NooBTooB 101 2014: June (Remember Me)
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    Remember Me.

    It's been a while since the last 101, hasn't it? For the month of June we'll be playing through Remember Me. A few people voted for this one, and nobody voted against it either. Post your experiences as you go through the game! I was always intrigued by this game, but I never took the plunge to really play it. I look forward to experiencing the game with you all! Please pay attention to the ground rules! (Took these from your 101, Littleg!)


    • Report on your progress regularly, post updates and let people know where you're up to
    • Reports can be as text or a video, or even a short podcast using Blip or Audioboo if you fancy
    • Be sure to be very detailed: talk about what you like about the mechanics and gameplay, the story, the look of the game etc etc
    • Spoilers are acceptable (even encouraged) but please place them within spoiler tags
    • If you've played the game before, try a different route through the game -
      much of the strength of this game is the options that it gives you to
      approach different challenges
    • Help each other out, give hints and tips based on your own experience if people are getting stuck
    • NO WALKTHROUGHS - make it up as you go along, let the dice lie where they
      fall, live with your choices. Upset an NPC? Accidentally kill the guy
      who was selling the item you need? Miss a collectable because it was
      hidden behind a pot plant? Tough! 

     - Available to buy on PS3, 360 and PC.

    Towards the end of the month, or if you finish the game early, I'd like everyone to give a summary of what they think of the game. Be it bad or good, let us know. Now, get to playing, and get to talking!

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  • Sweet! I'll be joining in on this. Popping the game in tonight, and will get a few hours in.
    The game always looked interesting to me, but never really had the motive to play it
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  • Yeah, I have a feeling a lot of people have the same impression of the game, myself included. Well, now's the time to get into it! :)
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  • I guess I better start the download. With psn download time I might get a couple sessions of it in before the end of the month.
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  • Good call Firlster. I put the game in and started over because I had forgotten everything anyway. I think I'm about halfway through already so I may go back through on a harder difficulty since it looks like I'll be done before we even get to June.

    I'm just past the 2nd major boss at the end of the Bastille, and got a big slice of my memories back as a reward. The first part of the game was fun enough, but now that the plot, skills and powers, and message of the game is starting to kick into game I'm enjoying it a lot more. It has bit more depth than just climb this rooftop, kick shit out of random dudes, and repeat. Given the amnesiac nature of the character not a lot makes sense at first but things are pulling together and it's actually interesting too. I like that the motivation of Nil is to get her memories back but as she does so she begins to question whether she really wants them back at all.

    The gameplay is fun. I like that you can make your own combos and the special powers are all pretty fun. The memory remixes are also fun, but sparse. I also like that the boss fights aren't just button mashes and many enemies throughout the game require some strategy to kill. I'm surprised because I remember a lot of reviewers slamming the game for having mindless combat. I disagree. That said, it is a bit Batman-y, you just spam circle throughout any battle and nobody will ever hit you. So while the enemies require varying tactics to take down, you can avoid taking damage yourself pretty easily. This is one of the reasons I could never get into the Batman games while everyone else was fellating the shit out of them.

    The climbing and platforming is pretty weak. You can't really mess up as everything is clearly indicated and you can't climb anywhere you aren't supposed to. There's also very little exploration. This is basically a straight corridor run. I would've appreciated a bit more exploration. The camera and movement also could've been better.

    Finally, and I'll be interested to hear if others experience this, the cutscenes can get really friggin' choppy. They stutter and lose audio and are just a damn mess sometimes. It's a big blemish on the experience for me.

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  • Gave this a whirl for a couple of hours earlier, and I have similar impressions to you, Dr Flibble! I'm very impressed so far. I love how Nilin is an amnesiac, because there is legitimate reason for her being so. The plot is very interesting, making me want to move forward all the time, and the game does progress at quite a pace for sure.

    I like the combat, it's nice, simple and fun. It's a lot like Batman, but better. Being able to make up your own combos and being rewarded for executing them is a really nice idea. Remember Me definitely takes from Uncharted with its climbing, but at least it really quick. It's linear, but I encourage people to take a gander around corners too, as you will find some good stuff occasionally, such as back story for the world and part of an upgrade to your health.

