E3 2014: Sony
  • Live stream at 6pm, Monday June 9th.

    Japan, 10am.

    UK (GMT+00) , 2am. Yes, 2 in the bloody morning. Dammit Sony.


    Here's a link for the stream, apparently the conferences will be streamed on Twitch, but here's IGN's stream just to be safe. http://www.ign.com/events/e3

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  • I heard the line-up is looking pretty plain :(  I'm hoping they'll throw out a trailer for some big exclusive sequel like The Last Of Us, Uncharted... You know what?  Pretty much anything from Naughty Dog haha  Thanks for posting all the times for everyone, can't thank you enough.
  • All I ask is a couple triple A exclusives by Christmas. There are many Sony studios that have revealed nothing so far. If it is all Christmas 2015, then fuck that. My blind guess for a show stopper is media molecule game for Morpheus.
  • Hey Gully! Nice to see you. :) DriveClub and Batman Arkham Knight look set to release this fall, so there are those. I have a feeling there will be a fair few reveals at E3 though.

    In other news, Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley - leads on Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us - are now the leads of Uncharted 4. I loved both Uncharted 2 and Last of Us a ton. So that detail alone has now gotten me interested in U4. It's been a while since I've played Uncharted actually!

    There's a long & very interesting interview with the boys over at GameInformer. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2014/06/02/a-candid-interview-with-evan-wells-and-christophe-balestra-on-the-state-of-naughty-dog-uncharted-and-the-last-of-us.aspx

    The interview also goes into detail about the recent departures from Naughty Dog, like Amy Henning's.
  • Never mind about Batman. Delayed.

  • Motherless fuckmonkey, media molecule will not be at E3.  I wanted a morpheus art demo that would make me want a larger play area, and any talent at art whatsoever.  I find myself constantly revising my expectations downward.  Well, they kept their powder dry last year and many surprises...  I want new games before christmas.  The scariest (and least likely) rumor out of neogaf is that fallout 4 with be xbone console exclusive.  Never gonna happen, but that would force me to buy... a steam machine.

    Oh and Firlocke, Gully is me when I log in wrong.  I apologize for the duplicity.
  • When I saw that NeoGaf rumour I knew that somewhere out there westsw would be mildly hyperventilating.
  • It will be OK
    It will be OK
    Oh God, let it be OK

    Hey, if the next souls game were only on the xbone, you would be annoyed.
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  • @westsw Oh right! I'll keep that in mind from now on haha. :P

    Personally, while I appreciate what Media Molecule do, I haven't enjoyed their games that much so far. I even pre-ordered Tearaway on the Vita and while it was cool, I haven't finished it. Then again, it looks like Sony are focusing on creating experiences for their VR, rather than games, so some Media Molecule magic could work really well actually.
  • If the next Souls game were on the Bone I'd be more than annoyed. And then I'd buy an Xbox One :p

    The rumor today is the PS4/Vita bundle is finally about to become a reality.
  • Finally a Vita PS4 bundle now put in a Bigger HD and i will buy one.
  • I'm surprised that a PS4/Vita bundle hasn't happened already! If you're waiting on a bundle, that would be a damn good one to get though. Just make sure to get a decent sized memory card for the Vita as well.
  • The bundle is clearly gonna be at E3. The price will be the whole deal. Less than fifty off will be hoppy goddamn doo. Between the bundle and twenty minutes of PSNow, it is clear that I will not be getting Vita TV. They are gonna skin that othrr ways. Epke, it is so dang cheap and easy to swap drives. You are gonna love this thing, give in.
  • Another rumour making the rounds is that the Last Guardian will be announced as cancelled. This rumour was counter-rumoured as being bullshit, but after YEARS of silence it wouldn't surprise me either way. And either way, I don't think I give a shit anymore.
  • Next Last Guardian Kickstarter?
  • Fuck that, although I would pay to read the story of how the studio that turned out two of the most beloved games, of all time, managed to publish nothing, for nine goddamn years, and still have Sony pay them.  If Last Guardian is cancelled, Mr. Ueda should have a computer rendering of his avatar committing seppuku as the "and one more thing" at the end of the show.  Hopefully they will tell us the game is done for Christmas this year, but I am willing to bet zero dollars on that.
  • Already got me hyped for coop Killzone and here we go. Open with Destiny, looks great but zero surprise not exclusive.  1886 again.  Entwined then inFamous stand alone.  inFamous is great.  LBP3 in November, it looks great, but of course they miss their jumps because it is LBP.  Dammit, I will probably buy it, all the old levels will already be on it.  Project Beast is Bloodborne and will be awesome.  Farcry 4 looks great, not exclusive.  Dead Island 2, who cares, not me.  Battlefield Hardline, where are my exclusives?  Disney garbage and Destiny exclusives annoy me.  Magika 2 looks like cheap stupid fun.  Grim Fandago is coming back, I will probably try it but am not super psyched.  Devovle is doing timed exclusives.  Have I not been clear about what I think of timed exclusives?  Suda 51 game called "Hostel the Game"?  No, it is called Let it Die, I know nothing of Suda.  Journey people are making ABZU? and it is a timed exclusive, somebody shoot me and write another children's letter about the murder to this fat guy.  No Man's Sky does look stunning.  They mention Morpheus, they do not try a 2D demo, probably a good idea.  Youtube to PS4, just a year late.  Free to Play montage is waste of time.  PSNow open beta starting up, with a much larger library than what they are currently testing.  Evidently streaming works, I suppose Amazon will be along shortly.  Much lip service to Vita, and I will be getting my Vita TV.  Hold on, this thing does PSNow, Sony is beating Amazon to the punch on micro console streaming.  I probably blow a hundred bucks just to get the plus games.  Mortal Kombat X I will never play.  Powers show is wait and see, sounds like they ripped off Moore's Absolute Top Ten (which all humans should read).  Rachet and Clank movie?  I don't know if you can do 90 minutes of cut scene gags.  Rachet coming to PS4, remastered?  Showing Last of Us feels like beating a dead horse, well some people never had a PS3.  Metal Gear ahoy, and from the trailer it may have 8 hours of cut scenes, my soul shudders.  GTA 5 remastered, first timed exclusives, now remastering.  The new Batsuit looks heavier than Iron man's armor, yet he glides.  That game is gonna be awesome, truly awesome, exclusive missions to PS4.  End on Uncharted trailer, clearly Sully is gonna die.

