Bloodborne (PS4)
  • That looks like some baaaaadaaaaassss co-op to me.  Really excited for this game, maybe it can be less love/hate and more love/love.  Hard is fine, just fewer dickhead moves and more speed.
  • That co-op...
  • Alpha Gameplay!

    Part 1:


    Part 2 :


    Part 3:


    The hype is becoming very real for me now. I may have to get a PS4 on February 6th..
  • I just watched some of the Alpha footage. Feels very gothic-horror focused to me, or am I the only one getting that vibe?

    I need to buy a PS4.
  • @Manio It does, and I can't say I mind at all.  I might just be a From fanboy though.
  • Delayed!!! From early Feb to late March.
  • Hmm, closer to my birthday now.

    Bloodborne PS4 bundle? Yes please.
  • I hope this delay means the multilayer will be next level. The visuals are so good. Looks like a real cannot miss.
  • Honestly, I've been looking at this for a while and thinking I wouldn't be able to play this on my own. I mean the environments are even scarier and even more graphic than the Souls series were and I was scared enough trying to play those. Which is why the co-op has me re-thinking whether or not I should buy this. A mate of mine is really into the Souls series and we play co-op on loads of other stuff, so could potentially play co-op on this and that would be great. 

  • The co-op looks really fantastic. It's so fast! That boss fight at the end always gives me tingles. Oh my God. Bloodborne is gonna be so good. And there's sooooooooooooo much blood! It certainly lives up to the name.
  • How many players is the co-op? I thought it was 2, but seen a video with 3!
  • I'm not entirely sure, but definitely up to 3 people in total at least. As in, yourself + 2 allies.
  • So, just saw this on the Japanese bloodborne page.

  • That collector's edition cover looks great! The PS4s look alright, but a bit of a lazy job there.
  • @FirLocke

    I really wanted a Bloodborne PS4, but man. It's just bleh.
  • I've had the collector's edition pre-ordered for months now. I don't get why people want any of the game-themed PS4s or other consoles. They all look pretty meh to me. Plus you could just spend a fraction of the cost and buy a skin online if you really wanted something like that, and you wouldn't be stuck with it if you get tired of looking at it.
  • Most of them are meh to me as well, but there are one or two that are really nice.
  • I am super pumped and I also have had the Collector's edition pre-ordered for a bit. :) The game themed consoles are nice in theory, but I stick with my plain black consoles. I've been wanting to get a skin or 2 but never get around to it. Plus I change my mind so often I'd be swapping it out all the time. ;)
  • You guys ready?

  • Life can be cruel sometimes. Two weeks after this Dark Souls 2 PS4 releases. I'm going to need to take some vacation time from work and send the family far far away.
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  • Looking back at how much I used PS3 and 360 last gen I am sadly not going to get PS4 to just play single game. Damn you Sony!

  • Thoughts?  This opening is a pretty big change of pace from previous games. 
  • There's no way I'm going to spoil the first 20 minutes of the game for myself by watching that, but I'm going to take a guess you are referring to the faster and more aggressive combat style? They specifically said this game would break the Souls tradition of turtle combat using shields. The move away from plate armor swords and sorcery to a Victorian Jack The Ripper vibe is also a big shift. With DS2 for PS4 so close to release after Bloodborne, it would have been stupid if Bloodborne were like DS. I can't wait to see where they take this.
  • Actually referencing the opening cut scene that appears to show a lot about the story of the game.  

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