E3 2014: Everything Else
  • Ubisoft and EA will also have their own press conferences, but this thread will serve for both of those and every other tidbit of news that comes out of E3. :)


    Live stream at 12pm, Monday June 9th.

    Japan, 4am.

    UK (GMT+00) , 8pm.


    Live stream at 3pm, Monday June 9th.

    Japan, 7 am.

    UK (GMT+00) , 11pm.

    For all the streams, http://www.ign.com/events/e3  or  http://www.twitch.tv/twitch

    Twitch E3 Stream Schedule:

    Monday 6/9 PT:

    9:30am - Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing

    11:00am - Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing Post show

    11:30pm - Hotline Miami 2 (Dennaton Games/Devolver Digital)

    12:00pm - EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview

    1:00pm - EA Special Event

    2:00pm - EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Post show

    2:30pm - Bethesda (Unannounced title)

    3:00pm - Ubisoft 2014 E3 Media Briefing

    4:00pm - Ubisoft 2014 E3 Media Briefing Post show

    4:30pm - Witcher 3 (CD Projekt RED)

    5:00pm - Dying Light (Techland)

    5:30pm - Final thoughts

    6:00pm - PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

    Tuesday 6/10 PT:

    9:00am - Nintendo Digital Event

    10:00am - Deep Silver (Unannounced title)

    10:15am - Deep Silver (Unannounced title)

    10:30am - Dragon Age: Inquisition (EA)

    11:00am - Ubisoft (Unannounced title)

    11:20am - The Division (Ubisoft)

    11:40am - Farcry 4 (Ubisoft)

    12:00pm - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision)

    12:20pm - Microsoft Studios (Unannounced title)

    12:40pm - Microsoft Studios (Unannounced title)

    1:00pm - DRIVECLUB (SCEA)

    1:20pm - Evil Within (Bethesda)

    1:40pm - Lords of the Fallen (NAMCO)

    2:00pm - Destiny (Activision/BUNGIE)

    2:20pm - The Order: 1886 (SCEA)

    2:40pm - Nintendo (Unannounced title)

    3:00pm - Evolve Special Tournament (2K)

    4:00pm - Super Smash Bros. Invitational (Nintendo)

    Wednesday 6/11 PT:

    10:00am - Alienware

    10:30am - Twitch Time

    11:00am - Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac Games/Microsoft Studios)

    11:20am - Microsoft Studios (Unannounced title)

    11:40am - Killer Instinct: Season Two (Iron Galaxy/Microsoft Studios)

    12:00pm - Square Enix (Unannounced title)

    12:20pm - Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade (Square Enix)

    12:40pm - H1Z1 (Sony Online Entertainment)

    1:00pm - EA (Unannounced title)

    1:20pm - Batman: Arkham Knight (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

    1:40pm - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

    2:10pm - Nintendo (Unannounced title)

    2:30pm - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Unannounced title)

    2:50pm - Crytek (Unannounced title)

    3:00pm - SCEA (Unannounced PS4/PS3 title)

    3:15pm - SCEA (Unannounced PS4/PS Vita Digital title)

    3:30pm - Hohokum (Honeyslug, SCE Santa Monica Studio)

    3:45pm - Helldivers (Arrowhead Game Studios/Sony Computer Entertainment)

    4:00pm - Alien Isolation (The Creative Assembly/SEGA)

    4:20pm - Civilization: Beyond Earth (2K)

    4:40pm - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4 (Blizzard)

    5:00pm - Evolve Special Tournament (2K)

    Thursday 6/12 PT:

    10:00am - Tetris w/creator Alexey Pajitnov

    10:15am - Zombies Monsters Robots (Ying Pei Games)

    10:30am - Guinness World Records - certificate presentation

    11:00am - Fable Legends (LionHead/Microsoft Studios)

    11:20am - Microsoft Studios (TBD)

    11:40am - Project Spark (Team Dakota/Microsoft Studios)

    12:00pm - Nintendo (Unannounced title)

    12:20am - Square Enix (Unannounced title)

    12:40pm - PlanetSide 2 PS4 Edition (Sony Online Entertainment)

    1:00pm - 505 Games (TBD) 1:20pm - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Unannounced title)

    1:40pm - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Gearbox/2K)

    2:00pm - Ubisoft (Unannounced title)

    2:20pm - The Crew (Ubisoft)

    2:40pm - Nintendo (Unannounced title)

    3:00pm - Tecmo Koei (Unannounced title)

    3:20pm - Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes (Disney Interactive)

    3:40pm - SEGA Sonic BOOM! (SEGA)

    4:00pm - Evolve Special Tournament (2K)

    For UK time, add 8 hours, so let's say Tetris showing on Thursday is on at 10am, UK time will be 18:00 or 6pm.
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  • Thanks for putting up all these timetables, especially with UK times as well. These will be really useful thankyou dude :)
  • No problem 8drawt, I live in Ireland so the UK times apply to me as well haha. :P I know the threads are sparse, but I figured the times and links to the streams would be the most important information.
  • I live in England :) These are well laid out and simple and i can easily find the times and stream etc. I will definitely be referring back to these during E3 :) .

  • Yeah the times are really helpful. I haven't decided how to watch the streams this year. Generally I watch them plain but giantbomb will be commentating over them this year so I might check out their coverage.
  • I have never watched these things. I prefer to read a paragraph summary and check out pics of the hottest booth babes after it's all over. The pomp and wank of these events does nothing for me.
  • Welp, Mortal Kombat 10 is a thing!

