Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Level 38 here, using a pistol and sword whip.

    Yeah that guy on the roof is the asshat with the gatling gun that killed me. You can get to his rooftop and kill him once you find the way.

    I would have finished that area tonight but forest wandering and bell hijinks (and the cyborg menace in Helldivers) put an end to that.
  • Ok I just beat the 1st boss, the Guy in the Graveyard, and I also beat the Cleric beast on my 1st try! I was just doing some backtracking/exploring and stumbled upon it.

    Also I rang my coop bell at the 1st boss and helped some dude kick his butt. :) I just got to the church, and brought that 1 lady there that was being hounded by the dogs. I'm really starting to getting in the groove now. :)

    Also, I just preordered the Collectors Strat guide, for the lore stuff. :)

    I'm currently level 22 and I'm still using the Cleaver and Pistol combo. I want to purchase the KirkHammer, but dont have enough Blood echos currently. Also there is a glitch going around, that could lock off a boss, recommends no coop or invasions in the forest area until the hotfix comes out.
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  • Aight, so I think I missed the first boss entirely. I've found 2 or 3 shortcuts, headed into a sewer like place with rats and I found a hunter friend that said I should be going back to hunting. Found a Saw Cleaver/Spear not sure, in the sewer like place, but I prefer the Hunter's Axe for now. Took me a while to get used to the controls, I still press triangle to 2 hand sometimes! Also saw an item that was surrounded by.....upper bodies? That were surely going to attack the moment I take the item, so I stayed away for now. What's killed me the most so far are the black dogs. Ended up cheesing them with Molotovs just to put my mind at rest!

    I found Madman's Knowledge, so I've been able to use these pent up Echoes to level up a bit at least! Put some levels into STR,VIT and END. Started as a Military veteran btw.

    Loving this. So MUCH!
  • Got the Vicar after a few tries.  You have to hit hard to get around that healing.  The success was preceded by bell tension.  I got a buddy, then a message that a sinister bell was going off.  I freaked out and waited behind the door for said asshole to show up.  and waited. and waited.  My buddy sat for a bit, then began the spinning movement that indicates bored bored gamer.  So we went in and killed her no problem.  I had leveled a bit, and my plus 4 ax on fire did the job.  I do not know if invaders can come in behind you on a boss fight.  I figured with my luck it would.  I had not killed much of anything on my run from the chapel, so maybe the invader was looking around, since I had left no trail of dead.

    Shotgun Sally is rough.  Her buddy was no problem to pebble off and duel.  Sally only seems to dodge and blast.  Just landing a shot proved nearly impossible.  So I came back and threw molotovs on her from the roof.  That wore her down to the point that the repeater pistol finished her off.  I had high hopes for sniping her with poison knives, but she did not get poisoned.  I do not even know how poison works in this game.  I like the repeater pistol, but it blows through ammo and it does not seem to stagger brick thugs, which is a big deal.

    Also, I was right about the ax.  I love it.  This game is a knife fight and reach is a crucial statistic.  Maybe another weapon will seduce me, but the reach combine with the power are everything I am looking for at the moment.
  • Oh Man! @westsw that ax sounds sweet. I only just got to the chapel, will I find an ax soon? Or have I missed it already?

    Also, I'm not finding too many blood stones to level up my weapons yet... :(
  • I've managed to upgrade my Hunter's Axe to +2 so far. Some enemies drop the shards, but they sure hit hard.
  • I just bought the ax from the merchant.
  • I love exploring so much... I just found the lantern in Old Yharnam, and I'm going to go back to keep exploring the chapel.

    So far the merchant is just selling the repeater pistol and the kirkhammer. No ax just yet. But I'm looking forward to trying that out along with the shotgun, whenever I pick those up.

    I'm also dieing a lot less now that I've leveled up some and am getting better at the combat/rhythm. But these load times, are still bugging me.
  • The load times are apparently going to be addressed in a patch.
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  • Agreed, the axe is awesome. It's charge attack can take down multiple enemies down at once, and even knock the some of the stronger enemies on their back.

    Went back through the cathedral area to farm some blood echoes, and found I can't open main gate cause it says I need a certain emblem. If anyone can help with that, I'd be grateful.

    Also been doing a lot exploring in old yharnam. Found the boss of that area, but even summoning other players hasn't been enough to beat him. His poison is really fast acting. So instead I worked on exploring other areas and leveling up, which I am now 35. Looking forward to playing more tomorrow!
  • jermz if it's the gate I think you mean you can buy the emblem from the fountain critters for 10K at Hunter's Dream.

    I've killed that blood starved beast many times now. If you need help just give my bell a jingle.
  • Got the Cleric Beast in one go but Gascoigne is Tough!
  • Music box
  • I just found it. Read the description and was like "Daaaaaaaamn......"
  • Ended up not even using the music box in the end! Just had to realise I couldn't fight aggression with aggression in that fight. Landing backstabs feels so good in this game.

    Into Old Yharnam, and the place reaaally reminds me of the levels that were in the Prepare to Die DLC for DS1. Found a good few shards here. The torch is your friend here too! There's a reason why the enemies have cloths on their head...

    I'm alternating between the Kirkhammer and the Axe atm. I'm in two minds about which I like more, so, just use both! :)
  • Unlocked the 3rd gravestone and got access to the chalice dungeons but haven't tried one yet. Also helped a few people kill the blood-starved beast. I don't understand why so many people die to this guy. Yeah he has poison but you can get in and out for a few hits before it takes effect, and even if it does there's a reason there are so many antidotes scattered around the area.

    The forest is frigging huge. So many hidden paths and nooks and crannies to stick your head into. I wasn't done exploring there when I stumbled upon the gaol, or rather, the gaol stumbled upon me.

