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  • I managed to hit the gym up for 3 sessions last week. Hopefully I can keep that up every week.

    Its like I'm starting from scratch. The lack of visits and the fact my asthma has kicked my arse over winter has really taken a toll on my fitness. I am struggling to run a mile nowadays (still have a tight chest occasionally).

    The plan is to work on my cardio for the next 2-3 months. 3 sessions a week. Hopefully up to 4 when I have time and work on weight for 20 or so minutes of each session just to tone. I don't want to gain any muscle. That's the plan anyway.
  • I received my massage and my upper body feels great! I continue to stretch and rehab the section that was inflamed. So far everything feels much better, with almost no strength lost. My right leg on the other hand is not in the best shape. A few days after the massage I tried to squat and couldn't do more than 185 for 5 reps, which is pathetic considering how I generally perform. I've been doing all the proper stretches and utilizing my foam roller to the best of my ability, but to no avail. I'm simply going to have to refrain from squatting and see a physician when I have the opportunity (in the next couple of weeks). 
  • My leg has been recuperating and I've consistently been stretching and focusing on lighter weight. I've monitored my workouts so that whenever I feel pain I stop and move onto a new exercise. Following this I've managed to really help my recovery and foresee that I should be able to work heavier sets within a month.

    I've also started putting cardio back into my routine as I'm doing three obstacle courses this year and need to build up my endurance.
  • I've been squatting a lot more and it feels really good. I've had to change my stance when squatting, which at first complicated things, but now I feel much better and my strength is slowly coming back.
  • Reverted back to squatting three times a week and everything feels great. I've also been adding in a lot of variation for back exercises since I'm abstaining from any deadlifts for the next few months.

    Also: next Sunday is the first of three Spartan races I will be participating in. It's going to be 3 short miles and roughly 20 obstacles; should be fun! Along with doing these races I'll be trying to raise some money, so here's a link for any who are interested in helping: 
  • Finished the Spartan Sprint earlier today. 2 more Spartan races coming down the line.
  • Worked out sporadically last week, mainly due to the fact that I hadn't fully recovered from the race. Did some squats and had a back workout Monday night and feel much better about it. 
  • Have another race in a couple of weeks. Focusing on strength and low intensity cardio right now. 
  • I'll be driving from Ohio to Chicago on Thursday night for my race on Saturday. Getting some last minute low intensity cardio in prior to the race. 
  • Finished my second race today. One more in October and I will have completed the Spartan Trifecta!
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  • During the race I burned/cut both of my ankles pretty badly, and it has since effected my workouts. I've been pushing myself as hard as I can, but not lifting the kind of weight I'm use to; also haven't squatted in weeks because of this. Once I heal up I'll be reprogramming my routine to focus primarily on strength over the next few months. 
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  • Work has made training difficult, but I'm still seeing moderate increases in strength. I just need to find a way to make my training more consistent. 
  • I cancelled my old gym when I started running the night shift at work, always intending to look for and join a 24hr gym. Well today was the day. Pure, cheap at £15 a month too. I suppose i better get a session in next week....maybe. 
  • Hey @laphamking good luck with your coming race, hope your ankles recover soon!
  • Update:
    It was last month I finally felt the grief lift away. It's been a year since we touched much for the renos. My job where I have been working since last fall has been and remains mostly good, or if the place isn't good at least my boss is a good guy.

    Fitness wise, my health has been crud. I acknowledge it's my own darn fault. I have begun to see a chiropractor and masseuse regularly again, as back problems I had when workig at a desk previously have resurfaced with the number of hours I put in with PLC programming and drafting. But this has had the effect of motivating me into wanting to do stuff. My health care providers have encouraged me to start an 8 Minute Abs circuit to start encouraging core strength and good posture to help my back. I've noticed my knees in more pain lately. This is due to weight gain. I popped back up to almost 210 earlier this year. I am proud to say I'm maintaining a slow, steady decline in weight due to (finally!) permanent changes in diet focusing on improving the balance of veg/meat/carbs in my diet. I am trying to limit sugar, eat a lot more veg and fruit, and limit meat. So far i have lost 6 lbs. I now stand at an even 200 at my morning weigh-in.

    All of this is baby steps but considerig where I was vs. Where I am, I'll take it. Happily.

    The plan is to get a spinning bike for Christmas to use during Netflix hour after dinner. Mr. TC wants it too, so it'll begood for us to motivate eachother. He says he wants to lose some weight also. I'm game :)

  • @tallchick

    Abstaining from the consumption of meat will do wonders for your health. I've been Vegan for over 9 months and feel better both physically and mentally than I ever have before.

    As for my training I've been gaining strength steadily over the last few months; getting myself back to where I was last December. Work still gets in the way of my training, but I'm learning to manage my time better so that I can get around that and be prepared for the upcoming race, which takes place at the very end of October.

    Prior to that I've got another walk for cancer this year that I'm going to be trying to raise money for like I did last year.
  • My race is next Sunday. Purchased some new shoes and socks for the event. Will be breaking in these shoes over the next few days. 
  • Race is Sunday. 13-15 miles, 30-35 obstacles, and it starts at 9:45 am in wet and cold South Carolina. 
  • Finished my race. Trifecta complete. Body is incredibly sore. 
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  • Been working on increasing strength again. It's working, but very slowly. 
  • @laphamking Really good for you dude, hope your body has recovered by now! I have had to stop weight training a few months ago as I have got two broken hands. Hopefully in the new year sometime I will be recovered enough to start again. (I have put shit loads of weight in that time, maybe two/three stone) .

     I have been Veggie my whole life, I only sometimes have milk in my coffee though so not quite vegan. It has served me pretty badly as I am a fussy bastard and couldn't eat meat if I wanted to. I definitely am not at all healthy as I don't look after myself (I smoke too much, don't exercise enough, drink too much) my diet is also just crap and quorn. I must eat the fewest vegetables of any vegetarian.
  • @8drawt How does one manage to break both hands? You seem to be always in the wars. Are you the world's worst stuntman or just a really unlucky bastard?
  • No, I got run-over out on the town lol. But yeah, most of my abdomen was ripped out if you're asking. Getting better a week at a time I suppose. But I imagine I would be the worst stuntmen, unless it would be beating my body to a pulp, In which case I think I would excel. :P bur seriously I am good atm ( apart from being wasted as it is New Year's Eve}.
  • The same way a person breaks one hand, by accident. 
  • Ouch, that's some story.

    I had already assumed he wouldn't have done it on purpose Red, but thanks for the cutting and insightful input.

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