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  • I work in a mine. It is **TOUGH** keeping to a strict "low carb/low fat/low sugar" diet when you work in an environment that apes WWI trenches without bombs and bullets.

    I made a whole quinoa salad meant to last 3 days for my eating yumminess, and basically nixed it. The first day I tried, I got 3 bites as I waited 5 min. atop a forklift. Not a good idea.

    That said.

    I have made the effort to monitor how much and what I am eating.

    For Example:
    - One granola bar as opposed to the previous two. This is my 'I'm starving because I've had no break' grab-n-go option.
    - Naturally fat free unsweetened apple sauce, and a banana, and pumpkin seeds every day.
    - Using unleavened gluten free (where possible) breads for sammiches
    - plain, unsweetened yogurt with a few seeds and nuts
    - organic 'just peanuts' peanut butter instead of Skippy.
    - 1 cup coffee, using Splenda and Carnation's real condensed milk instead of Coffeemate powder (which is flammable, I'm surprised they don't use it to set off the blast charges!). Milk also has Vit D, important seeing as I get very little sunlight
    - cook my own turkey and slice it for sammiches instead of coldcuts.
    - using homemade condiments.

    So. Hope this info helps folks looking to try something quick and convenient. NOTE: If I can make a healthy lunch at 4 in the F****** morning in about 10 mins, so can you. Don't give up!
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  • PS. If you live in a small town like I do, sometimes it's worth talking to the grocers to see if they'll order something in for you, if you have something special you need. I asked at the butcher's counter in my local supermarket to see if they'd order turkey breasts and ground turkey in for me to which they answered they take all kinds of custom orders and the deadline is Monday night, and they would happily take mine too.

    Lesson 1 of RPG's: Talk is cheap. Talk lots, ask lots of questions! You'll find out tons you never knew. :D
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  • Another week in the gym has gone by, and I'm happy with my progress yet again! Last Monday I managed to squat 240 for 3 reps, and today I went for 245; only managed one solid rep (failed my second attempt). I missed my Wednesday Yoga class last week, but I still managed to try some of the stretches I've learned throughout the week to try and maintain my flexibility. I'll definitely be hitting my Yoga class this week. 

    I've also been working hard on getting my deadlift up to a respectable rep/weight range. So far I'm able to pull 245 for 3 solid reps; granted I do my deadlifts after my squats, so my legs are already pretty fried. In the future I'll need to separate my squats and deadlifts for two different leg days so I can really push myself on each exercise without overexerting my nervous system.
  • I've changed my training split yet again, hoping to get stronger in the three major lifts. 

    Monday: Legs and Chest; primarily focusing on squats, deadlifts, and bench press.
    Tuesday: Back workouts three rowing movements and two pulling exercises.
    Wednesday: Yoga and possibly chest and shoulders
    Thursday: Chest and shoulders if I don't do it on Wednesday. If I do chest and shoulders Wednesday, then I do legs and back.
    Friday: Legs and back if I do chest and shoulders on Thursday; otherwise it's a rest day.

    I've also started incorporating front squats into my leg exercises and overhead press to help assist with my bench press.
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  • I am a short, fat guy. I am 163cm (5 foot 4) and I weigh around 90kg (200lbs). I have been as light as 76kg (168lbs) and as heavy as 105kg (230lbs). I can keep a good diet and exercise plan for about 2-6 months and then I just slowly revert back to my old habits.
    I am seeing a bright future though, with the rise of virtual reality. Have you guys seen the Virtuix Omni or the Cyberith Virtualizer. When I get my hands on one of those I am going to lose weight by gaming and not instead of gaming.
  • I haven't posted for a while but yeah I have been hitting the gym 4 times a week. Still have a pretty bad diet. But as far as things go. I was looking better and feeling better. Dropped to a 32 inch waist. Felt good.

