Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Does it reveal significantly more than say Demon or Dark Souls 1 did? Both of those games set up the plot pretty much from the start. DS2 didn't, but then DS2 didn't have much of a plot at all.
  • I'm on a blackout until the game arrives in the post. :)
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  • Well it turns out Bloodbourne will let you gimp the crap out of yourself.  Two starting settings start at level 10, the last "should not have been born" setting starts at level 4 with no souls and lower stats.  I suppose once you dig out from the start, same old same old.  Still, gonna be brutal to begin with.
  • Never played Demon Souls but i heard the combat was top notch. Hopefully it will cross over into this game (unless i am thinking about a different game, give me a break it is late) this looks gory dark and violent and just awesome.

    Is there a decent multiplayer component?
  • Yoooo, I'm actually thinking of getting the Nightmare Edition. I currently have the standard edition pre-ordered for 60 euro, but that's from Amazon, so it'll be arriving 4 to 5 days after release day. Unfortunately I won't be able to binge on Bloodborne if it arrives that late. So I'm thinking of going and picking it up on release day from a local GameStop. Now, here's how it breaks down from Gamestop: Standard is 75 euro(15 euro more than the same version from Amazon), Collector's is 85 euro and Nightmare is 120. This is the Nightmare edition:


    The way I'm looking at it is: I'm gonna pick it up from Gamestop. It's gonna be either the collector's (just has steelbook, art book and soundtrack), or the Nightmare edition pictured above. So going from collector's to Nightmare, I'm paying 35 euro more for a bell trinket, BB notebook, Quill & Ink set, and tin box to store it all in. I think it all looks really cool, much better than a figurine like in most special editions.

    What are you guys getting? I'm just sharing my thoughts about how I'm going to be buying the game. :P
  • Hohoho! Edge's latest issue is out tomorrow and Bloodborne is being reviewed. I have a digital sub to them, I'll spill the goods tomorrow. :)


    Also, Bloodborne theme for PS4 codes:

    North America: J4ND-DJNH-K3C7

    Europe: PBGA-HJNC-LQ99
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  • Awesome. Will be redeeming those codes as soon as I get home.

    If this game sucks, I will give up on gaming.

    Firly, I saw that collector's edition on another website a few weeks back. I'm not really into baubles and trinkets, but I like a good art book or something similar. But 120 Euro...yeah, no thanks.
  • Yeah i pick those collector's editions always up for bargain prices at sofmap or Joshin
  • The Edge article is ebullient.  It says this is the first must own of the new gen.  40 hours plus long with a new mechanic.  Maybe the strike back to recover health thing that has been mentioned?  It ends up sounding like Souls, only with many incentives towards aggression over defense.
  • Come on Firlocke! Where's the in-depth review of the review! Or did westsw sum it up? (which in that case, nothing there we didn't know already).

    And what does it say about the new Tomb Raider? Anything interesting?

    Epke, I believe that particular collector's edition is for Europe only, so you'd have to be pretty damn lucky to get it in Japan on the cheap. And not anytime soon.

    Amazon Japan has the shittiest limited edition I've ever seen. Buy the game, get a crappy bag with it.
  • Friends with PS4s. Please tell me how the game is when you get your paws on it.

    This game is going to make or break the purchase of the system for me, along with Until Dawn. I was stoked for The Order, but now not so much.
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  • Apologies for my tardiness! I'll have a bit of a write up later today :) Had a tiring day yesterday, I'll post it up after I get home from college today! As westsw said, it's not actually a review, but impressions of the game after 40 hours of play time. One thing I'll say now; us vets are in for a shake up when we first start the game purely because of control differences, haha. There's plenty more, tune in tonight! I haven't even read the tomb raider preview yet, but I'll have a look at that as well.
  • Time to drop some paraphrasing and quoting! Also scans

    "Did you think Dark Souls 2 was too easy? Well thanks a bunch. This is all your fault."

    "Bloodborne is Hidetaka Miyazaki's brutal riposte to the section of his playerbase that thinks it has seen it all before." Hot damn!

    "Yarnham's citizens aren't souls-style hollows, waiting patiently in their fixed spots. Not all of them, anyway."

    "Combat in the Souls games is deliberate, methodical, and, if we're being honest, frequently ugly. Here it is balletic, dynamic and often blisteringly fast."

    "Shields are nice, but not when they engender passivity."

    "40 hours in, we have just half a dozen weapons and the same number of guns in our inventory, and there is little for sale from the game's sole merchant - or at least the only one we've found so far."

    It seems like there isn't going to be as many things in Bloodborne, which Edge say may very well end up hurting Bloodborne's replayability. However, they have not been able to try the new Chalice Dungeon aspect, or the online, which is where the longevity is going to be. Also, despite there not being many weapons, Bloodborne's weapons have plenty more moves than we ever had in Souls, since they change shape, can charge their attack, even change shape mid combat. A sword is much more than just a sword now. Time will tell if quality > quantity in this case, but I'm optimistic.

    "There's a hub area, like in Demon's Souls."

    "Dark Souls 2's overfriendly abundance of bonfires is a thing of the past."

    "Like Dark Souls, these discrete areas also flow together to create a believable world."

