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  • So I managed to deadlift 300 lb's last week. That's not a significant amount considering I did 295 lbs just a couple of weeks ago, but it tells me the coveted 315 is not far off. My 1 year in the gym will be near the end of February, and if I can manage to pull 315 by then, I'll feel like I actually accomplished something over my first year of lifting. 
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  • Congrats @laphamking! It's god damn impressive that you can bench so much but more so is your consistent progress through the year.

    I've been cycling a bunch recently to the point where I've built up two new bikes for this express purpose. Unfortunately I low-sided on the motorcycle in the wet and have had to keep off the ankle but soon I will be veering dangerously down mountainsides with nary but my own legs carrying me forward. Tee hee.
  • My back has been hurting me quite a bit the last few days, so instead of squatting or deadlifting yesterday, I decided to have a chest day and do nothing but bench, military press, and dips. I finished off the day with some abdominal work and cardio. 
  • My back has still been bothering me, and it's negatively effecting my workout. I didn't squat anything over 185 last week in order to keep pressure off my lower back, and completely avoided deadlifts all together. Yesterday I decided to squat up to 225 since I felt my back was a little bit better, and I was only able to do one rep at 225. I can go up to 205, but that seems to be about as much as I can do right now. My goal is to continue squatting 205 every chance I get for high reps until my back heals completely. I'm also going to be avoiding any rack pulls, deadlifts, or v-bar rows in order to avoid putting pressure on my lower back. I'm just going to stick to upright rows, pull-ups, dumbbell rows, and various rowing machines that hit the upper and mid section of my back. Hopefully after a couple weeks of doing this I'll fee 100% better and can continue my normal training weight and volume.
  • Is it a muscle or something else, you back is something you have to be careful with when doing weights
  • It's stress on the muscle. When I took a week off and lifted light it felt much better. I just need to be patient and give it time.
  • I have been ill and haven't worked out since January and lost 4 stone. Tried my bench today i could barely lift it :0 . This week it begins again though, now i am skinnier i am to put on some lean muscles except my shoulders. Which inevitably get bigger.

    Glad this feature is still going i plan to get involved more :)
  • @laphamking thanks for being so supportive and encouraging. I feel like I've been derailed right to square one lately with a bunch of life events and illness, so reading that was very uplifting. Thanks again :D
  • Tomorrow will be my official 1 year anniversary in the gym, so I decided to go into the gym tonight and test out my max on each of the three main lifts; squat, bench, and deadlift. Note: I'm currently 5'8 1/2''-5'9'' and weight roughly 155 lbs.

    Bench: 175 lbs
    Squat: 260 lbs
    Deadlift: 300 lbs

    Total: 735 lbs.

    I sadly didn't manage to achieve any of my goals in regards to how much I could lift over the past year, but I did come close on both bench and deadlift. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to achieve my goals and then be able to set new ones to reach for my second year of lifting. 
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  • I have been ill and haven't worked out since January and lost 4 stone. Tried my bench today i could barely lift it :0 . This week it begins again though, now i am skinnier i am to put on some lean muscles except my shoulders. Which inevitably get bigger.

    Glad this feature is still going i plan to get involved more :)
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  • Take it easy, tendons are weak after sickness
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  • @8drawt I am sort of going through the same thing. I have had a chest infection for a couple weeks. Got back into the gym today and my cardio game is all messed up. I struggled running a mile.
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  • @Epke yeah you are right I shouldn't end up damaging myself by rushing in too quickly and then end up waiting for tendons etc. to recover.

    @nutta27 Mate, I couldn't run a mile good on you! Hopefully your breathing etc will improve as you get better :) . I am terrible, I never do any cardio as my lungs are already really fucked from smoking and I am only 23. Gonna make a real effort to get on to my vaporizor more when I have got less other stuff to deal with than atm with health issues. Mainly epilepsy, its quite frightening knowing I could have a seizure any time, usually I just wake up disorientated with a smashed head if I have one standing up. Thank god it is not photosensitive or else I would be screwed for playing games! Sorry for the winge.
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  • I've been changing my training around to help with my lower back and it seems to be working. I've pushed my knees out further to help add depth to my squat, and in turn its taken stress off of my lower back. This is a new stance for me and is requiring a bit of relearning how to squat, so my numbers have been a little low; I didn't even go over 205 this evening. Despite that I'm feeling confident that things will all be back to normal come next week and I can get back on track to reaching high numbers and gaining strength. 
  • Got my first 10k race of 2015 this weekend and looking at my current times I'm way slower than I was last year (at least 15-20 seconds per km). Spent months trying to up my time to what it was in March 2014 but I've failed badly.
  • I've decided that I'm going to up my squatting volume from twice a week to three times a week. The inspiration for this change comes from the modern day Bulgarian method of training. The point of the training is to do all major compound movements everyday, multiple times a day; but that was initially designed for professional powerlifters who were being coached and injected with steroids. For the natural weightlifter I don't have the time or desire to partake in activities such as that, so I'm limiting my squatting to once a day and three times a week instead of two. Youtube fitness enthusiast Omar Isuf tried something similar to what I'm doing and it drastically improved his numbers; hopefully it does the same for me. 