    Last week. I was off work. (Gym is next door to work) A trip to London, 4 big drinking nights and a lot of mates playing FIFA happened. So did a tonne of fast food. I don't exactly feel good. I was hit by a cold too so that has lowered my morale. But tomorrow. Back to the gym at 6pm sharp after work. Get shit rolling again.
  • Today I managed a couple of PR's with my squat. First I managed to squat 245 lbs for 3 reps, and then followed that up with one rep of 250 lbs. My goal is to get 320 lbs by February 22nd, as that will be my one year anniversary in the gym. Just 70 more pounds to go!

    I've also been increasing weight on my bench press, but not by much; definitely my worst lift of the three major lifts. 

    My dead lift also seems to be improving, but still not as much as I'd like. There's only a ten pound difference between my squat and my dead lift; granted I'm still dead lifting after I squat and that has some residual effect, but it shouldn't be that drastic. The good news regarding my dead lift is that I asked the strongest guy in the gym to give me a critique, and he told me I had "flawless" form, so I at least know that's not the problem. I'm just going to have to learn to be more patient and understand my body is going to grow as it can, and not as I want it to.

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  • So I've finally purchased some gym chalk, and that has really helped me improve my dead lift. I'm not lifting anymore weight than I was a week ago, but I am lifting the same weight for more reps. 

    I'm maintaining strength gains every week and adding 5 to ten pounds to my squat and dead lift every two weeks. Now I need to find ways to integrate endurance training into my strength training regiment.

    I've pre-registered with both "tough mudder" and the "civilian military combine" for next year. Both of those are arduous obstacle courses, and I'm going to need more than my strength to get me through both of them.
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  • Awesome to see the community gettin in shape. Nice job Lapham!

    It's now my job to workout, which is like a dream come true. I lift outside of my job ( if you're interested) and that keeps me looking good in my eyes. I just restarted the Spartacus Workout, which my legs will thank me for in a month or so... But right now they hate me. :)
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  • I'm officially registered for a "Tough Mudder" for May of next year. In order to prepare myself I've started adding plyometrics and enhanced my cardio training after my strength training workouts. I do box jumps after my leg day on Mondays, and then Tuesday through Thursday I get on the treadmill after my workouts. Hopefully this will all build my endurance so that I'm prepared for this upcoming event.

    Furthermore, I'll also be raising money through the Wounded Warrior project when I partake in the Tough Mudder. Hopefully I'll be able to raise enough money to really help all the wounded soldiers and their families.
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  • Used this skiing like treadmill (more like cross country skiing) for the first time at my Gym
    Made me have burn in my leg muscles in parts i never knew :P
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  • So I've had to change my routine slightly due to minor shoulder pain. Every time I squat, bench, or military press my max or near my max weight, my left shoulder starts to cave in. This started happening a couple of weeks ago, and in order to alleviate the pain and avoid injury I dropped the weight I was using down to levels that it doesn't hurt and did more volume work. This has actually helped me build some strength as I've been throwing in a lot of drop sets which really force the muscles to grow. Prior to this I was only able to hit 8 reps with 185 lbs on the squat, and yesterday I was able to do 10 solid reps below parallel. I'm hoping that by next week my shoulder will be back to 100% and I'll be able to go heavy again.
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  • My Shoulder isn't perfect, but I can sustain close to max on my lifts again; I should be 100% by next week.

    With that said, I've had some of the most intense workouts over the past week. Last week I v-bar rowed 205 lbs for 10 reps; not an easy set at all. Tonight I went into the gym and decided to do a drop set on my last back squat session. I started with 245, then 225, 185, and finally 135 lbs; going to failure on each one. I then followed that up with box squats, front squats and deadlifts to round out my leg workout for the day. I somehow found the strength to finally deadlift 275 lbs (for one rep), which is something I've been trying to do for a month and finally succeeded. 

    I'm really hoping to over 300 on my deadlift come the end of January.

