Bloodborne (PS4)
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    Play the video in HD if you can!

    Hype Train in preparation. Ready to board at E3.

  • And with that, Sony sells me a PS4. My dick is hard.
  • Yup. I think it's time for me to start seriously consider getting one too.
  • The shotgun looks like a nice change of pace. Some new stuff on that formula would be nice. Didn't they just make the Godfather of Souls the head of From? That last sentence looks weird.
  • This looks a lot more interesting to me than a hypothetical Dark Souls 3. Give me change!

    Miyazaki was indeed recently promoted to president of From Software. I think we can expect to see a lot more from FromSoftware from now on!

    .....And perhaps a name change too because From Software just ruins sentences. :P
  • Thanks for introducing me to this, looks so interesting!
  • Well, you're welcome! In case you don't know, Project Beast heavily resembles the games Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Both of those series of games were made by developer From Software, and are easily the developer's most popular and successful franchises. The games are known for their well designed, thoughtful combat, innovative online interactivity and beautiful, memorable worlds.

    Project Beast is being developed by From Software as well, but more importantly the director of both Demon's and Dark Souls is at the helm of the development of Project Beast. That's considered important because Hidetaka Miyazaki - the director of the games - was not director of Dark Souls 2 specifically, and Dark Souls 2 just...lacks a certain something that made both Demon's and Dark Souls so special.

    In other words, fans of Demon's Souls and the first Dark Souls are hyped as fuck for Project Beast. :)

  • I can't wait!
  • One of two games making me want a PS4. Looks I'm waiting until 2015 though.
  • That's the smart move manio. I wish I had the patience to follow you but I can see me picking one up for the order later this year. 2015 is looking good for Sony though.

  • To be fair, I'd be picking up a Wii U and an Xbox One before the PS4. Two exclusives is hard to sell me though ahha.
  • Bloodborne - Official Gamescom Demo Gameplay: Ful…:

    Looking faaaantastic!

    What I got from the video:

    Heavy attacks can be charged.
    Guns are used to stagger foes, sometimes into a riposte-able animation.
    When locked onto an enemy you dash instead of roll. When unlocked, you roll. (I love this)
    Kicking is back? I think so!
  • Damn you Firly! How am I going to sleep tonight on this massive boner?
  • @Dr Flibble , just flick the tip.  I saw it in a movie.
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  • Oh man. This looks great.
  • Does this mean Co-op with friends??????
  • I'm quite sure that other player was an NPC. Some form of multiplayer is still in, but I doubt we'll be inviting each other into our games.
  • The summon system was revolutionary and a huge part of the souls games. I don't see why that aspect would change. I hope not anyway.
  • Well, I thought that too at first, but when has From Software ever made anything where you have an NPC companion.  It seemed like they were trying to showcase the NPC companion or cooperative multiplayer with an invitation system, but it still is up in the air at this point.  The only reason I think this is because that character didn't have a different color or light emanating off him like in previous games from them showing that this was a summon or something similar. 
  • Fair point about the light! What made me think he was an NPC is the lack of dodge rolling/dashing, and the way he approached the player after the fight concluded. Not exactly perfect evidence, but anyway.

    In souls there was a lore explanation to the multiplayer; people meeting each other because time and space were weird (lol dat explanation tho). Bloodborne being a new game will have completely new lore! I have a feeling that we are in a guild of some sort, which could easily explain the reason for co-op.

    EpicNameBro being EpicNameBro spotted many more things than I did in that Gamescom video. One particular thing he noticed involved a spider, and that kinda blew my mind!


    To apply for the alpha.  Might need a euro account.  dunno
  • Welp, if I had a PS4 I'd sign up for sure!
  • Signing up now. Nice catch duder
  • Damn, wish I had a PS4. One of my most anticipated games.
  • The game is only 5 months away. I will wait with virgin eyes for the disrobing of the full game.
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