Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Hello everyone it's been a long time! Life has been crazy busy, but I knew I had to come back for this game. I've been doing ok in bloodborne. I had a hard time even finding the first boss. I just defeated my second one, though, so I'm making progress. I was able to summon two other players into my game and that made the 2nd boss a lot easier, obviously.

    I'm really surprised by just how good the game looks, not only in world design but the enemies as well. Frame rate hasn't been bad for me, but I've heard some people say it can get kinda bad, though not as bad as dark souls blight town.

    I think tonight after work I'm gonna grind. I couldn't beat that last boss on my own at the level I was. So I doubt it's a good idea to move forward until I've accumulated more blood echoes.
  • Yay! Welcome back @jermz678 . :) Summoning friends always makes thing easier. I'll be trying to solo as much as I can for the first play through. Let's see how fast that statement crumbles shall we?
  • Yeah I spent all last night grinding rats because I got a tip off that they drop insight. I didn't get a single one.

    Don't worry about the learning curve Vamp, you soon get used to it. Dodging is your shield in this game, that and your gun. The gun is basically the replacement for parry now, since it can stun enemies and open them up for a massive critical. Using the gun for offense is missing the point.

    Also, don't forget if you press up on the d-pad you can sacrifice health for a temporary 5 extra bullets. And don't be stingy with the healing. Enemies drop tons of the stuff. I already have like 70 spares in my storage box.

    This is a Souls game at heart, all the elements are there, but tweaked for a new playstyle. This will be GOTY 2015 without even breaking a sweat.
  • Well I am making progress.  This is a gorgeous and challenging game.  I took out the first boss.  I think I blew through 14 blood vials and all eight molotovs.  I do not even think the molotovs were very damagaing.  I am pretty sure I threw a couple of pebbles at him before I realized I was out of actual throwing weapons.  Psssst, in case you forgot about the guy the with the saw that will not leave your the crease of your ass alone, let me remind you that I am over here.  That fight would have been much easier with a fixed camera.  I could get around behind him and saw away at the aforementioned crease, but the camera was always in too close, trapped in grey hair, and getting out again is always where I got hit.  Once the camera is in the grey mass, the fact that I have control of it is not a solution that works fast enough for my needs.  The combat is great, but it is not perfect.  Loading times remain my number one gripe.  I am dying less, but that does not make it right.  My number two gripe is that the style of play is more limited than previous souls games.  The makers want you to learn this ballet of knife fighting, and give you no other options.  Previous souls games gave you options.  Tanks and snipers ain't as skilled based or as sexy, but giving me more ways to play the game is always better.  I am finally getting that souls feeling of exploration.  What is over there?  Do I risk it?  How hard would it be to get back here?  Souls knows tension.  It also knows how to fuck you the fuck over.  I spent an insight ringing my bell, the game said there was a network error.  Did the game give me back my precious insight point?  Fuck no.
    Noobied by 1FirLocke
  • 2 bosses down. Game is so awesome. That 2nd boss was fucking insane. Westsw is going to love it.

    Pro tip: there is an item you can find that will make the fight a little easier (if you can find an opening to actually use it).
  • Did some jolly cooperation, and feel like I'm back in the saddle. Also finally getting rune drops for the weapons.

    I changed my armor to that of the graveyard psycho, and bought it using insight. So that's another use for it Firly. It looks like special boss armors are going to have to be bought with insight this time around.

    I am now on a break after getting murdered by some asshole with a gatling gun.

  • @Dr Flibble Bloodborne is certainly going to give Persona 5 a run for its money, that's for sure. :P

    Tomorrow, friends, tomorrow I will join you. Interesting that Insight was used to buy that armour. Insight seems like a very finite resource that's quite important. Will it always cost a point of insight to summon co-op into your game? Maybe you'll have so much insight later on that it doesn't matter. I wonder if you get insight from the Chalice Dungeons. They're meant to have bosses at the end I think.
  • Ok, I've made it to the 1st boss and got my butt kicked, but I got my 1st insight. I have now been able to level up and I've got my endurance to 15 and strength to 15 also. I also had enough bloodstones to level the cleaver to +2. :) I might need to summon help for this boss fight. I haven't figured out a good strat yet.

  • So is anybody thinking of getting the official Bloodborne guide by Futurepress? I am considering it. Not to actually follow the guide, but for the other stuff in it:


    => Exclusive interview with Bloodborne's creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki
    => Lore index to aid in your research of this dark world
    => The Art of Bloodborne - every page is a masterpiece of its own

    I want all of these, but especially that interview.

    In terms of actual Guide Things, it has these:

    Training Manual
    Hunting Grounds
    The Bestiary
    Arsenal & Attire
    The Chalice Dungeons
    Hunter's Appendices

    In total, the book is 528 pages. Available on (your local) Amazon, for 25ish dollars.