  • So last week I did several dropsets on my back day, and I'm now feeling the full effects of it. Had another back day and wasn't able to workout at 100% due to back pain. As much as I hate lightening the weight, it's always important to listen to your body and know your current limitations. 

    I had a really fun workout yesterday though. A bunch of the people in my gym keep mentioning various bench related challenges, mostly surrounding the idea of benching a particular percentage of your max for 100 reps. Since I didn't have a spotter I kept it light and benched 115 lbs for 110 reps (11 sets, 10 reps per set). It's definitely a taxing exercise, but I think I could have done it with a little more weight (around 125) and still completed it safely.
  • Last Thursday I created my own little squatting challenge to test my limits. I did 20 sets of 10 reps at 135 pounds, and took no more than 2 minutes break between sets. This was easily one of the most challenging workouts I've ever had; my legs were fried, and I was still feeling the effects two days later (could barely sit on a toilet). Squatting 135 lbs 200 times is a challenge, and one I want to do again next year, but with 225 lbs.

    Today I also had a leg day and just focused on lifting as much weight as I could. I was working all weekend, and fighting a horrible cold on top of that, and I feel all of that really hurt today's workout. I can normally squat 225 for 5 or 6 reps, but today I was struggling with 3 and 4 reps. I ended up doing 3 sets of 225 at 3 reps a piece, and then followed it up with a bunch of other squat variations at lighter weight (box squat and front squats). I then finished my legs of with some dead lifts at 245 lbs for 5 reps a piece, 4 total sets.

    I wish I would have done better, but still mostly satisfied with the workout. 
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  • How's everyone doing?!

    New Year's Resolution time! Common!

    So, I got injured at work not once, but twice in October. Put a real damper on my new routines that I was starting and really doing well with. To top that off, I've been at my parents' place for the last three months, which is awesome, but Mom's home cooking is just toooooo tempting!! I gained a bit of chub.

    All that having been said, here's my resolutions:

    Wealth: My new year's work resolution is to be super extra careful at work so I stay uninjured and am able to enjoy an active and healthy life outside of work :D

    Fitness: I want to make it a goal to do something active every day and get out of my rut, whether it's going for a walk downtown or hitting an exercise bike or working with weights. The major goal for this will be to evolve into a routine again. The other major goal with be evening out my arms so they are both the same for lifting ability. Right now my right arm greatly overpowers my left.

    Food: I have to start cooking more and eating out less while I'm in tradeschool for the next month. No more coffees, no more sugar in tea. This will be the hardest goal, but I'll get used to it. I used to do coffees only as a treat or an emergency before, and I want to get back to that again. I like coffees with lots of sugar and milk and froufrou additions like flavour shots and stuff, so really I should be treating it like a dessert. In terms of other meals, I need more balance. This will be easy to achieve after tradeschool. For the time being, mom makes a lot of heavy, rich foods, and she insists on cooking, and I'm thankful for it, so it's tough. What I can do, however, is control my portions of meat and potatoes to veggies, and ask her to make me a bigger helping of veg and a smaller helping of carbs. So maybe I will do that.
  • Also, good on ya @Laphamking for keeping up this thread!!
  • @tallchick Good on you for showing continuous effort even with varying obstacles in the way; you'll surely reach all your goals next year!

    This past week was pretty intense. I set a few pr's and really managed to push my body harder than normal. I had a total of three leg days last week, squatting on each day. On Monday I had my standard pyramid routine in which I started squatting with the bar and moved my way up to 225. Then on Thursday I decided to squat 185 for 5 reps, doing 10 sets of 5. Then Saturday I decided to squat again, but did 100 reps of 155, doing 10 sets of 10. I really feel that doing high volume work like this has really helped develop a lot of strength considering my pr's I set yesterday. Yesterday I went in and squatted all the way up to 260 lbs, which I've never done before. I also managed to increase my max rep count of 205 from 7 reps to 10. I may not ever be the biggest person in the gym (nor do I want to be) but I can damn sure try to become one of the strongest.