    Why are all these announcements happening right before E3? Makes me wonder what they're going to show!
  • @FirLocke makes me hopeful that all these announcements are being announced early to make room for the press conferences to drop a load of new unexpected announcements, but then again they could just be announcing the games now to save time and just demo them on stage and use that freed up time to showcase TV show stuff. 
  • Twitch have released their streaming schedule for the whole of E3! I've put the list in the OP, there are so many unannounced titles!
  • Alright, today's the day folks! Let the week of Hype, commence!

    http://www.twitch.tv/twitch <- Twitch will be livestreaming EVERYTHING from this link. It's streaming right now with a countdown to let you know how long is left too!
  • I will miss the Microsoft one because of work I should be able to catch the rest....the question is do I stay up for Sony?????
  • I know I will! Out of all the leaks, Sony and Nintendo have managed to keep it in their pants the most. Which hopefully means more surprises from them!
  • EA and Ubisoft up next!
  • Welp, EA's was kind of disappointing. Battlefront was the most exciting thing, but they didn't actually show anything of the game itself.
  • I actually kind of liked EA, if only because it featured confirmations/scant details of games I am looking forward to, which EA has an absurdly high amount of now (not sure I should take comfort in that, but I digress...). The total lack of Battlefront gameplay was disappointing, but I have high hopes for Dragon Age and Sims, and I am glad that the PC version of FIFA is getting the newest engine.

    Assassin's Creed: Unity's co-op looks fascinating to me; if it's done well, it could really create some cool ways to finish levels. 

    The Division looked disappointingly standard/by-the-numbers. That's been my biggest letdown so far, I think.

  • Yeah, The Division doesn't look exciting to me at all either. I thought AC Unity looked great as well!

    It was cool of EA to say that their Battlefield beta is available now. Enjoying IGN's stream the most by far! Most colourful and entertaining commentary between the conferences.
  • AMAZING conference from Ubisoft! Holy shiiiit! Far Cry 4 looks amazing, AC Unity, The Crew looks really enjoyable and Rainbow Six was compelling as fuck. God damn. Even Just Dance hyped me a little somehow!
  • Yeah, The Crew, Rainbow 6, and Valiant Hearts have all had the best trailers/gameplay - they looked good.
  • The Crew was fairly under the radar for me, but just going for a random drive, to somewhere in America that I've never seen before is really appealing to me. I'd like to remind everyone that The Crew is due for release in 2014, not 2015. :) Loved the trailer they did, so much. Forgot to mention Valiant Hearts, that looked amazing also.

    I'm not sure, but to me it looks like the movement of AC has actually been improved. It just looks a bit different, even smoother. It looked like it's now a lot less stop and start like it used to be. The combat still looks only alright, nothing new there it looks like.
  • Fantastic first day of E3, but it's not over yet! IGN and others will continue streaming games individually for the next few days, so stay tuned!

    I'll post some proper impressions in the morning, it's half 4 in the morning for me right now, good night.. :P
  • EA just sunk. They didn't show anything. All the stuff that could have been interesting. Bioware's new IP or mass effect didn't even get a trailer. Just a dude sat in a dark room talking shit. Seriously it was a whole show of. Well remember them sports games last year...erm we got them again oh and here's some PS4s with the Battlefield beta get playing. Battlefield at least looked interesting but it still looks like battlefield 4 but with less players.

    Ubisoft on the other hand. Was great. If you look past the casual racism, weed references and uneeded cussing (and that's coming from me). Don't care about the crew and dance whatchamacallit but apart from that. The fitness minigame package looks cool. Assassins creed looks beautiful and the division (yeah it will be a 3rd person cover shooter but) fuck me if I'm not hyped for that game. Also rainbow 6 wow I know that was pre alpha (come on it was a concept video. Be honest) but it looks promising. The pre match tactics for the cops side were cool. The bad guys setting traps and boarding windows seems fun. I don't know it reminded me of the counter strike office level but better. Can't wait. Hell even Aisha didn't feel too out of place this year. Go ubisoft for not turning your show into a mad house like usual.
  • After Day 1:

    In general, my most anticipated games are The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight and No Man's Sky. In that order. Bloodborne might have replaced one, if it actually showed some gameplay. :P

    Biggest surprises: The Crew, Grim Fandango remake, and Dead Island 2. Had no idea Dead Island 2 and Grim Fandango would be things for the PS4. The Crew was totally under my radar, and something about that trailer just kind of sold me on the game. Not hyped for any other racing game.
  • I'm very happy to see a new Rainbow Six game. Dead Island 2 was nice too. I had assumed Dying Light would be the sequel to Dead Island, looks like we get both. Bloodborne will be the shit, I can't see how it could not be. Pity everything is 2015 though.

    And fuck Last Guardian. Seriously. This is getting Duke Nukem style ridiculous.
  • I liked the song they played for Dead Island 2 but I can never see me playing it. I didn't like Dead Island and I never touched riptide. I own the Witcher 2 on PC I should really check it out because I just don't get the Witcher 3 hype.
  • The song for Dead Island 2 was pretty fucking cool lol.  Dead Island always has some really good trailers, with arguably one of the best trailers of all time with the first game.  Dead Island was fun, but glitchy, so I'm not expecting much here.  Other than a few good laughs and some interesting weapons.

    The Witcher 3 does look like fun, but they haven't really shown anything to throw the game into that "MUST OWN" category.

    For now, I'm pretty pleased with this E3.  Still desperately awaiting that Fallout 4 announcement that's never going to happen.

  • Fuck, EA's was a downright snoozefest. Only thing worth taking from it was Dragon Age.

    Rainbow Six looks great.

    I'm not going to allow myself to get hyped for Dead Island 2. Bad things happened when I got over-hyped for the first.

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