    My third squat day of this week will be tomorrow, and the prior two days (Monday and Wednesday) were huge successes. 
  • Still struggling to get back into fighting shape, get a good routine started.

    Illness has been kicking my ass AGAIN.

    On antibiotics AGAIN.

    Got a horrible fever one night due to a skin infection I was experiencing, and something for which I should've seen the doc for sooner and didn't. Serious fever; gave me chills and sweats which completely wracked my entire body to the point of ruining my back muscles. Went to the doc and got a complete physical done as well as having this illness checked out; found some more issues, also being treated. I'm off to a specialist next week. They figure this issue is a slow-developing one and need to keep it under observation. 

    Getting older sucks. DO NOT neglect your yearly checkups. Cancer self-checking exams, doctor pokes and prods, bloodwork (detects diabetes and thyroid issues), and STI testing (I do this yearly, is a good idea if you're active).

    But my husband has finally gotten on the 'eating healthier' bandwagon with me, so that's making things in the nutrition department monumentally easier. Also, I find that eating healthier is helping me to get well faster. So that's some good news there. Certainly have a lot more energy even when I'm in the dumps when I eat healthy. Last night we has a greek salad with chicken breast and rice. Beautifully delicious :D

    Until then, on the mend, I've been trying to use our at-home rowing machine when I feel strong enough to do it. Usually do about a half hour. Probably going to hit it today, since I'm feeling pretty good. :)
  • Squatting three times a week is proving to be a challenge. I think one of the key successes to making this happen is daily undulation. Whenever I squat I'm going to have to change my goals for the day in order to maintain efficient levels within my nervous system. I'm thinking of doing pause squats on one day, high volume on another, and then finish the week off by just going as heavy as I can. I might do something different, but this seems to be the most pragmatic way to continue lifting.

    I'm also going to start introducing good mornings into my back routine. I've heard a lot of people say they saw huge improvements in their lower back and quads that better serviced them when squatting and dead lifting. I really want to increase my numbers, so it seems to be the most advantageous route to take.
  • Got a really nice exercise bike yesterday. My thighs are rekt. Gonna try and put in some time into it everyday though.
  • I've been noticing strength gains in my squat. It's nothing substantial, but weights that use to be stressful are feeling light as a feather. Hopefully within the next few months I can achieve that albatross of 315 pounds. 

    While this has been going on I've been slacking in my diet. I've been eating sushi after almost every workout, and while fish is a great source of protein, the rice is becoming a bit of a problem. I've not gained a bunch of weight, but I feel like my composition is somewhat suffering. I don't need a six pack, but I'd like to remain lean and not put on excess weight just so I'm able to lift more.
  • Just found this thread. My girlfriend and I have been trying to get fit for a while now. We've been using an app called MyFitnessPal which allows you to easily track caloric intake. We also do a weight lifting routine called 5x5.

    If anyone else uses MyFitnessPal and would like to add me, my username is JMarcone878.
  • @Tallchick Sorry to here that as soon as you get better start to exercise, it really helps with the daily energy levels  
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  • I've finally done it. I finally managed to bench 185 successfully. I've been pushing to hit that on the bench for so many month's now and to finally succeed is a truly gratifying experience. Hopefully this means that in a few months I'll be able to achieve something similar with my squat. I'm still doing that three times a week. It's taxing, but I feel like it's heading in the right direction. 
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  • @laphamking Nice one dude!
  • Last week went really well. I managed to hit two pr's in one week; first the 185 lb bench, and then a 315 lb dead lift. I'm confident that I'll also be able to PR on the squat sometime this week. The weight has been feeling really light whenever I squat, whether it's the back squat or the front squat (which I've also pr'ed). 

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