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  • I've been maintaining strength, but will need to alter my program for this upcoming weekend. This coming Sunday I'm participating in a Tough Mudder and need to give my legs a rest, therefore I won't be squatting at all this week. This week I'll just be doing back and chest work, and then spend the end of my workouts on the treadmill preparing for Tough Mudder.
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  • Much admiration dude. I wish I had your consistency/willpower! 
  • I went through the Tough Mudder, and I have to say, that thing is no joke. I went through 10-12 miles of various terrain and overcame 22 different obstacles. Some obstacles were simple like the tire hurdle, but others ranged from nearly impossible to absolutely insane; and I did them all. The first obstacle was called "birth canal" in which you crawl under a giant tarp of water as it pushes down on you. The very last challenge is called "electroshock therapy" in which you run through an array of dangling electric wires that shock you when you touch them, all while running over mini hills of mud and puddles of water. It took roughly three hours, and my legs started cramping around mile 7, but I never gave up. It's a great team building experience and an opportunity to not only better and challenge yourself, but to also assist others in their goal of bettering and challenging themselves as well. 

    My complaints? Parking costs $20 and a locker to store my belongings costs $15. That's excessive and they know it. Oh, having to drive home (2 hours away) was also less than satisfying. My legs hate me.
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  • Tried on my suit the other day, 12 months ago it fit like a glove, and I could barely button the pants up. At 300 pounds (even being a giant 6 and a half foot tall) I have to start getting serious.

    Changed my diet so I've gone down the calorie control route. Started exercising again, starting with 3km a day on the bike. So far, 5 days in, already seeing progress. Just need to keep going.
  • I tried squatting for the first time in two weeks, and it felt pretty good. I wasn't able to squat at all last week since I ripped the skin off of my foot during the Tough Mudder, but its since healed and I can now get back to my old routine. My form was a little off which hurt my workout a bit, but overall my legs felt really loose and limber. I think I may have need that break (even if it was a little long). I managed to box squat 275 prior to the Tough Mudder, so I'm hoping that after a week of getting my form back down I can try to go for a squat of 275 below parallel. 
  • So my gym just got hit by a tornado today, and they have no idea how long it will take to fix the gym. As of right now I don't know how I'm going to proceed, but in regards to lifting it looks like it's going to be a while. I guess I'll just be doing cardio so I don't get out of shape.

    Regarding the tornado: only the roof sustained any real damage, and no one was hurt. 
  • I was going to start this series on my YouTube channel last year but it quickly fell apart due to people not wanting to commit BUT I know that there are active members of NoobToob still on the forum and would love to get it going again and feature it on YouTube, preferably on the NoobToobArmy channel. 

    Here is the idea, a quick bio of yourself, clips of you playing games, what your goals are and how you plan to get there. Almost like what Tobin and Yuzo did years back with Wii fit. Here is the video I did for the original idea. If you want to be apart of this let me know and we can get the ball moving. YOW! 

  • So I started doing a lot of this yesterday:


    And my inner thighs are reaaaaally sore. I need to work on the technique I'd say.
  • I come back to this thread once in a while to keep myself motivated, it's awesome seeing that all of you still are, keep it up, keep swimming!
  • You too TC! :) @laphamking 's updates especially make me want to get better. Fantastic thread.
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  • I'm ashamed to say as the originator of the thread that in the past 2 months I have hit the gym 2 times. Yeah twice. I need to make more of an effort.
  • My gym finally re-opened after getting hit by a tornado. I was out of the gym for a week and a half, but as of Thursday I've been back at it. Going to go in later today to do some squats.

    @Firlocke Your legs and back are going to continue to be sore if you don't do those constantly. When I took a break from squats to do the Tough Mudder, my legs were incredibly sore after I started doing them again. 
  • @laphamking Will do! I find that this exercise doesn't take a lot of time to be effective, so I'll be trying to this daily. @nutta27 A host can't always be motivated. :P Here's some Shia motivation!
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  • Saw a great video this morning and immediately tried it out to vary from just doing deadlift over and over.

    Just the slight change of positioning of the wrist at the start of video makes a huuuge difference! Never even considered that. Didn't consider humping the barbell could be beneficial either. :P
  • Not being able to squat due to the Tough Mudder and then not being able to squat due to the tornado has really hurt my strength gains on that exercise. I can do the same amount of weight I was able to do before, but now it feels heavier. I was doing 205 for 5 reps, something I was able to do for 10 with little effort, and was struggling. The only silver lining is knowing that my back and chest haven't felt the same decline in strength. I feel like I'm starting from the bottom again with my squats, which sucks, but I intend to push through and get myself back to where I need to be. 
  • @Orion stop drinking soda, it is just sugar water.
  • So my gym had more issued following the tornado, such as a flood due to there being no roof. They managed to get this fixed last Friday and I was able to start squatting again on Saturday. I had to take Sunday off due to work, but managed to get back in today and had another successful squatting session. I'm slowly getting my form back, and the weight is beginning to feel rather light; hopefully this continues to be the case. Ostensibly I'll be back to full strength within a couple of weeks. 
  • My strength is back, and now I'm needing to re-work my squatting program again to move past my current plateau. I've been doing 5 by 5's in order to build strength and squatting three times a week. Now I'm intending to do 8 by 5's three times a week. That's a lot more volume, and should lead to greater strength gains that what I'm currently getting. Hopefully this will help me shoot past my 275lb plateau and grant me the ability to hit my goal of 300 before the end of the year. 
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  • Holy shit, @laphamking ! Keep up the good work, man.

