it was the first round of games a lot of the teams would be cautious as they would rather get a draw than lose but there has been a lot of good attacking and free flowing football.
  • The games have been great I don't think we have had a 0-0 draw yet have we?

    Germany v Portugal later today that should be a decent game. Both teams are strong. You have to tip Portugal for the win though.

    Also gotta love the world cup even Americans are talking about footy for once. Was weird watching some Conan on YouTube and have him mention it off hand.
  • GoodEnoughForMe the audacity that Holland is not on the list offends me, but then again i don't care about footbal.
  • You can't watch any of the games over here anyway unless one of the teams playing is Japan. Once Japan gets knocked out, which I hope happens quickly, most people will stop giving a shit about the World Cup.

    If you ever feel like cheering for Japan because they're underdogs or you like anime or whatever, just don't. A nation of infants with no understanding of good sportsmanship at all; as insufferable when they lose as when they win.

    It was good to see the Krauts smash Portugal though. And to get another Nutta-ism.

    Almost as good as Spain going down like cheap hookers. If only England had come through to humiliate Italy all would've been right with the world for a brief moment.
  • From what I have realised recently in regards to the English side is they don't go for the theatrics of football like other countries do. Not so much diving and rolling around on the floor in hopes of fteekicks and cards. Its very honourable but will it hurt the team in the long run?
  • Bravo Japan! Just one more stinker and you can kiss your arses goodbye.

    The diving is the favoured tactic of those rat Latin fucks: Italy and their ilk. That's why I'm always happy to see those countries get murdered. But in England's case I'm baffled as to why a country which does so consistently crap in the World Cup has such high expectations of it year after year.

    Now today's news will be nothing but interviews with Japanese players trying to justify their salaries.
  • Gutted that England lost to Uruguay. Was such a close game too, and once England scored their goal they really looked like they were going to score another few. Alas, that didn't happen. It was pure joy from me when England scored their goal though, it was such a relief at the time! Here's hoping Italy defeat Costa Rica and England have a chance to progress.

    Gotta say, my favourite players so far are Van Persie and Robben from Holland and Pirlo from Italy. Really entertaining, quality players.

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