E3 2014: Microsoft
  • Live stream at 9:30am, Monday June 9th.

    Japan, 1:30am. Well, it's not you were going to watch anyway. :P

    UK (GMT+00) , 5:30pm.

    Here's the link for the stream: http://www.ign.com/events/e3 or http://www.twitch.tv/twitch

  • Really excited about this as Xbox One is gonna be my go to current-gen platform when I can afford one.
  • What the fuck. Horizon 2 on 360 as well. When are devs gonna stop doing games for both generations. Its really crippling next gen games.
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  • @nutta27  Amen to that... But until I can afford a next-gen console, I'm not complaining haha
  • Seems very odd that they are putting this on 360 as well. I guess it makes short term financial sense but it does make me wonder if a previous release is holding the game back.

    I also wonder if it is using the same engine as Forza 5 or taking the Forza 4/Horizon engine and just upping the resolution on the Xbox One (but the Forza 5 engine is probably just an improvement on what was used in Forza 4 so I also wonder if the upgrades in Forza 5 can be ported to the 360).
  • Two platforms, more money. It's pretty simple.
  • Well I always wish Insomniac well and I hope the Halo faithful get HD Halo 2 etc... About the only surprise I could pitch would saying they planned to work with Oculus.
  • We're probably going to see more Halo than anything though. Halo 5, the rumored Master Chief collection and the TV series.
  • Microsoft is first up for E3, I'm not a huge fan of Xbox, but I've always watched their conferences anyway. I quite like Phil Spencer as well, he's like the one guy I actually remember out of all of the people who spoke at their previous press conferences. Now that he's head of Xbox, maybe good things will happen!

    http://www.twitch.tv/twitch for the stream.
  • Xbox done good! Top games for me were Sunset Overdrive (best trailer), The Witcher 3 and Scale bound. Was super surprised that Hideki Kamiya himself was on stage to present the game himself!

    Awesome Halo collection as well, I kinda want it myself!

    But god damn. Witcher 3 though. I need to get into next gen.
  • One eighty from last year.  All games all the time.  Last year they opened with you guys mostly watch TV so here yah go.  CoD open is standard, goes on forever, then they kill somebody, then your left arm waves goodbye to you.  Next up Forza, free track for now, open world coming.  Evolve looks great, with a pedigree you can trust.  Adults do not care about timed DLC.  New AssCreed looks like AssCreed, I am trying to care.  OK it does look stunning.  People do not remain conscious after beheading.  Dragon Age is wait and see, 2 was shit.  Absolute, insulting shit, no trailer will make me forget  that.  First one was great, hope they return to form.  Sunset Overdrive trailer is hilarious.  I hope it does really well.  I would hate for Insomniac to go belly up.  Definitely has it's own look and feel.  I may not understand Dead Rising.  You had to expect Dance Central, it is all Kinect has going for it.  Fable Legends is multiplayer?  Does not seem very Fablely, not a story, more of a build your own dungeon, but what the Hell would I know?  Spark still looks like LBP wanna be, more ambitious, but never gonna work like the trailer.  Ori is what?  And the Halothon begins, Halo 5 in 2015, Halo 1-4 for the faithful, I am happy for them, it does look like a love letter.  Inside looks like Limbo 2, another timed exclusive.  Then a montage of indies, man they are trying to be a PS4 so hard.  New Tomb Raider trailer.  Witcher 3 looks like something I may have to play.  Phantom Dust trailer followed by The Division gameplay.  Scalebound trailer is probably the biggest surprise.  Platinum knows how to make a game.  The Crackdown trailer is very cool, but it is just a trailer.  End montage.  Really no Quantum or Gears of War.

    Timed exclusives were a theme.  Won't sway adults, won't sway me.  Halo fans must be over the moon.  Not my game.  Sunset Overdrive was my favorite exclusive, but who am I kidding, I am buying a Xbone never.
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  • @westsw Dead Rising 3's whole thing was all Capcom throwbacks, lots of Street Fighter characters like Chun-Li, Ryu and Akuma, Final Fight with Mike Haggar, and some others.

    I was always mildly interested in the Fable series, but Legends looks as generic as generic can be. I always thought that co-op would be the best kind of multiplayer for Assassin's Creed, and finally it's coming! France is a beautiful setting as well. This is actually the most interested I've been for Ass Creed since Brotherhood!
  • Solid conference.
  • I thought it was okay, nothing blew me away but then again Microsoft has never really had anything that I've been really into over the years.
  • Pretty decent. Showed a shit ton of games and even got me interested in call of duty again. For now. The Halo collection news leaked before but I will buy it (and then own 4 different copies of Halo 1 for 4 different platforms) sunset overdrive looks awesome. New tomb raider has a dumb name but the last one was great definate purchase.
  • @nutta27

    I was meh on Sunset until they showed "gameplay". That game looks hella tight.
  • I think it was a solid E3 from MS and I am looking forward to their games but I feel all the MS stuff I was interested in was either leaked, hinted at or announced before E3.

    Crackdown for me was the thing that I am most glad to see comeback.

    Sunset Overdrive looks great but I have a feeling it might be a little difficult for me to play and follow the action (still planning on getting it though).

    The other AAA game I am looking forward to is Forza Horizon. I loved driving around in that game and the music and atmosphere were spot on.

    Some of MS' ID@Xbox games like Cuphead look really interesting.

    The more I see of Fable Legends the less interested I am in it. It looks like they got rid of the charm of Fable and made a dungeon crawler with no story. Plus it looks like they got rid of the humour and replaced it with sassy 1 liners.
  • @amardilo

    Yeah, Legends looks to be extremely lacking and dull. Won't be picking it up.
  • Crackdown! But I don't want a $500 Crackdown machine... Yes... Yes, I do.

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