    I haven't really bothered with much weapon experimentation. I love my whip sword. But the shop stocks a few new items one of which is a spear gun combo that caught my eye, so I am now using that in my secondary slot for shits and giggles. When shit gets real I bust out the whip sword though.
  • My problem with the blood starved beast is letting him grab me. He does massive damage and leaves you poisoned, and I can't heal or use an antidote fast enough before I die. I think part of my problem was not having enough points in vitality (for health), and endurance ( for poison resistance). Of course, I could also not let him grab me. But I've leveled up considerably from the last time I fought him, so I have hope. I'll be on tonight after work, so flibble I would appreciate your help with him if you are able.
  • That little girl's story got very dark very quickly. :(
  • That hunter with the gattling got me once, then I got him. The wolves were kind of a breeze. Why grandma, what a big axe you have... in your skull. The beast got me once. Can you gun stun other bosses? I just never tried before. I went on an endless escapade through the woods. The village trap did not bother me, although the snake men had some boo factor. Should the chest deflate and fall over? There are more snakes than space inside them.

    I got the spear rifle and I like the move set. Reach or sweep, whatever your need, with a shotgun. Unfortunately it would require me to not use my axe. This is a story about a boy and his axe.

    I must be missing things. I cannot buy the insight armor. I cannot figure out how to help others. I cannot use the memory desk.
  • Jermz, if you see me on send me a message. You are my friend on PSN aren't you? If not add me or I'll add you.

    Westsw, to buy insight armor from the little bird bath you need at least 16 insight. 6 to buy any 1 set of armor and 10 just to get the minions to appear. To help others ring the small bell, not the big one, and wait. The memory desk comes later. Yes, you can stun any boss (so far).
  • Jermz, gun stun the beast.  Vitality is my highest statistic.  A longer life bar is better than most things in this game.  You carry 20 blood viles, so long as the bar does not hit zero.  My close second is strength, although the payoff seems to drop off after 25.

    Bloodborne is the kind of game where you meet a giant invisible cheating enemy... and then later you wish it had just stayed a giant invisible cheating thing.  This game is so unbelievably huge.  Even more impressive is the attention to detail.  It is simply folded like origami.  This is their finest level design to date, which is saying something.

    The Witche(es) have to be one of the easiest bosses in all Souls history.  I went on another hour plus forest adventure and got lost as fuck.  I killed so many big and little snake mounds I lost count.  I could not seem to find the exit and ended up leaving the second time I found myself near landmarks where I started.  I was hauling 70K blood, it would have been stupid to just court disaster.  The axe is still my best friend.  Three snake men at once?  No problem, charge up R2 and slap them all into next week.  Skill is number one, but this game is way Japanese, grinding is essential.  My current stats look nothing like where I started.  I could not scratch a metal executioner at the start.  Now my R2 axe double spin slaps them into next week.

    Stuff has unlocked and I have the bell, but I cannot seem to use it.  I will have to look up the rules.  None of the armor has tempted me from my white church getup.  I look like Enzio, like a douche visiting from another game.  Finally, I pimped my repeater pistol until it actually does damage.  Not like the axe, but it can clip that last bit in a pinch.  Still a stun weapon most of the time.
  • I don't have you on my friends list dr flibble. You can send me a friend request, I'm jermz678.
  • People are saying the 2nd playthrough is nowhere near as fun. The enemies scale up too much according to what I've been reading. I'm kind of worried about accidentally finishing the game. I've not been reading anything and just killing bosses when I find them.

    I am currently level 45 or so and I wouldn't say I've been grinding anything. Always exploring, and lots of jolly cooperation. The game definitely encourages the coop, and I enjoy watching hapless hosts get splattered almost as much as I do helping them achieve victory. If you aren't doing coop and just rerunning through the same areas over and over again to farm souls you have deliberately fucked the game for yourself. There's so much more fun to be had.

    Those lizard type guys carrying the sword and torch in the forest drop twin blood stones I discovered. I'm probably going to clear out what's left of the forest and do the gaol tonight.

    I tried on the white Ezio armor too, but I prefer the set you can get after helping crow. My gripe with the armors is so many of them cover your face. I want to see my sexy beard when I fight!

    And those wolves were just pitiful if you had a torch equipped in your off hand. They'd run up all aggro and then cower in front of your flame, waiting to be bludgeoned to death.

    Japanese reviewers have been saying some interesting things. I've read quite a few now that complain about the gun stun, saying it makes the game too easy, as you can just gun stun everything big and every boss, and resupply bullets from the wimpier enemies. They are also complaining about the lack of magic and bows, and the lack of variety in armors and weapons. I was surprised to read people are actually saddened by the loss of bows. I never really had time for them myself, clunky and shit imo.

    I'm enjoying the faster pace of this game. I think it was a good decision to move away from the turtling style of Dark Souls. I also don't mind not having 80 weapons to choose from. That said, I really want a Demon's and Dark Souls 1 HD remake on PS4. Please!

    I'll suck your dick.
  • Uh oh, too much grindy grindy, my bells no worky. Maybe it is a network issue, but I get a disapproving buzz that makes me think the game is mad at me. Stopping on the snake wizards. I just could not quite get them.
  • That's strange. I wonder what's messing it up. You said you summoned some help to take down a boss, so I don't see why you'd be having issues getting summoned yourself. Is the bell icon lit up when you try to use it? There are some areas where you can't use it, but not many that I've found.

    4 more hours at work and then I go for an almost all-nighter. Jermz I will add you. If anyone else wants to coop this or do some Helldiving, that's my plan for this evening.

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