    I also set a new pr on bench, finally benching 135 lbs for 10 reps. I set this goal months ago, but have found it very difficult to reach that. Unlike legs and back, your chest doesn't gain enormous amounts of strength in short periods of time, therefore getting that high volume set took a long time. Hopefully by February I'll be able to get my max bench up to around 185, since I'm finally seeing progress in that exercise. 
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  • Another week in the gym and everything has been fairly consistent. I didn't set any new pr's, but I did do a lot of high volume work; higher than normal. I'm just a month and a half away from my one-year anniversary in the gym and now have to seriously work on higher volume in order to obtain more size so that I can eventually move heavier weights. For the next couple of weeks I'm not going to go past 225 on my squats or deadlifts and instead try to get each of those up to 10 reps on each exercise. I can do 9 reps with deadlifts and 6 with squats with 225 lbs, so in a few weeks I should be able to move those numbers and inadvertently improve my reps count with heavier weight. 

    I've also decided to try implementing rack pulls and farmer carry's into my back routine. I haven't done rack pulls in months and I've never tried to do a farmers carry, so tonight I'm going to give both a shot. Both should be great assistance exercises in helping me improve my deadlift for the lockout and grip strength (my two weakest points). Hopefully they're as beneficial as I want them to be.
  • So I guess I kinda lied about what I was intending to do with my programming. I did go over 225 of my deadlifts, but part of that was because I managed to do 10 solid reps with 225. This was last Thursday and I was feeling really good, strong, and my form on the deadlift was perfect so I decided to try 275 again. Not only did I succeed in lifting the 275, but I managed to do it for 4 reps, and then added on another 10 pounds to complete one solid rep on 285. I'm not certain how I hit this break-through as I feel I've been stuck on deadlifts for months, but it looks like I'm finally able to the move the weight I've wanted to move a month ago. Hopefully I can continue to progress and pull at least 300 lbs before the end of February. 

    I did however stick to 225 on the squats and still only managed to do 6 reps at that weight. Hopefully over the next month I can increase those reps up to 10 so I can try progressing at a higher weight and further my strength training. On my secondary squat day (which was also last Thursday) I really focused on depth in my squats, essentially doing an Olympic squat instead of a hybrid squat. I did that with 135 lbs and really just focused on mastering the form and doing pause reps (sitting at the bottom for 5 or more seconds) to place as much stress on the muscle as I could. I see far to many people who lack the flexibility or mobility to squat below parallel and I don't want to have that limitation. I want to be able to squat low at all times; especially when I put on heavier weight. 
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  • So tonight's workout started off very rough. I started squatting and once I hit 185 lbs everything started to feel off. I did a couple sets on that and then moved up to 205 when I felt comfortable, but I felt even worst doing those. My knees started buckling underneath, and I wasn't able to hit high reps. Feeling this way I stopped squatting and started doing deadlifts, and those felt much better. I did two sets of 275 for 5 reps each, and then went for a one rep max of 295 lbs, with success! I did have to use a belt to keep my back aligned while doing the lift, but did not use any straps or any other kind of assistance. In a couple weeks I'm going to try to hit over 300, and hopefully be able to do it belt-less. After those I went back to squats, doing chair squats and then front squats soon after. My nervous system was fairly drained, but I still tried doing some bench presses, with minimal success. Those dead lifts took a lot out of me. 

    That was pretty much it for tonight, and the overall past week was similar to everything I've been doing in my routine. Hopefully I can sustain my programming without draining too much of my nervous system every day. Just six weeks away from my one year anniversary in the gym, and it feels good.
  • @laphamking I think you're great with how you regularly report in about your work outs. It is very motivational.

  • I'm still working on getting my 225 lb squat up to 10 reps. I'm still around the 6-7 rep range depending on how much rest I've gotten and energy I have to spare. I don't really have much so say in regards to major or minor progress being made; now is just the time for me to be patient and work till I break whatever plateau's I have in my way. 

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