NooBTooB 101 2014: Suggestions for June, July and August
  • The time has come, once again for the return of the NooBTooB 101! So, what we do for the 101 is that we pick a game to play, so that we can all play it together for the one month. Any discussion relevant to the game of the month is welcomed. That includes spoilers (inside the spoiler tags of course), personal experiences, comparisons to other games, you name it. This thread is to get everyone's suggestions in, and to see what people want to play. The games suggested MUST be available on at least PS3 AND 360, as they are the most commonly owned consoles, but the more platforms the game is available on, the better.

    As a host, I'll be picking the game that we will be playing, but of course I'll be taking everyone's suggestions into consideration. :)

    So, here are my suggestions!

    Tomb Raider:


    The reboot of a very popular series, dating back to the good old days of the PS1. Lara Croft is here as her younger self, exploring the uncharted lands of the world for the first time. This game has a tale of survival, and survival means lots and lots of action when it comes to video games! The game plays from a third person perspective, sports very good controls and gorgeous graphics.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, Xbox One



    Another reboot, but of a slightly younger franchise, Devil May Cry. Interesting re-designs aside, the game boasts itself a very fun and fast paced action game, very colourful graphics, and a story that is very well presented. As expected from Ninja Theory, the developers of story heavy games such as Enslaved and Heavenly Sword.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC



    Now here's a game I can get behind!....That's something I shouldn't say when talking about Catherine. Anyway, Catherine is about a character named Vincent, who is stuck in a love triangle between two femme fatales; Catherine, and Katherine. The game allows the player many, many choices along the story, altering the progression and endings of the story. I can see much discussion arising from this game, as we all make different choices through its story. The gameplay however, may rub people up the wrong way. It involves climbing to the top of a stage made out of blocks before you are killed by what is chasing you from beneath. This borderlines on puzzle based gameplay, as figuring out how to make a path to reach to the top can very difficult and may stop one's progress in the game.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen:


    Dragon's Dogma is an action RPG made by Capcom. It's a single player game, sporting a very fantastical art style to it. Very Lord of the Rings-y looking. Expect much sword & sorcery in this one! Standard classes such as Mage, Warrior and Ninja dude are playable in the game, and many lands are there to explore for the player. An interesting concept that the game provides is night time game play. As you are out exploring the woods and it shifts to night, the more dangerous monsters come out, and it can be very difficult to get back home safely in the thick of the night. Another interesting aspect is in combat, where players have many abilities in their arsenal, including the ability to climb, and latch onto a monster.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360

    Dishonored: Completed


    Dishonored is an action game, with elements of stealth and super powers. Yes, super powers. You can teleport. It plays from the first person perspective and has a story in which the player can go down a more heroic route, or a more villainous one. Superb graphics and art style, and a new franchise introduced in 2012. Only bold games introduce themselves as a big, new franchise so late into a console life cycle, and I respect that. I expect that a sequel may be announced sooner rather than later, maybe even in this year's E3.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC - Game of the Year Edition with all of the DLC is also available on every platform.

    Far Cry 3:


    You play as the dude in the picture in Far Cry 3. You're a young adult who goes on holiday to this unknown island with his friends and to put it lightly, things go awry. You must learn to survive on this strange island, and must become accustomed to the ways of living there. Guns, stealth, water, mountains, sky diving, tigers, and crazy good acting, this game has it all. A game that took everyone by surprise with its quantity, and kept people interested with its quality.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

    Rayman Legends:


    Rayman was awesome back in the PS1 days, but then fell from glory in the PS2 days, but thanks to some time off to reflect, Rayman and his friends are back in action. Musical, fast, frantic and deliriously fun platforming for all, Rayman Legends is just some damn good platforming. Better than 2D Mario. There, I said it.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita

    Remember Me: Completed!


    Like Dishonored, this was a new franchise introduced very late into a console lifecycle, although to not as much success it seems. If there was ever a  big, new franchise that went unnoticed, it's Remember Me. Set in a very futuristic Paris, the game offers itself as a fun action game. The concept of memories being swapped between people features heavily in the plot of this one. The world in Remember Me seems fascinating to explore, and I believe this game to be worthy of a shot.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

    Resonance of Fate:


    I had to include at least one whacky ass, obscure jRPG! Resonance of Fate features a very steampunk-y, almost Victorian esque world, a really obscure battle system and silly ass jRPG antics. I think I'll let Tobin & Yuzo explain it further. :)


    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360



    Vanquish is a third person action game. It is the epitome of third person shooting games. You play as a smoker called Sam who wears the most bad ass techno suit of all time. You power slide across a very large space on your knees, on your ass, and go into slow-mo while killing some silly robot ass all at the same time. Tobin & Yuzo are massive fans of this, I'll let their fandom sell you on it. :)


    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown:


