Greetings, nakedtwisterpro here
  • Just jumped into the next gen gaming craze, bought an xbox one with battlefield 4, titanfall and ac: black flag. Am a moderately serious gamer looking for people to play online with. From Canada, please keep snow jokes to a minimum.  
  • Hey nakedtwisterpro! Welcome to the forum. :)

    Titanfall seems to have sunken a bit in terms of popularity, but we do have a Titanfall thread if you'd like to get involved.

    I don't have an Xbox One, but have you by any chance played Killer Instinct? It's THE fighting game on Xbox One right now, and has a very active community I hear. It's even appearing on the main stage at EVO, the world's largest fighting fighting game tournament. :)
  • Welcome, what is with the name? your hobby?
  • Thats a tough hobby to do in the snow.
  • The name is my favorie thing to do with da ladies. 
  • I had an inkling it was something like that. :P
  • Welcome aboard buddy!  I just recently hopped in to the next gen and bought an Xbox One myself.  Feel free to send me an invite if you want to game sometime!  My Gamertag is StevenIsDope.
  • @Bongo dope! Ill shoot you a friend request next time i'm logged on! 
  • Hey Guys! Sorry for being MIA for what seemed like a lifetime. My computer kept crashing:( Damn you Best Buy. Anyways! I got Halo:MCC and COD: Advanced Warfare to add to my collection and am super pumped for Evolved Next week. 

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