Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Vita remote play is good?!?! Yesssssssss thank you FromSoft!
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  • Was there anything juicy on Tomb Raider btw?

    I also hear people in Dubai and other locales have already got the game, and had it for the past few days. The bastards! We have to wait another whole week.

    I also noticed everyone ignored you 8drawt, so here's the answer, yes, the combat was good, and the multiplayer was unique and fun, barring the occasional lagstabs. Check out the various threads for those games. A lot of info in those.
  • @Dr Flibble Ah yes I forgot! Now I haven't played much of the TR reboot, so I can't talk specifics, but it seems like it's gonna be more, more and more. More customization, bigger areas, better combat, more tools, and definitely some Tomb Raiding. An evolution, it seems.

    Wait, so who else is getting Bloodborne day 1? I know Dr Flibble, @vampirelich and I are. @Westsw ? Well, if it's just us three then...


    Vamp on the left, Flibble in the middle and me on the right. Let's go.
  • Westsw will be a day 1 buy. Despite his protests, he secretly loves the pain and torment of these games.

    It will be awesome to do some monster slaying with you guys.
  • YES! I am so looking forward to this. :)
  • I need a ps4... :(
  • My Day 1 purchase will actually be just a couple of days after you guys as Bloodborne is out on the 27th here (which is Friday next week), so you'll be able to get a bit of a head start on me! But slay we will.

    @Manio We welcome you with open arms. :) And hopefully @laphamking and @Littleg someday too! I know you played Dark Souls but I'm not entirely sure you're even remotely interested in Bloodborne, haha.

    Also, @BoulantAl Welcome to the forum!
  • I played Demon Souls before it's praises were wide spread. I stuck with it when Phalanx waxed me and made me think it was impossible. I played both Dark Souls day one and all the way through. I will be day one on the Blood. This series is like no other. It is like The Flaming Lips for Playstation, a critical darling but not a massive sales monster. Like art bands it is not a decerebrate joy, more like taking your vitamins. I play this stuff partly for my own gamer ego. I do not enjoy it as much as Fallout or Bioshock. These are not my favorite games ever, although I think they expand my horizons. I have mixed positive feelings about them.
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  • @FirLocke

    Bloodborne is my most anticipated game of 2015. It's why I gotta get a PS4.
  • I also may not have this day 1, I preordered online, so depending on when it ships (it hasn't yet) I may or may not have it by Tuesday night.
  • @Manio I don't wanna be the guy that pushes you to get a 400 dollar box, so I'm just gonna say we'll be there to tell you how awesome Bloodborne will be. I'm pretty confident it will be. If it sucks, like Flibble, I may quit gaming (at least for a while).
  • I'm wondering if I should buy it from PSN to start playing at midnight. To double dip or not to double dip, that is the question.

    Manio, I will be the guy to tell you to go buy a $400 box then. Your most anticipated game of the year and no PS4? Go slap yourself and then go give your money to Sony.
  • It's a pretty cool box too not gonna lie.
  • @Dr Flibble, I am also considering going digital, if my copy doesnt ship til tomorrow, and so far it hasn't, id be ok with double dipping and being able to play while I wait for my CE to show up.
  • I have a test the day of Bloodborne's release, so I'll be picking up my copy straight afterwards. :)
  • @Dr Flibble

    $400 for only Bloodborne and Until Dawn. If my income tax return is nice I know what I'm doing.
  • Digital pre order in, clock stands at four days three hours twenty minutes.
  • Four days, that'd be nice. It's whole week for me. :( Oh man it's gonna be the worst seeing all these reviews popping up over the week as I wait for Bloodborne to release here..
  • 1 day 1 hour to go. Bought the digital download version as well. YOLO!
  • Some PSAs! Bloodborne will have a day 1 patch that will enable the following: Online Play, Chalice Dungeons, improved performance, and bug fixes. The patch is 2.69GB in size. If you're buying digitally (in America, as it's out tomorrow there), you can download everything you need including the patch already. Everywhere else, Bloodborne is out from the 25th to the 27th.

    Here's a couple of interviews with From Software about Bloodborne: <- So, apparently, we can customize our weapons. So like, my Saw Cleaver could be slightly different to yours in terms of how it functions, even though they are both the Saw Cleaver. Pretty cool. In Souls, we could have Lightning or Fire versions of the same weapon, but all that did was alter the damage type and damage output. They didn't go into specifics, but by "Special Characteristics", I hope they mean stuff like, being able to recover more quickly after swinging an attack.

    An interview with Miyazaki himself: <- I love how Miyazaki answers things. Really interesting read.

    Info aside, what kind of character do you guys have in mind to play? Then again, I'm not even sure what stats we have in Bloodborne. Are Intelligence and Faith still there? Haven't seen many spells or miracles, if any. I'm sure Strength and Dexterity are still there though. I think I'll be going Strength. I want that Hammer. I want my Rock on a Stick! I always loved the idea of using hammers in action games but they always have pathetically short reach. Not in Bloodborne though! I'm coming in swinging, like this guy!


    (That's Lavi from D. Gray Man. He's my favourite character in it.)

    - Also, I dunno if it's just me, but I've been listening the Cleric Beast theme quite a lot ever since Sony posted the orchestra recording of it. Here's the SoundCloud : <- When the voices shift from female to male, so good.

    Can't wait to hear what rest of the soundtrack is like!
  • I haven't thought much about builds tbh. I've been avoiding as much news as possible so I have no idea about stats and weapons beyond the blade and gun shown in the initial trailers. Like with Souls games, my first character will be all about the discovery. I'll start thinking about fantasy builds more for character #2 and onwards.

    The download and patch are already installed. Just waiting for the game to unlock now. 12 hours to go!
  • Dr Flibble when Bloodborne is ready.

  • Enjoy everyone!

    I've been hearing good things.
  • 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

    Souls with no shield and no sniping

    This is gonna suck
  • And so ends the first frustrating hour plus with this game. I methodically work my way through the bonfire, deal with several cheap shot ambushes, and am rewarded with two big wolves who eat me, fuck you start over. No shield, the enemies are more numerous, faster, and more aggressive. The is no real defense, just side stepping, staggering with gunfire, and attack attack attack. So far it feels like a knife fight with 40 bums. The art is gorgeous, but the cheap shot ambushes prevent you from looking at any of the wonderous detail. The loading times are not unforgivable, but I am awaiting a full apology before I forgive them. I believe it times out to forty seconds. It is 2015 people, these loading times are bullcrap.

    I forgot my own first rule of this series, there is no shame in reading the guide.

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