    No Last Guardian, maybe TGS?  Still wild that that game is unspoken of.  They are betting hard on Destiny.  Clearly they want to be their CoD.  The stealth thing is PS TV, it fucking streams.  It ain't a Vita, it is designed to move PS out of hardware and into service via PSNow.  Not enough exclusives for my tastes, but maybe I had unrealistic expectations.  They did show me a ton of new games I had never seen before.  Clearly Morpheus is not ready for prime time.  It was a completely solid presentation, but I wanted more.
  • Spoiler:
    That was amazing! There was just......so much! Mortal Kombat X, No Man's Sky, Batman, Uncharted, freaking GRIM FANDANGO, AGHHH so much stuff!

    I need a PS4. ASAP.
  • So still no reason to buy a PS4 before 2015.
  • You are a tough tough sell, my man. Everything already works better and faster on this thing.
  • Nothing would make me happier than a reason to buy a PS4 but I just ain't seeing one. There's Infamous 3 and......what? Everything is either multiplat, a rerelease, or I just don't give a toss. Next year for sure, sign me up, but this year, seems like I'd be buying an expensive dust collector.
  • For the most part, Sony's press conference was ace. So many games were shown, but they did lose a lot of steam once Shawn Layden came in. I like the guy, he's no Jack Tretton, but he's alright. I couldn't get excited over what he was talking about however, because a lot of it wouldn't apply to me. PlayStation Now and Powers (this had no business being at E3 btw) don't have any word of either of them coming to Europe anytime soon so, meh.

    I did however get excited for PlayStation TV! And it's coming to Europe!


    €/$99, access to PSP, PS3, PS4, PS1 and PS Vita games, this is an amazing little thing for people who don't have any PlayStations. Heck, I have all but the PS4 and I still kind of want it. It's dirt cheap!

    But now, onto the games. First of all; Sony should have shown even more indie games IMO. They missed out on showing off these beautiful looking gems!

    Velocity 2X:


    Rogue Legacy:

    But hey, they showed off No Man's Sky in all of its glory.

    Mind effn' blown. I think I could actually play this for days at a time. It looks gorgeous and enigmatic, definitely one of my most anticipated games out of all of E3, and I have a feeling I'm not alone. I'm glad Sean from Hello Games got some prime time on stage, their game absolutely deserved it.

    And next, the AAA games. And my God were there a lot.


    This might be the one. I'm not incredibly hyped for Destiny, but freaking everyone is going to get it, it looks fun, and it looks like something that I could play for hours at a time. That, and the white PS4 is just too sexy! The bundle is going to be $/€440.


    Mortal Kombat X:

    Really impressed by what I saw! MKX looks leagues better than MK9, in both gameplay and graphics.

    Batman Arkham Knight

    Oh. My. God. I saw this trailer and my jaw dropped! I saw the pan of Gotham and was like "I need to get a PS4 now." Never did I think that Batman would sell me on next gen. Play the trailer in HD for the sake of justice. PS4 version is also objectively better because of Scarecrow.