    Somebody made a perfect Joker for Bloodborne.  There is a guy who would be right at home.
  • I beat Pops, it only took two tries.  He is aggressive and relentless, but the AI is not good with obstacles.  You can ring-around-the-rosie amongst the tombstones, wait for him to try to hit you through a grave stone, and clip him one or two.  (I am done improving my saw cleaver, I want his damn ax.  The reach on that thing would really allow me to really cheese it up.)  After Pops goes to his giant, leaping, relentlessly aggressive form, shit does get real.  I resorted to the secret weapon and dosed him in molotovs.  It only took four, I did have to trade shots for his last sliver of health.  In a Souls game, cheat whenever possible.  After Pops, it seemed like an insult that two lamps were more of less down the stairs from each other.  The amount of time I spent trying to get to the first shortcut was hideous.  Now you place two teleporters beside one another?  Early on there was a good hour where I plain did not like this game.  I am in the groove now, but the barrier to entry is too high, this game is not for everyone.  Still there is nothing like exploring in this game.  Lastly, the copious specters in the Hunters Dream have me creeped the fuck out.  Are people attacking the dude in the wheelchair?  Do monsters poor out of the mysterious nightmare stump when I hit level 30?  I do not like feeling like my safe haven may turn into a blender at any moment.
  • Westsw, I have a feeling people are attacking the doll. The bloodstains I see are always around her.

    Firly. I will probably buy the guide.

    Made it to my 3rd and 4th bosses last night, and got smashed by both of them. One of them I got cocky and paid for it, and the other is like fighting a dragon in a broom closet. I also took my 2nd character to about the same place as my first character, in a fraction of the time.

    There are so many streets that go nowhere, and so many backstreets that look like they go nowhere and end up leading you to a whole new area. I unlocked the 2nd gravestone in Hunters Memory completely by accident.
  • Boss in a closet is a Souls classic.  Such bullshit.  I had to level up and just trade shots with the DS(1?) version of that baloney.  I have still not sat down and read through a guide.  It only just dawned on me that all these cold bloods I have are not crafting items, but simple currency.  I need to sit down and get serious with my cheating.  It is my ususal Souls shtick:  I love this game/ Fuck this game.

    I think anyone who has never played souls before would be better served by starting with DS2 on PS4.  It will not train you for Bloodborne, but the vibe is that same and DS2 is just way more forgiving.  DS2 is still a tough game.  I think some folks are gonna find hours 2-4 on Bloodborne a bit of a back breaker.  You can absolutely get to the point where you walk up to a brick thug, wait for his attack to start, a gun stun him and execute him in one shot; but you do not start there.  The first four or five brick thug encounters are going to go badly.
  • I love the rating system. The attention to small detail is awesome. Not only can you equip your messengers with silly hats and shit, but I only just noticed they respond to how you rate their messages. If you give them a positive rating, they do a little dance, but if you give them a negative, they cry.

    There is also an item that transforms you to look like a message on the ground. Hello invader trolls!

    I agree about DS2, people jumping fresh into Bloodborne are going to get a few bricks to the face. DS2 lacks the speed and frenzy but it will at least put you in the mindset and familiarize you with the system. There's a click-bait article up on IGN at the moment in which the reviewer whines about the game being too hard for the inexperienced. Tosser. Games guide people by the hand, people whine. A game that isn't afraid to punish you over and over again comes along, people whine.
  • Closet dragon is toast.

    Oh ye of little faith, westsw. Turns out there's a very good reason why there are 2 lamps very close to each other at the cathedral! Bwahahah
  • I think this game is an old Lamborghini. Beautiful, fast and will kill you for lapsed attention in 2 seconds. I would never drive a Lamborghini to work. They are not for everyone. I think there are people who will not like this game for perfectly valid reasons. It is definitely not for everyone. I am committed to wrestling it around the track.
  • Hot damn. Just spent 30 minutes fighting a tart I have dubbed "Shotgun Sally" in the middle of nowhere. I was just minding my own business when a hunter jumped me. Took that guy down pretty quickly, then right around the corner from him Sally jumped me. If I had run forward instead of back, I'd have been sandwich raped. RIP Sally, you demented wench.

    By the way, some of these hunters are bloody tough! (puns, har har) Sally and another dude who fights a lot like her in a side quest gave me a run for my blood money. OK that's enough.
  • Today, is Bloodborne day. Finished my college day in 6 hours, then gonna go pick up Bloodborne. The anticipation is simply mighty!
  • Bon voyage! You're going to get lost in the depths of this one.
  • I can not wait for that to happen! There have been a couple of PvP videos in my YouTube feed pop up btw, perhaps people are getting to that stage right about now.
  • I'm picking it up before work but I unfortunately have work will 10. I want a sick day. U
  • Just exploring, the game is opening up to the point that I can run around new areas and pick stuff up while killing no one. Granted you end up with a mob chasing you but these things happen. I ran all the way to the lane from the chapel in one long, blind circle button festival.
  • Impressions 30 minutes in: OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO DIFFERENT

    but dat level design tho. Already found a shortcut!
  • The amount of content in this game is excellent.

    And wait until you get to Old Yarnham. 1 hour in there alone is more value for money and more exciting than the Order 1886 in its entirety. Oh you wanted a werewolf game? Take that!

    Spent most of this evening lost in a forest, and ringing my little bell all over the place hoping for a summons. Words cannot express how much I love that little dinner bell. Cracks me up every time.

    Firly I've had 1 PvP encounter so far. People have finished the game already!
  • Went through the first area a couple more times, now at level 26. Found a few hidden enemies I hadn't seen before, one being a very overgrown pig.

    I'm in the next area now with the guy who tells you hunters aren't welcome, and he is a pain in the ass. Last time I fought him I didn't have any bullets for my blunderbuss, so that didn't go so well. I heard some of the guys from giantbomb say you can knock him down off his roof, but I haven't figured out how to do that.

    I've been exclusively using the cleaver, but last night I picked up the axe. Going to try that out later. What weapon or weapons is everyone favoring?

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