Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 26/05/14
  • This space left intentional blank holiday...

    Did you play games this week?  Yeah, you did!
  • Dark Souls 2 - As per usual.

    Battlefield 3 - Finished the campaign. Very generic military shooter.

    Rayman Origins - I was never much of a Rayman fan, and I guess I'm still not, but the game was going cheap on PSN a while back so I grabbed it. It's OK, but not really gripping me.

    Remember Me - Picked this up again for the 101 and made a bit more progress. I quite like this game.
  • I shockingly did manage some gaming time this week.

    I started with a little Shadow Run Returns. I have played the Xbox 360 multiplayer shooter and that is about as much as I know about the shadow run lore. Needless to say this game is better and the who futuristic fantasy thing its got going on is awesome. It plays a little like XCom (although not as strict, or as good in my opinion) but on a much smaller scales. So far anyway the battles I have had have just been 3 or 4 enemies at a time and they have been few and far between. The great story is keeping me interested though. Its obvious this game was made on a budget but its still a hell of a lot of fun, if you ask me. 

    I also played the first chapter of The Walking Dead: Season 2. I plan on doing a detailed write up of every chapter over in the Telltale games thread so go check that out if your interested.

    I also nervously walked my way through another 20 or so minutes of Outlast. Man that game is tense as hell. 

    I am still making decisions on whether or not to pick up Wolfenstein, Watch_Dogs and Mario Kart. I am surprised with the poor review scores for Ubisofts open world game. I also hope to play a little Remember me before this week is out. 

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  • (XB1) Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
    I've been chuggin' along in the singleplayer campaign.  I think I'm almost done with it.  I think I'm on Sequence 11 or so.

    (XB1) Forza 5
    I've been playing this pretty frequently as well.  Just finished another Championship Series in my 2003 Volkswagen R32.  Thing is a little beast.

    (XB1) Trials Fusion
    Still stuck in the career mode.  Just unlocked the Master's Gauntlet or whatever it's called though.

    (XB1) Peggle 2
    I've been mopping up some of the optional objectives here and there because I've done everything else there is to do in the game.

    (XB1) Titanfall
    The more I play this game, the more I have fun with it.  My buddy came over and played it with me and we had a pretty good time.  I'm almost at level 50, and then I'm going to go to the next pilot generation or whatever prestiging is called in this game.

    (XB1) Battlefield 4
    I haven't been playing this as much as I'd like because I've been so distracted with all the other games I've been playing.  I always end up waiting for my friend to play this with me because it's the one game we both have but he's been pretty busy so it's been falling to the wayside.  I'll be back on the battlefield soon though.

    (360) Minecraft
    I've been playing this with my buddy cause he just picked it up.  We're building a little village.  Nothing too fancy.

    That's it for me!
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  • Finished the Storyline of GTA V and finishing of the last stuff, anyone playing this online on PS3?

    And some more Southpark ztick of zruth!
  • Remember Me

    The people of Army wanted it, so I gave it to 'em. Army has good taste, as expected.

    Persona 4 Golden

    Had a brief affair. She had her hooks in me. I ended it because I knew it would only lead to bad places. We've been over this before.

    But she's still on my mind.
  • (PS4) Battlefield 4 - Going to try and get 5 more Repair Tool ribbons so I can get an award and going after the 50 Shotgun Ribbon award too (just over the halfway point on that one).

    (PS4) Watch_Dogs - Trying to get into this game and seeing how far I can get into the campaign.

    (Xbox One) Titanfall - Still playing the odd game.

    (iOS) Hearthstone - Playing the odd game, hopefully the latest update helps fix a few of the remaining crashes I have.
  • Star Control

    Good ol games was selling 1 and 2 on Mac for six bucks. Man, why are there no cheap old school 2D dogfighters on console? Space Wars was the first video game. Pixel Junk shooter is awesome. You could do multiple gravity sources, rock paper scissors fighters... Ain't a damn thing wrong with the basic model. Tower Fall proves how simple a great multiplayer game can be.
  • Yoshis new story
    Just beat it. Boy was this a bore. The challenge comes from collecting everything, but other than that, this game felt bland. The game started getting interesting in the last world, but the other 5 worlds seriously felt like a chore.
    Decided to sit down and just pull through the game. The final boss fights were fun and challenging, especially trying to keep all 30 star men. But I won't be going back to this game any time soon.

    Remember me
    Haven't played it much, but now that I got yoshis new story out of the way, I'll get right back on it to participate with the 101.

    DjMax technika Q
    Been playing this a lot on my phone. After the staff of the old DjMax crew left Neowiz and gathered to make a come back and tease bemani fans with a teaser trailer, I've been remiscing on the old DjMax song lists with technika Q. Currently level 60, making my way to 99

    Haven't done much gaming besides these three
  • I've been playing the Alien Breed trilogy on PS3 for the last few days, and I have a little problem. The 2nd and 3rd games run fine. I finished 2 and am halfway through 3 now, but I haven't made much progress in the 1st game. This is because the character moves like he is stuck in quicksand, or just doesn't respond at all. I've tried different controllers, checked the game settings, even re-installed, but nothing seems to work. Because of this problem I have hit a point in the game where I'm screwed. An alien charges down a corridor at me and I have to outrun it, which is impossible under these circumstances. He catches and kills me every time. Anyone else played the game? Have the same problem? Heard of anyone having the same problem?
  • FTL
    I've been desperately trying to unlock every ship and its counterparts, but my attempts are still in vain.  It is a great game, but can get a little repetitive and feel a bit grindy at times.  The story is pretty much non-existent, but the gameplay more than makes up for it with careful planning and resource management being the real focal points.  It brings a lot to the table in terms of replay-ability and leaves a lasting impression, because their isn't quite anything this simplistically well done.  It has been out on PC and Mac for quite some time now, but released on iPad relatively recently and would be a great addition to your mobile gaming library :).

    Next week I will definitely be doing some "The Last of Us" trophy hunting,  so if you want to get some too, just message me.
  • Dark Souls (360)
    It's free now for Xbox Live Gold users so it gave me a reason to go back. Only at the Taurus Demon right now. Nothing exciting.

    Saints Row IV (360)
    This game had a slow start, but things are picking up now. Just fought a giant energy drink monster as a giant statue.

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