    The much rumoured Project Beast, is Bloodborne! Disappointed at the lack of gameplay, but hey, Hidetaka Miyazaki is at the helm. It's gonna be good. I'm also pretty glad that Souls isn't part of the name. Souls has a stigma around it, a stigma of intimidation, so to get new people into this game it was very smart of them to not include Souls in the name.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    I couldn't help but think, "God, there's probably like a bajillion spoilers in the video. Thank God there's no context!" The game looks fantastic though. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Loved the song and overall presentation of the game.

    Now, there were a couple of surprises that really caught me off guard! Of course, I'm talking about:


    Grim Fandango



    Dead Island 2

    I loved both teasers! Dead Island 2 has a completely different tone to Dead Island 1, that's for sure! It was absolutely hilarious as well. Something about the animation of the guy running, was just hilarious to me. Gotta give it to Sunset Overdrive and Dead Island 2 for most hilarious trailers of E3 anyway! Oh, and Jack Black + Zombies = Why didn't this happen already.

    And of course, Uncharted 4.


    A Thief's End. Nate's gotten a bit older. Who's going to die? Sully? Nate? Elena? THE SERIES? Who knows, but I'm hyped. U4 is probably quite far off, but I'm really looking forward to it.

    I've probably missed some stuff, but this is what came off the top of my head. Of course, there will be many individual segments for a lot of games over the next few days, so keep an eye out!
  • @Flibble MD

    I know you love coop. As annoyed as I am by exclusive mission bullshit, PS4 is going to be the place to play Destiny. Killzone ShadowFall is also good and is getting coop.

    I still think folks do not understand how big PSTV/PSNow could be. Outside of really competitive multiplayer where miliseconds matter, there is nothing currently out that you cannot stream, in theory. The whole reason for the console is to sell games. You make the money on the games. If can sell people cutting edge games on a 100 dollar console, that is friggin huge. In a few years, the chip sets in many TVs, not just Bravias, may be able to stream. Talk about the blue ocean theory.
  • Co-Op is coming back in a big way it looks like. AC Unity, The Crew, Rainbow Six, Far Cry 4 (just noticed all Ubisoft), Destiny, and probably some others.

    I really like PS TV. Just to be clear for everyone, the PS TV has a slot to play physical Vita games, and the memory card required is a Vita memory card. A dual shock 3 controller is also required, not a dual shock 4. PS1 and PSP can be bought through the store and stored on the memory card of the PS TV, but the PS4 games can only be streamed to the PS TV, meaning you have to already own a PS4. With PlayStation Now however, you may not have to own a PS4, but I'm not too knowlegable about PS Now.


    This is a really good bundle. PS TV, with the controller, a game, a memory card, massive value.
  • The new Uncharted game didn't show much, but I can already tell it's going to be the best entry in the entire franchise.  Something tells me this story is going to dig deeper and darker than ever before.  I think Naughty Dog learned a lot after seeing the immense success of The Last of Us, and have literally become the best gaming company for telling stories world-wide. 

    Their press conference sold me on the PS4 %110.  I look forward to playing with you all in the future on all of these titles.  I'm glad coop is becoming more and more common in the core game.  The best gaming to be had, is to be had with friends :)
  • The Sony show was just fucking dull......The end was amazing. Lining up batman and then Uncharted. A fucking beautiful looking uncharted too. WOW. But until that part what a bloody snooze. 

    Okay The order and destiny looked good too. Okay so the start was pretty good too. Far Cry 4, The Order and Destiny. 

    As for PS Now @FirLocke you can stream PS3 games to start then they will be bringing Ps2 and Ps1 titles to the service but I don't see them ever bringing PlayStation 4 games to Now why would they ever do that. Eating into the business of their big full priced games on their expensive ass console is just bad business. Now will be a system to get older games into other peoples hands. Its also only a rental service so you pay for time with the game (they haven't released time given or price yet...i bet its expensive). Its doesn't sound like a good deal to me but I dunno.

    The Vita TV at $99 seems interesting. I already own a vita and quite a few games and at that price (hopefully about £70 in the UK but I can see Sony ripping us off and just going with £99) I am more than happy to buy one and play Persona 5 golden, Final Fantasy X and the other vita games I own on my TV...being able to just pop out the memory card from one system to the other (with both saves and games on) is pretty decent too.

    I feel Sony really sat back and rested thinking their big sales lead and "better" console already has it in the bag for them and Microsoft came out fighting this year.

    As for Conferences my order of interest is definitely: Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony and then EA. 

    I really don't see a reason to buy a PS4 yet and the conference didn't convince me that there will be one until Uncharted (so Xmas 2015). I can buy most of the games they showed on Xbox One and they will be more than serviceable there and Microsoft have Sunset Overdrive an Halo this year too. 

    I was starting to get worried with my choice of next gen console now I am a little relieved.

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