    "Bloodborne's world is a masterpiece." I couldn't help but smile at this sentence. Never does an Edge magazine have sentences this genuine yet so blunt!

    "Gone is the dark fantasy, the faded, crumbled majesty of the Souls series. Bloodborne is filthy, grisly, and very, very scary. It's a horror game."

    "Here, you are not afraid of what's around the corner because it might kill you, but because of what it might be."

    "If you've been watching this generation from the sidelines, unmoved by the remasters and rush jobs while you wait for the first true essential to arrive, now's the time. As if there was any doubt, Miyazaki and his team have done it all over again." Oh yes baby. The time has come!

    There's an interview at the end with Miyazaki, and I just wanna take out one quote: "Bram Stoker's Dracula was one of my formative reading experiences as a child. I remember I liked the idea of a 'clammy' feeling before Van Helsing appears. I was an odd child, wasn't I? [Laughs]" - I love Miyazaki man!

    Honestly, it was difficult not to just copy & paste entire paragraphs because it's such an enjoyable read. Thankfully, someone has taken scans of the entire thing if you want to read it. :) I just took a few bits here and there to highlight some concepts.

    Some other tidbits: Healing is now on Triangle. Square is still used to use items, but healing is dedicated to triangle. Enemies no longer drop weapons, or armour. However, there are still goods to be had, such as Bloodstone shards which are the Titanite of Bloodborne.

    Also, this was uploaded a while ago, but I didn't see it in the thread so I'm plopping it here. It's a video of the orchestra recording one of the songs. Really cool.

    I love how afraid and worried the tuba player looks! It's perfect, haha. (at 2:20)

    Launch Trailer:

    I SAID HOT DAMN. Don't watch if you're on media blackout! I need to go an actual media blackout now, Bloodborne is going to be amazing. 2 weeks guys. Around 2 weeks and we'll all be playing Bloodborne.

    Oh GOD YES
  • Awesome dude. Sounds like we are going to get this gen's Demon's Souls! I saw in an interview somewhere he said the idea for Bloodborne was something he wanted to do with Latria back in Demon's Souls, but couldn't.

    The move away from shields will be a nice change, and with Dark Souls 2 dropping 2 weeks after Bloodborne it will make for a nice contrast. Guess I'll see you guys around Summer?
  • Going away from shields is really going to ruffle my feathers, I was a turtle when I first played Dark Souls. I remember finding a Stone Greatshield and making it my goal to get enough strength to wield it so that I can block S&O's attacks. I ended up besting Dark Souls with that shield, tanking my way through, step by step.

    OH BTW! One more thing! It's going to be much easier to play with friends now. I can't remember where I read this, but when summoning for people, we can set passwords so that we can only be matched up with those who know the password.

    The max is length is 8 characters. Perfect. noobtoob will be our password! :D
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  • I'm so excited guys.
  • I was never a shield, stamina master guy, though that was one of the best strategies.  I always went with clip after clip of soul arrow variants, lots of kiting backwards, and dodge rolling when I could no longer run away.  It sounds like my high cowardice play style may remain viable.  Maybe a lot of rolling and blunder bussing?  I guess I will find out.  Sony has had some disappointing exclusives this gen, but this and Hell Divers seem to be getting the year turned around.  I do not know that I need to play DS2 again on PS4.  One and done has always been my policy on Souls.  Great games, but they drive me nuts if I let them.  I will be disappointed if I do not have some moments in Bloodbourne where I flat out walk into a trap and have some dude drop a big rock or slime monster right on me.  These games are always teaching you, but I always laugh when the lesson is as simple as "don't stand there".
  • I'm hungry......I think I'm turning hollow......I'm going to play some Dark Souls.

    @Manio Join uuuuuuuus! :P

    @westsw Don't forget, things aren't as set in stone in Bloodborne as they were in Souls. Some enemies patrol, groups are larger. If anything, having some of the enemies fixed on a spot will be a familiarity to us and give us comfort! There's also the Chalice Dungeon which, assuming it works as intended, gives us something random to chew on all the time.

    Haha, the hype is getting to me and I'm seeing everything Bloodborne is doing in a positive light at the moment. Let's get our hands on it first! All I wanted to say is that Bloodborne may not be as one and done as the Souls games. :)
  • Souls games weren't one and done, not if you wanted to do side quests and see everything. Bloodborne will no doubt have all the same depth and cause for replay. 

  • Chalice Dungeon preview. S'gon be gooood.

    I think it's gotten to the point where on my days off, the first thing I think about is Bloodborne and how much I want to play it this very moment. Dammit Miyazaki!
  • After getting stuck on a boss on Dark souls 2 i am looking forward to this one, because it is made by the original guy! (i think :p)
  • Did you finish Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls Epke?
  • Yep, it is just that memory in DS2 i got stuck on, all of the games you can get help except inside memories, as controllers get more expensive, i just removed the BR, deleted the game and played something else. 
  • You can summon an NPC in the memory to help you, just not a human player.

    I don't know why that boss gave you such a hard time. He hit hard, but he was pretty slow.

    Bloodborne at release? Or you going to wait until everyone is 100 ranks higher than you again? :p
  • If have been burned too many times by new games, i will wait some time before i get it

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