    Enemy Unknown is a remake of one of the very first, very popular strategy games; XCOM. You lead a squad of soldiers who you commander into battle to fight an alien invasion. You become attached to your soldiers as you survive through numerous battles, but life is ruthless and if your soldier dies, they stay dead forever. Outside of battle, you can spend resources to improve your army, and your research on the aliens. A classic remade, XCOM will you have you thinking harder than you've ever thought in a chess game, that's for sure.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iOS, Android



    Everyone's favourite witch, Bayonetta! Regarded by many as the action game of the generation, sounds like it's worth a shot! People say Bayonetta dethroned Dante in that regard, and that's a strong claim. Crazy, over the top, ridiculous, that's Bayonetta. Made by the increasingly popular Platinum Games, the sequel is coming out soon too!

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360

    Batman: Arkham City:


    The superhero who has no super powers, Batman. After the small, closed spaces of Arkham Asylum, the Bat goes out to smell the air in an open world-esque sequel. The soon to be out Batman, Arkham Knight looks to be quite the ride (sorry), so I figured people may want to give City a refresh.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U - Game of the Year Edition with all of the DLC is also available on every platform.

    Deadly Premonition:


    Given a 2/10 rating by IGN, and a 10/10 rating by Destructoid, the highly divisive and highly intriguing game; Deadly Premonition. I really don't know much about this game, but it's so enigmatic that it's endearing. Isn't that right, Zach?

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

    The Darkness 2:


    The Darkness 2. An unnoticed, but apparently well made shooting franchise. Perhaps a diamond in the rough? All I know is that it has a cool comic style to its graphics, you've got these alien things which you can fire out of your arms, and that the game is hella cheap, and looks hella fun.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC



    Another shooter, but this time from id, the creators of the FPS genre. Post-apocalyptic, super mega hype ultra resolution textures, traditional FPS gameplay. A recent game that the developers released is Wolfenstein: The New Order. Well liked, but seemingly forgotten over the years. Perhaps it deserved a tad more recognition?

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC



    I forget how popular the FPS genre became this generation, but it's not without reason! Regarded by many as one of the best shooting games of all time, the first F.E.A.R. I don't know what the letters stand for, but rather than its scare factor, the game is praised for its very tight shooting gameplay. The oldest game on this list, released rather early in the generation.

    Available on:
    PS3, Xbox 360, PC

    Red Dead Redemption:

    High on many people's list of sequels that they want, the Western game of the generation, Ride to Hell Retri-, I mean, Red Dead Redemption! Perhaps Rockstar's best game? Maybe...Sounds like it's worth checking out. Open World, horses, guns, ropes, families, zombies (DLC), wild, wild west. A lot of people have played this, but it's been a while and even more people played GTAV, maybe they'd like to see what other games Rockstar have made.

    Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC - Game of the Year Edition with DLC is available on every platform as well.


    So those are my suggestions! Do you like any of them? Would you like something else to play? Let me know below! Game for June will be decided on towards the end of the month, and suggestions for the next game will re-open towards the end of June etc, etc. Get talking! :D

    Share this to twitter and whatnot, let's get as many people as we can for this!

    Previous 101s:

    August 2012 - (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
    September 2012 - (Mirror's Edge...didn't really take off)

    There have been others, like Enslaved and DarkSiders that were also 101s, but I'm having difficulty finding them.
  • I never got around to finishing Dishonored or Remember Me, so I vote either of those. But good list man! All nice choices.
  • Why thank you Dr Flibble! :) Let people know about this if you can, perhaps we can get some new folk onto the site with this. :D
  • I just started Tomb Raider a couple days ago, so that would be the perfect choice for me. I've also had DMC since January and have yet to crack that game open. Either of those work for me.
  • Sup laphamking, glad to have you with us. :) I liked the chat we had about Saga on Twitter the other day, I'm saving up for volume 3 right now!

    Just to let everyone know, several of these games have been offered as part of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, so check your purchase history, as you might already have them!
  • I have Remember Me on Steam but haven't gotten around to finishing it.

    That's my vote.
  • Ok, this sounds fun! I was looking for something to play between MK8 sessions in June. :)

    I like your list a lot FirLocke, out of which I've finished: Remember Me, Vanquish, Tomb Raider, and DmC. I am always up for replaying Vanquish or DmC though. And funny that all the other games you listed I own, and either haven't finished or even started.

    So I guess I'm up for whatever. :)
  • @vampirelich I've noticed that we have quite similar tastes indeed! :)

    Remember everyone, share and let people know about this event!
  • I would be up for XCOM considering I have it saved onto my hard drive.
  • No one have any other game they'd like to suggest that's not on the list? Well, if you do, it'd be nice if you structured your post like I did mine, with a picture and some words about the game, and what it's available on. Or if you've played it already, why you liked it so much. :)
  • Oh!

