PC Game Night Ideas (Permanent Thread)
  • Hey guys and gals, this is where you'll post any ideas you have for
    games we should play for PC game nights.  Go nuts, anything and
    everything helps :)
  • Sins of a solar empire, i know it is not a particularly new game but i have never played multiplayer. Would be good to check out with some fellow noobtoobers.
  • It's only $4.99 on steam so I don't see why not.  I'll look into it and post a review on here in the next week or so.  If you want to play with me once I download it, my steam name is ltc_shozaya.
  • Great, would definitely recommend you check it out :)
  • I play Civ 5 quite a lot, dont know if any other Noobtoobers do the same, just an idea. Unfortunately Shozaya i could not find you on steam. Could you please add me if that is okay my username is simply 8drawt. Thankyou :)