    Speaking of the world, that's what impresses me the most so far. The art team that worked on this are very creative! I love the look of Neo-Paris, and it's honestly very believable. It's heavily stylized, and it makes the game look quite memorable. If I see an obscure screenshot of the game, I'd probably be able to go "Yeah, that's Remember Me."

    There is some screen tearing in the cut scenes for me, but no loss of audio so far. It's a shame that it's there, but it's not the worst that I've seen *coughcoughheavyraincoughcough*. I wouldn't call it a mess so far! :P

    I'm enjoying it a lot, but I've an inkling that it may actually be shorter than expected. I figured I'd start the 101 early so that people can buy their copy of the game, and receive it by the time June starts, but also allow people who have the game already to get a head start. If a few people finish the game early, I'll hold a bonus 101 in the middle of June, featuring a very short game (not on the initial list of suggestions). I already have it mind, if it comes to it. :)
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  • I'm loving the detail of the world! There was a flying robot that was watering some plants, and some of the spray hit me as I approached to have a look, and Nilin stopped and shook it off. I love little interactions with the world like those.
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  • Finally gave the game a go. This game is great!
    Combat is fun and is constantly throwing new things at you.

    The futuristic setting scares me to be honest. Manipulation of memories may be sci-fi now, but who's to say this could not be a possibility on the future?

    I passed by an NPC standing in front of a small atm looking device that said "Cash for Memories"
    If this were available in the current world we live in, can you imagine the addiction it can provide to some? Possibly even to the point of madness.

    As far as loss of audio? I have yet to come across any bugs/glitches of the sort.
    The worlds environment seriously though, is astonishing. I get a mirrors edge vibe to this game as well.

    I'm only playing 1 hour sessions, and as of right now, I'm currently loving it. Will definitely try my best to finish this title.
    Since... I do have a bad habit of starting a gaming and never finishing it.
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  • I have ordered the game and it it's on its way!
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  • I set it downloading this morning before I left for work. Finger crossed a 9 hour shift is enough for psn.
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  • Thanks for joining guys! :)

    While I loved everything up to and including Episode 2, Episode 3 was a bit boring. Pace was slowed down I felt, a couple of boss fights that weren't too interesting, but the
    sewer section
    was quite cool. If there was ever a game that needed to copy Bioshock with audio logs, it's this game. There's so much interesting art all over the place, if it all had meaning, or a story behind it, the world would sell itself a lot better.

    I have to say, at first I was in love with the world of Remember Me, but I'm starting to question its believability. I mean, the game is set in 2084, and the biggest innovation is this memory manipulation thing. Surely, if that was invented, wouldn't lots of other technologies be available? I mean, yeah there are robots doing cleaning and whatnot, but I haven't seen a single tablet, or anybody talking to someone through their watch. Freaking Star Trek had that, and we currently have those technologies ourselves, why aren't those, and other new and creative technologies in Remember Me?

    Other than the robots, the floating notice board things, and the Sensen, there's not much else there in terms of technology so far. Just a curious tidbit.
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  • @FirLocke there is a ton of tech in the game; The disposal system, all of the servers and infrastructure for storing and managing people's memories, ect. ...

    I played the Intro chapter, I beat this game in November last year I think, and I still remember a lot of it. The combat is fun, I played on hard my 1st playthru, I started in NG+, but turned it down to normal. Its nice to have all of the combos unlocked at the start.

    Something kinda creepy I don't remember noticing last time, was the Sensen advertisement at beginning, and some of the disturbing things the people were saying regarding this one company that "protects" their memories.

    I'm not sure if I'll finish it this time, but I'm curious as to what you all think about the story and the choices that are made at the end. :)
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  • I just downloaded it and started. For some reason I imagined this was a third person shooter. Anyway let's start with what I don't like upon 1st impression. The Camera angle. Right up her arse hole and really damn close. Does it need to be that angle? W. I can't see where I have to go next all I can see is my characters lower back and bum.

    The plaforning feels off to me also. I don't know why.

    What I like though. The game looks pretty good and I am liking the plot so far. There is a valid reason for the memory loss.

    Also the combat at first I thought it would be batman button mashy but its pretty awesome. Really deliberate and timing based and the fact you can create your own combos is pretty cool too.
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  • @vampirelich There is a lot of tech, I mean it's all over the place, but I just would have liked to see some more crazy new tech around the place. The art people clearly have loads of talent, should've asked them think of some crazy stuff! Might have added some humour. :) I love the look of the game so much though, that I actually stopped and wished I could take a screenshot. Anyone know if there's a method to do that on the PS3?