    Dark Souls is free on Xbox Live Gold in June. That might be interesting? Have people romp through a Souls game?
  • I actually didn't even consider Dark Souls for some reason! I'm not too sure about that one though, DS2 just came out, and I think the majority of us on the site have either played/finished the first Dark Souls already.

    ....Demon's Souls on the other hand.....Nah, that's PS3 only. Hahaha.
  • I wouldn't mind Tomb Raider I am already pretty far on in that on the Xbox one and have already finished it on the PC.

    I have wanted to play DmC again but I think now is maybe a little too soon.

    I own Catherine on PlayStation Plus so yeah let's give it a shot.

    I think Dragons Dogma may be a Plus joint too so sure.

    Dishonoured. Fuck no. Finished it didn't like it.

    I have just cleaned out all the shit that was clogging up my graphics card so it would be cool to see if Far Cry 3 runs any better now. I finished it before on like 30 fps 720p medium settings.

    I just bought Rayman Legends on the Wii U and need an excuse to turn that piece of shit on.

    Resonence of Fate don't own. Don't plan on owning. Is it any good?

    Vanquish I actually didn't like it. I know every other fucker seemed to.

    Xcom. Finished the game loved it but don't wanna go through that again.

    So yes to every thing but Vanquish, Resonence of Fate, Xcom or Dishonoured.

  • @nutta27 Dragon's Dogma and Remember Me were definitely on our PS+ at some point. I own Resonance of Fate because it seemed really interesting and I like unique RPGs, but I haven't played it yet. I liked what Tobin & Yuzo said about it though.
  • Figured I'd make this an announcement since everyone can get involved. :)
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Tomb raider/DmC/remember me/Xcom and dragons dogma are all games I have yet to finish. So those get my vote.

    Also, I've got resonance of fate... That game is hard as hell. Also the tutorial alone took me about 1 hour to just get a grip of the basics. The gameplay has a steep learning curve. It threw me off, so it's been collecting dust ever since.

    As for games not on the list

    El Shaddai
    Lollipop chainsaw
    Metal gear rising
    Tokyo jungle
    Rainbow moon
    Child of light

    ( ps2 classics)
    Fatal frame 1/2/3
    Shin megami tensei nocturne
    Shin megami tensei digital devil saga

  • Tomb raider i planned on getting. So thats my vote.
    i may join if cathrine or remember me get picked.
  • @SpaceOfSoul Some good suggestions there! Although, some of those are exclusives. Games such as Tokyo Jungle, Rainbow Moon, Puppeteer, Rain and the PS2 classics are only available on PS3. For the 101 event I would like the games to be available on at least PS3 and 360, but the more platforms the better.

    Also, don't know if you've played it yet, but Nocturne is pretty damn hard too. :P
  • I've only played about two hours of nocturne, then my ps2 gave out :(...

    Ah and sorry! I provided the said choice of games because of the poll I recently read here. 100% had access to ps3. But I guess I didn't take into consideration of newer folks or those who didn't take part in the poll :(
  • @SpaceOfSoul Hey no problem man, you have good taste! :) I saw that poll as well, and my darker side did think of pushing Demon's Souls as a 101 as many of us have played Dark Souls and finished it, but I'd say a few of us haven't even touched Demon's Souls.

    I must think of potential newcomers though. Remember everyone, share and let people know about the event! We can all get into a big discussion about this 1 game for a month, it can draw people in, especially since everyone's voice can be heard very easily.

    Oh, and the game will be chosen on the 25th. So, if you want to make a case for a certain game, this is your last chance for June!
  • Oh, noted! I'm not sure if Nier is 360/PS3, but I never got around to playing that. I've been reading some stuff on Drakengard 3 and I think I'd like to try and play Nier first.
  • Closing the discussion for now, but will be re-opened towards the end of June, so that we can decide on the game for July. I'll be adding some more games to the list when the time comes as well, but if you'd like to mention a specific game before you forget, message me!
  • Alright, discussion back open! Now with a whopping 17 games to choose from, it's tough to pick just one. Let me know what you'd like to play for July!
  • List of Definate No's for me.

    Deadly Premononition
    Resonence of Fate
    (Do not own or plan on buying)
    Darkness 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    (Finished the Game would not wish to re visit so soon)
    Dragons Dogma
    (Just plain didn't like)

    Games in which I would join in on the fun.

    (Own but never played)
    (Started but never finished)
    Far Cry 3
    Tomb Raider
    (Finished but loved and would play again)

    So that's my list and my views on the game. Its a shame remember me didn't gel with me. Oh well I'm sure I can join one of these soon.

  • I've still got Tomb Raider and DMC waiting for me; so either of those will be fine. I also have Dishonored, and while not super interested in that one, I would play and join the discussion if it was chosen.
  • Oh and by the way fear is first encounter assault recon.

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