E3 2014: Nintendo
  • Nintendo will NOT be hosting a live press conference at E3 this year, and will once again be having special Nintendo Directs, to provide information about their upcoming games, directly, to you.

    I will update this link once Nintendo have a page for the Directs, but for now: http://www.nintendo.com/

    Live stream at 9am, Tuesday June 10th.

    Japan, 1am.

    UK (GMT+00) , 5pm.
  • Do you think the new Legend of Zelda will be announced?  I'm hopeful, but with the extremely large developmental periods between games, I think we'd be lucky to even hear anything that even starts with the letter "Z".  But ya never know with Nintendo.
  • There is that dynasty warriors thingy. Warriors of hyrule I think that's the only Zelda we will see. Nintendo would never undermine that game with an actual piece of Zelda news.
  • I think there will be some news of the proper Wii U Zelda. Hyrule Warriors is out this year anyway, so announcing the proper Zelda wouldn't undermine it I think as the Zelda Wii U game probably won't come out for a while yet.
  • I almost entirely forgot about Hyrule Warriors, but I'm not counting it with the core franchise.  As nutta said, it's more of a "dynasty warriors thingy" haha.  I'm hoping we at the least get an announcement, but thinking about it from a business point of view, it'd be smart.  It would really help Nintendo push Wii U sales, because honestly it's a great console, just poorly marketed with very few big titles.
  • Of course, Nintendo's events will be happening tomorrow, including the Smash Bros tournament, so stay tuned!
  • Of course, Nintendo is up next! They will be on in a couple of hours. Will they sell millions of people on a Wii U? Will they reveal their new Zelda? Will Metroid make an appearance? Who knows, but Nintendo sure have a very large mountain to climb.

    Again, here's the stream. http://www.ign.com/events/e3
  • Garbage presentation. Nothing interested me. X looks graphically worse than it was first revealed, I don't know why.
  • Every time someone presents an open world game... "See those mountains over there?... You can go there, and even beyond."

    I swear to god, this happens in every presentation.
  • @shozaya Oh you mean for Zelda? When I saw that screen, I was like "That looks like a kiddy version of the Witcher 3." As harsh as that sounds, those were honestly my very first thoughts.

    After calming down some (I was actually angry once the stream finished), Ninty's only interesting things were the Pokemon remakes, which are remakes so you can't really surprise me with anything, and Zelda. As much as I'm hyped for Smash, revealing the Mii characters to be playable, and Palutena didn't interest me one bit. I like them and all, but they don't hold a candle to the other new characters.

    I've never owned an Xbox, and haven't intended to buy one, but at the moment I would actually prefer to get an XB1 over a Wii U. I used to be like, first a PS4, then a Wii U, then an Xbox One if I were to get all three consoles. Now though? PS4 still first, but Xbox One before Wii U. To be honest, if Nintendo doesn't announce anything great over the next few days of E3, Wii U might be a never. I was expecting Nintendo to sell me on a Wii U, and they certainly haven't done that so far.

    Looking around on Twitter and stuff, it looks like people thought the stream was ok/good, but nobody is calling it garbage like I am. :P
  • I thought the PS4 conference was boring as hell. Much more impressed with Nintendo's. Captain Toad looks fun!

    Glad I stuck around for the Treehouse event after. Captain Toad looks great.
  • Yeah, the poll I saw had Nintendo dominating the results in terms of "WINNING E3" and whatever other self-aggrandizing stuff gamers are into.

    I think Mario Maker looks fun, as a kid I used to sketch out 2D Mario levels and imagine designing them, but I don't have a WiiU...

    Otherwise, bring on Smash Bros. and Pokemon for 3DS!

  • Bayonetta 2!!!! coming in October, for the WiiU also includes the first game!... I am pumped! Shame I just recently replayed Bayo 1 on 360, I should have held out for this. I've been looking forward to Bayo 2 for over a year now, Great to finally get a date. :)
  • Shame Smash was delayed to October. :( That really deflated my hype. When they originally said summer I was being optimistic and going for July!
  • No literally, every open world game they showed at e3 so far.  And I think your being a little hard on them, Zelda looked fine, showed significant improvement, and answered what a lot of fans were asking for.  I know they didn't show much, but you just compared it to The Witcher 3.  The comparison isn't there to be made lol.
  • Nintendo's Video made me realise I don't like the games they make, Zelda looks beautiful and Mario Maker looks interesting but there stuff just doesn't do it for me. 

    The only Nintendo property I really care about now is Mario Kart and I am still yet to play that. Maybe the WiiU is dead for me. Oh well those 2 weeks of ZombiU were fun.
  • Just watched the Smash Bros. invitational tournament, and it was sensational! That was a 180 compared to their digital event, the tourney was nothing but hype! The power of Smash compels me!

    I've watched some of the Nintendo Treehouse stuff as well and it's a really neat idea. Basically a lot of the games shown are just bring played on a livestream for about an hour at a time. Dunno if they showed Zelda, but I saw Hyrule Warriors, and just like Dynasty Warriors, it looks like the game is very repetitive. Saw a bit of Splatoon as well, and I just can't get interested in it. It's just too kiddy.
  • Never was interested in Hyrule Warriors. Don't see the appeal.

    Open world Zelda? Fucking sold.
    Captain Toad game? That looks right fun. I love collecting shit. I'm sold.
    Splatoon? Might be fun. We'll see.
    Noobied by 1shozaya
  • Here's the whole Smash tournament in all its glory!

    Oh, and Pac-Man for Smash Bros. confirmed. :) Little bit of a surprise at the end, hopefully Game & Watch is confrimed!

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