    @nutta27 I did think the camera was a tad too close at the start, but I've gotten used to it I have to say. I wish there was some sort of lock on system in combat though. The camera sometimes just....falls behind and I have to re-adjust the camera to get a good view of the combat. It's not a huge problem, but I've noticed myself wishing for it a fair few times.

    Just dipped my feet into episode 4, into za Bastille!
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  • The lack of whiz bang technology could be due to a number of things. We don't really see the rich. We are always slumming it with the peasants and scum. If anyone were to have access to such technology it wouldn't be the people we'd be associating with. Secondly, it's a draconian and I assume a totalitarian society. It's obviously a police state, with the lines between government and big business gone. Historically, under such governments, progress slows to a halt. Look at North Korea, or the USSR, etc. This reality has the double whammy of not only being a police state, but the people have their memories stirred and shaken by the authorities and hackers every 2 minutes so how could a populace of scrambled egg brains come up with anything at all? Thirdly, it's only 60-70 years into the future. The progress civilization has seen since the industrial revolution and WW1 and WW2 are abnormalities and atypical in human history. For most of human civilization progress has been extremely slow, some would argue because for most of our history we've lived under totalitarian governments as serfs. But even if you don't buy that, we don't know what happened in those 70 odd years. Perhaps there was a war. Perhaps resources are scarce and people are too busy looking for food to concern themselves with inventing the next iPhone. Or you could say that those years were full of progress, but not the kind of progress you're looking for. If you are a megalomaniac however, there's been plenty of technological advancements worth getting excited for. Priorities!
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  • All excellent points, Dr Flibble! And you could indeed be right about any of them.

    I thought about this when going into Episode 2 where
    you're going into Saint-Michelle and there are people at cafes and whatnot, just going about their lives. I thought that would have been a good opportunity to show off how the average Joe lives in that time, if there had been much progress in commercial tech I suppose.

    Perhaps the Mneist note things actually elaborate on the topic? I feel like checking them out now! :)
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  • I think I remember the bit you're talking about. From what I remember it was only a small area that you blew through in 5 minutes wasn't it? I also remember a lot of the shops being closed which was a bit disappointing. I wanted to have a look inside.

    Yeah, I haven't even bothered looking at any of the notes. Maybe everything is in there.
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  • Yeah, it was only a very small section of that episode. I just happened to spend some time looking at everything there and reflecting on it. Pretty much every shop is either closed, or it's open and the owner says something snarky towards you. :(
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  • Just finished up with Episode 4. That was an awesome episode! It had it all, new characters, new plot, new combat mechanics, even a bit of stealth. Very intrigued to see what happens next in the story!
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  • My GPU just died and I had the game on Steam.

    I'll have to bow out :(
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  • Aw damn! And I think you would have liked it too. :( Well, if you're eager to join, the game is probably cheap enough, and it looks really good and plays well on the consoles. Not a great feeling to double dip though, so don't feel obliged.
  • I thought it was okay. I played a decent amount of the game last year :)

    Have fun guys!
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  • The first impression left a bad taste in my mouth so I don't see me returning to the game. Sorry guys. Next month though. Fingers crossed what ever you choose gels with me better.
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  • There's plenty of time in June yet if you'd like to give the game another shot anyway.
    The thing with the 101s is that I try to pick games that perhaps went unnoticed or unexplored on NooBTooB, to give those games a chance. Of course, more often than not I haven't actually played the game myself naturally, so the quality of the game may vary! But hey, we always discuss the good and bad of every game.

    I am finding Remember Me to be pretty good though. I'll do a little summary of impressions once I finish it anyway. :)
  • Finished up Episode 5. Did NOT see that twist coming, holy shit. Best memory remix sequence by far. Nice bit of variety thrown into the episode with a bit of a chase section as well. Really enjoying my time. I find myself frequently pausing to just look around. I know the PS4 can take screenshots easily, oh how I wish the PS3 could!

    There was a bit of news recently that Square Enix are actually working with Dontnod entertainment (devs of Remember Me), I'm interested to see what it is!
  • Got the game today and finished episode 1, will olga turn on her because her husband is still alive.

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