    Update on myself:
    Grandma died. Whirlwind trip home to see family. Fighting with my mom because she's stressed out and blaming stuff on me. At the same time, our fur kid (cat) almost died, and still isn't in the best shape (cancer diagnosis), though he's a lot stronger than he was a few weeks back. Renos we were going to do are totally shelved while he recovers; we're scared the plaster dust might make things worse. We're taking care of him, trying to make him comfortable, keeping an eye on him.

    *sigh* I feel like I am having literally THE WORST luck this year for trying to get in shape. Since November, Injuries, bad habits, illness, illness and more illness (had ANOTHER infection in May).... and now deaths and illnesses that weren't my own just screwing up the schedule and my ability to keep a level head. Not gonna lie, you guys, it's been a really rough few months.

    Regardless, trying to stay positive and do the best I can, and push onward, and keep my head above water. Focusing mostly on mental health right now, figure that's the best palce to start. I am on vacation right now, trying to just chill. The F***. Out.

    So far I'm very relaxed and enjoying myself. Mr. TC and I had a nice lazy time of it in the last little while, just being together as a little family with our cat was what I needed, I think. :)

    Still eating healthier. Making my own 100% whole-wheat bread again. We have a breadmaker and it's a crime that it hasn't been used much since we moved. Smoothies every morning. Dairy-based for the protein, also the yogurt is good for femme health and this combined with the fruit, well it helps aid digestion. Still eating mostly game meats, turkey and chicken. Leaner cuts, and more sparingly; maybe half a fist worth of meat and only at dinner. Trying to eat vegetarian during the rest of the day. As a result I eat quite a bit of dairy but I feel great so I can't believe that artificially derived milks are the way to go for me. The partial vegetarianism has nothing to do with any ethical standpoint so much as it does with the scientifically proven needs of the human body, such that tons and tons of proteins from meats are not generally required. The traditional north american/european (which is what I was raised with) diet is very meat-heavy; we've been doing burritos with ground moose instead of beef, tabbouleh with quinoa instead of couscous, and lots and lots of grilled chicken souvlaki and homemade pho. But it is BBQ season so there have been a couple cheat nights with steaks. I still love me the odd steak. :)

    On the better news front, the job I am currently working is nowhere near as rough on my body, but it means I am GOING to have to start a workout program soon so I don't lose muscle and endurance. The latter is already shot. I am looking into going out for a SOMETHING after work every day. Walk, run bike, no matter the weather (except thunderstorms, because the electrical storms here have been redonk lately). Maybe I can start some weight training after. And I need to come up with a schedule for my days off too, so I don't fall off the wagon again, and achievable goals. But I figure starting by doing one thing every day, it's a good beginning.
  • Glad to hear you're looking after yourself, TC.  Sounds like a rough few months.  Don't underestimate the link between physical and mental health too, I know I feel better in myself when I've been able to stay fit.

    Exercise has been a hit-and-miss thing all this year, running between a super-busy period at work and looking after the kids.  We've moved house recently and the bathrooms in the new place have a lot of mirrors in the bathrooms.  I caught sight of myself from an unflattering angle the other day and I've decided that I'm going to be a bit more focussed on getting to the gym in the second half of the year.  Heading down over lunch today after a week of lifting heavy boxes and climbing multiple flights of stairs was...painful.
  • I'd like to be fit.

    Just went to a shop with my buddies while they bought protein powder or something and talked about gains. I just nodded.
  • Just got my golds gym membership and hopefully I can get my ass up to put on some gains.
    I weight 137 lbs and would like to see some growth.
    But tired of being so scrawny and skinny.
    Spoke with a trainer and he sent me a 3 month workout routine to get me started... Let's see how this turns out.

  • It's going to take you a lot more than three months. Here's a frame of reference for you. I started lifting in February of 2014, and started at 144-146 pounds. I've been going to the gym consistently since then and I'm sitting at 158 pounds. It takes time, and patience. You're going to have to work very hard, and you cannot give up. Furthermore, you are going to need a meal plan and you're going to need to work your sleeping patterns around so you're getting at least 56 hours of sleep a week. If you don't sleep, you don't recover, and therefore you don't grow.
  • @laphamking

    Yea, the three month routine is just to get me going, then he's going to give me another routine that'll help with building a bit more mass.
    And he did give me a meal plan as well.
    Right now I'm just trying to find some sort of schedule to squeeze all this in.

    I'm aware that it's going to take a LOT of work to get to my dream weight/build. And I have been discouraged before, but that's because I didn't know what in the world I was doing.

    There are so many guilds on losing weight and toning your body, but not enough on bulking. And that's where I struggle. I don't want to lose weight, I don't want to just one my body.
    Bulking is going to require some serious changes in my eating habits as well.

    Once I start, I'll do my best to document it here :)
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  • I'm continuing with my new squat routine. I'm currently doing 8 sets of 5 reps at 195 pounds. The 5 rep range is intended to improve strength while the 8 sets are there to make certain I'm getting in a high enough volume in order to promote growth in my legs. The adage goes: bigger muscles move heavier weight. Hopefully I can maintain this over the next month or so and then I can try for a new one rep max. 

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