Slender Man Nutjob Girls
  • I dunno. I am American and many aspects of this culture feel foreign to me. We are seemingly OK with regular mass shootings. If little white girls are now a source of murder...
  • Well kids killing kids isn't new, nor unique to the US. Not much consolation there but whackjobs are a human problem, not an American one.

    Yeah, speaking of mass killers, the Elliot Rodger murders the other week were a media debacle too. Last week was feminist bullshit, this week will be anti-gamer bullshit.
  • Yeah, the Elliot Rodger stuff confused me. He killed men too.
  • Gun control has worked elsewhere in the world but appears impossible in the US. I could vomit pure bile.
  • Manio, the Elliot Rodger caper was modern journalism at its most ridiculous. Never have I felt such an urge to head down to my local university and smack around a few journalism majors.

    Westsw, it seems as though the US has lost any form of common ground to stand on. People are just careening off to extremes and talking foreign languages to each other. I know a few Americans here in Japan who are on both sides. They tend to use a lot of the same words but with totally different meanings. Take Capitalism for example. Capitalism for one group means a way of attaining economic freedom from being controlled, and the other group use it to mean the plutocrats and their money for power schemes. How can the left and right ever find common ground if the very terms they are using in their exchanges have different meanings within their respective corners? 

    What the lefties call Capitalism the righties call Crony Capitalism (which they should be calling Mercantilism imho), but the lefties just hear the Capitalism part and chuck it in the same basket. It's sad, because in reality the people on the left and right have a common enemy, but they don't stop tearing each other's throats out long enough to see it. 

    And while I haven't really thought about it too deeply, I would assume you could find plenty of other words suffering the same fate. Socialism is one that springs to mind (caring for mankind on the left and inviting Stalin round for blowjobs and a pogrom on the right). And guns. And the first amendment. I could go on, but won't.

    Enough rambling for a night. 

    Fuck it, this just occurred to me too. Both the left and right point fingers at each other blaming the other for the destruction of society. The left will point at the right and scream about wealth inequality and the world becoming too right wing. The right will then point back and scream about the welfare state and the world becoming too left wing. Both are right in a sense. While the lefties have a point about the wealth inequality, you can't look at a country such as the US in which roughly 40% of its GDP is government spending and complain about evil capitalism, because that ain't capitalism. A capitalist society would never have allowed the bail-outs either. And of course vice versa; while the righties have a point about the welfare state you're still a long long way from Stalinist Communism. But I guess this all feeds back into what I was saying about Mercantilism. Mercantilists love a cozy corporate/government relationship, monopolies, trade pacts and privileges, and war.

    Bah, whatever. Can anyone think of a period in human history in which we didn't have a 1%? 

    When open carry meets stand your ground maybe America's gun problem will solve itself. 

    Goodnight all.
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  • Knives don't kill people! People kill people, Those kids just used Slender man as an excuse to try to kill someone. And there is a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? i thought the only difference was the name.
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  • I wasn't really talking about the Dems versus the Reps in those ramblings. As you said, not really much difference between the 2 parties these days. One advocates robbing Peter to pay Paul, the other to rob Paul to pay Peter. These politicians and parties have no moral integrity or values, they flip flop more frequently than a pair of sandals at a beach.

    The minimum wage debate is another interesting one where you can see a lot of half-baked ideology being tossed about on both sides.
  • The US is so bifercated that getting a POW back is cause to call the president a traitor.
  • Seriously. This is an awful story. Frightening.
  • I think you have to unhinged to cause pain to someone, never mind murder them. I can see why they would be so attached to Slender Man, i'm being judgmental here but looking at them they both looked like kids who were 'outcasts'. Fuck i was a outcast at school and found a release in World of Warcraft, they found theirs in this slender shit.

    People like to belong to groups, they just had a deeper embed issue that was paired with their release in Slender Man. For the record, i don't think you can cure that level of mental illness, so perhaps a adult sentence is best. It's a harsh way of looking at it, but there's something sinister about adults murdering, but children? takes on a whole new level.
  • As with Elliot Rodgers though, you got to wonder about the parenting going on behind the scenes. Everyone is quick to blame video games or whatever, but how about the parents. They had NO knowledge their 12 year old was a sick creepy little fuck pop? Really? Did they even pay attention to what she was looking at online? Call me a dinosaur, but I'd like to believe a parent can still have more influence on a child's life than a website.
  • Westsw, that POW story has been getting some exposure here so I have been doing some reading on it. From what I've read, that guy was not a POW, he was a deserter. A deserter who went on to supply the enemy with intel so they could conduct more efficient raids, and I also read 6 other troops got killed in the search for him after he went AWOL. Then there's Obama skipping laws and protocols he himself signed off on to release 5 nutbags to get back one deserter. I know Obama sucks at math and economics but fuck me, that doesn't sound like a bad deal to anyone else? And the "US doesn't negotiate with terrorists" bullshit has to stop. Nobody buys that anymore. I mean shit, many people think Americans ARE the terrorists!

    Feel free to correct anything I got wrong here, it's just what I read. Based on what I've read though, people who are pissed off are not so without reason.

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