Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Late as fuck, but I just started playing. This is so good. Just beat Rom that weird spider guy.
  • I hated Rom the most.


  • @westsw

    Bolt-paper for the win!
  • You may or may have not heard that Bloodborne was recently hacked and some unused bosses/enemies located in the game's assets. These have been made playable by all in the form of chalice dungeons and the glyphs are as follows.

    sikgc3sm - This is a big tentacle beast that can 1-hit kill. Quite tough.

    arkhv2vs - This is another big dog variant. Not much challenge.

    m2vgwtjf - This is a variant of the Mergo Wet Nurse boss fight. Also not much challenge.

    A few words of warning. These are not complete chalice dungeons. There are no lanterns and escaping them requires falling off the map in most cases. The tentacle monster can hit you through the boss doors so don't stand too close. It is possible to summon help and co-op the tentacle monster. For the other 2 fights you will spawn in the room with the monsters so the battle begins immediately. You will not get any blood echoes for killing these enemies. All enemies will respawn if you re-enter the dungeon or reload the area. 

    Have fun! It's so cool that someone did this.
    Noobied by 2vampirelich Manio
  • Fuck yes.

    Time to boot up my PS4. Question though. My PS Plus ran out last week. Do I need it to run chalice dungeons? I forget.
  • No, you only need PS+ for co-op. You can run the dungeons solo.
  • Excellent.
  • Here's a video of a guy going through all 3 of the new dungeons. Skip to about 12 minutes if you just want the action.

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