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  • And thank you for all the asshole comments you sprinkle on the site. why you always an asshole on here? To everyone. move the fuck on if you don't like the people here. 
  • @Dr Flibble and @NewAgeRed You both have a point.

    @Dr Flibble Yeah, I definitely spend a disproportionate amount of my time in the wars. I was winging about spending 7 hours in hospital the night before to my chemist, he retorted 'you do seem to like them don't you?' . He is really nice, but he had a point also. Even though I had smashed my head open for the umpteenth time while having a seizure, we had a bit of a joke about it. That is really not a dig (though reading it back it does sound like one!'} just trying to emphasise that to get to the conclusion that I spend too much time injured is not at all completely unfounded and correct (again I don't mean that at all in a spiteful or sarcastic way, I definitely could have put it in a better, I don't mean it in the bitter way it sounds). You got to have a laugh at yourself sometimes. It's all in good humour really.

    @NewAgeRed I know @Dr Flibble has a few sarcastic and negative comments for everyone. I feel (unless I am massively misguided) that he mostly means things tongue in cheek and does have a real soft-spot for the community here I think.
  • My strength has been increasing as training has become more frequent. It's been months since I've been able to pull 300 pounds off the ground, but managed to do it with relative ease this past week. I was also able to do some heavier benching and military press this week; both of which I've felt rather weak on these last few months. 

    I'm starting to plan out a new program for March to start cutting down between then and July. This February will mark the third year of lifting for me, and I'd like to see what progress I've made in terms of aesthetics. All I intend to do is Jump rope for 30-45 minutes Saturday and Sunday between March and July. The hard part now is figuring out what my split is going to be Monday through Friday and how much weight I'll be lifting each day. In order to maintain strength I'll have to lift fairly heavy, which means I'm going to have to obtain a weight lifting belt.

    Hopefully all goes well and I'll be able to increase/maintain my strength while getting slightly leaner; reaping the benefits of 3 years of hard work. 
  • Pulled 305 off the ground last night. Felt like I could pull more, but didn't want to ruin my night by failing a lift. I'm starting to do more sets and exercises than normal; focusing on hypertrophy and aesthetics. Strength is my primary goal, but somethings are clearly disproportionate. I intend to remedy this between now and when I finish my cut in July.

    I also purchased a new foam roller (as my old one was stolen) and a lifting belt. Just waiting for them to arrive in the mail.
  • Used my new lifting belt for the first time this evening. It felt really good. Didn't use it with a lot of weight, primarily testing it (and my back was feeling fairly beat-up). 

    I'm consistently lifting heavier and heavier weight every week. Just need to stay consistent, eat enough food, get plenty of rest, and stretch. 
  • Started training at my new job this week and it made lifting rather difficult. New sleep schedule + minimal access too food + my gym being almost an hour away = very poor quality lifting sessions. I have another week of training and then I'll be moved to the home office which is closer to my gym and house. 

    Still trying to put more volume into my sessions so that I don't lose too much size or strength when I start my cut in a month. Did a lot of pressing variations today for my chest/back/arms day. Was the only day this week besides Monday in which I felt like I had a decent session. 
  • Found out the home office of my new job (where I'm located) is literally 2 miles from my gym. This is going to help my routine a lot. 
  • Generally don't like to post back to back days, but I finally managed to [military]press 135 lbs over my head today after attempting and failing over the last year. 
  • Started jump roping this weekend to start my cut. Was not aware of how uncoordinated I was. 
  • More strength increases over this past week; getting closer to where I was last year prior to my injuries. 

    Bench: 190 lbs
    Deadlift: 315 lbs
    Military Press: 140 lbs

    I also squatted 245 lbs, but could have definitely done more if I chose to. 

    I've also been doing cardio on the weekends for my cut, and not just jump rope. Today I played basketball with my nephew and then went into my backyard and chopped wood. 

    Last week I weighed about 170 lbs. I'm going to weigh myself on Monday and hope for a 1-2 lbs loss.
  • So far I've lost 2 pounds, which if you know anything about weight loss, isn't good. After a month of cutting I should have lost at least four pounds. I'll simply have to increase my cardio on the weekends to ensure better results going forward. I'm currently not ready to start cutting calories yet.

    Outside of that I've been getting stronger. My numbers keep going up with a 195 bench and I went ahead and did a 255 lb squat, which was quite easy. My body is starting to feel a little beat up with all the heavy lifting I've been doing, so I'm going to have to be more strict in terms of sleep and stretching to ensure proper recovering and mitigation of injury prior to my working sets. 

  • I've been sick for the last 4/5 days, so haven't had any time in the gym. Hopefully I'll be well enough tomorrow to get back in there and get some work done. 
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  • @laphamking So how long have you been going to the gym for now and how much have you changed?
  • @sloth 

    It has been over 3 years since I first started going to the gym. I went from 140 pounds to 170 over this period of time. I'm definitely bigger, stronger, and faster than I've ever been in my entire life and it has done wonders for my self worth. 

    It's one thing to read and learn a new skill that takes years to get good at before you start to see any real results. With strength training you see results almost weekly at the beginning, and then results every month when you get to my stage (intermediate). 

    I'm currently working on my cut to see how much muscle I've gained as I'm currently a little pudgy from doing this light bulk over the last few years. It'll be exciting when I'm done.
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  • @laphamking Oh wow, that's really great to hear. In x more years, I think you'll feel the same about coding!
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  • Still working on my cut. Started intermittent fasting a couple months ago and also attempted to move my workouts to the a.m., but it didn't pan out the way I had hoped. I felt too weak without any food and my workout suffered. I've started moving my workouts back to the evening, while sticking with Intermittent fasting.
  • My cut is still in progress, with around 8 pounds left to lose before I reach my goal. I'm also going to be adjusting my program starting on the 1st to focus more on my squats and deadlifts again. 

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