YouTube supposedly buying Twitch for 1 BILLION dollars
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    Outside of Netflix, I'd say Twitch is the number 1 streaming service there is. YouTube have their own streaming thing, but it kind of sucks, so it makes sense to eat up and swallow their competition whole. As you do, right? The best thing about Twitch is that it was a bastion of freedom. Any game could be played, any music could be in the background. If anything legal came up, Twitch had lawyers up the wazoo to sort it out. Now that YouTube is involved....I don't know about that freedom. 

    But since YouTube is involved, Twitch is definitely going to evolve from just streaming video games. Literal internet TV shows, with schedules and shit will happen. For now, it's just a rumour, but this rumour has reached very, very far and I thought it was worth bringing up.


    My mum knows about this deal as well, and I don't know about you guys, but if my mum knows about it, shit has gone faaaaar.
  • To be totally honest I fucking hate twitch. I have an Okay connection. I can stream everything in HD with zero problems. Come to Twitch and its like oh fuck you we are gonna buffer every 20 seconds unlucky mother fucker.

    That's my rant over. Hey maybe if Google buys them shit will get better.
  • I've had pretty good experiences with Twitch. I've been able to watch streams in HD most of the time, but it also depends on who's streaming. If the streamer has shitty equipment, then their stream ain't gonna be so smooth.