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  • Well, it's better not to drink any fizzy drinks but, for me it's always Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, 7up Free. Love me some vanilla coke as well.
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  • @nutta27 Good luck cutting soda out of your regular life. I think it'll make a great difference in not only your diet but with things like sleep and gaming concentration in how you avoid the weird spikes that come with.

    In my week, I don't drink any soft drinks. I just drink water and tea which isn't terribly exciting. I don't bar myself from it and have it in the weekends if I'm out and about however I've found that my tolerance for it is so low now that anything more than a can makes me feel worse in that I can get a headache, feel shitty and I'm stuck with that sickly sweet taste in my mouth.

    I've fallen off the bandwagon with the long weekend we had here in Sydney and restarting today was well appreciated.

    I used this app when I started out with this healthy living push and found it mildly encouraging (as well as deflating when I broke the chain) -

    After googling it to post here, I've dug up my old account and added some new daily tasks that I want to foster. I even made a NooBTooB group if everybody would like to join.

    I've only got up cycling and working out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, keeping my other chains (writing, non-zero day) out of the group so I don't take up a lot of width.
  • Been doing good recently! Able to do workouts that I used to struggle with more easily now. Can just about do two workouts in a row as well, but it destroys me. xD The workouts I'm doing are 30ish minute exercises that are fairly intense. Moving around, stretches, squats -lots of those- , and also using small weights the odd time.
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  • Hit the gym twice this week Monday and today. Was gonna go wednesday but it was ny day off work so i played games and watched e3 coverage. The days I do go I have realised how much better I feel. I sleep better that night. The next day though fuck me DOMS I think is the term.

    I haven't changed my eating habits too much. I can't help a binge here and there. I am starting to feel beeter though and I think look better.
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  • Hurt my hand in the gym on Tuesday during my back and shoulder workout. This effected the rest of my week as I wasn't able to grip heavy weight; so I had to go lighter than normal, but still aimed for high volume to make up for it. Hopefully this week will be much stronger so I can continue to improve. 
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  • Had a good week overall; managing to increase the weight on multiple exercises. My favorite accomplishment from this past week was exceeding my goal of squatting 200 lbs and went a little heavier to 205 lbs (for 3 reps). I'm hoping to hit 210 lbs this coming week and continue to progress until I plateau. 
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  • What is everyone's calorie intake per day?  I'm 6'5 and 168lbs, so I consume around 3,200-3,500 calories per day.  I know it's a lot, but I'm also a 17 year old ectomorph, who burns through calories daily either working out or at basketball practice.

    I also recently tore my meniscus, so I've been off my feet for a while causing me to lose about 8lbs.
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  • I consume roughly 3,000 calories a day; sometimes more if I feel I need the extra boost in one of my macros. 

    Last week I cut my thumb at work and that had a small effect on my ability to grip the weights; so my back, shoulder, and arm workouts suffered slightly. Still I managed to maintain a decent amount of volume throughout the week by either dropping the weight and increasing the reps, or increasing the weight and minimizing the reps where I could. I also managed to hit a pr on my bench doing 150 lbs for 3 reps.

    This week looks like it's going to go much better as my thumb has mostly healed, and I've already had leg day and managed to hit a few pr's while in the gym. I also ordered some new straps to help with my heavier lifts, and they should be arriving sometime this week.
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  • Over the last couple of weeks I made a significant change in my workout routine; I now do both legs and arms twice a week. I always have leg day on Monday and an arm day on Thursday. Now I also do legs on Thursday and have my second arm day on Saturday which was previously just a abdominal/cardio day.

    Thus far it feels like it has helped me improve my strength and endurance in both those areas; greater hypertrophy will most likely also be a result down the road.
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  • Japanese summer is killing only do some light training at the YMCA, because of the high humidity i a sweating like a pig (light training means mostly machines always have trouble reducing weights).
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  • @Firlocke Sounds great! Good on you and I hope you keep going!

    @nutta27 How do you perceive you look better? I found that my face was less fatigued looking from the improved sleep that I was getting which led onto my skin clearing of all things.

    @laphamking Congratulations on being a massive tank and ploughing on. Your updates are very impressive! 205lbs is 95kgs and that's more than I weigh!

    @shozaya I'm on 2200-2500 calories a day however I'm sedentary most of the day and I'm not as tall as you. I was on a calorie-counting diet with the spouse (it was shit.) and to be honest found counting calories a bit silly with how sugar intake (which controls your mental spikes/dips), nutrient value (sufficient carbs, fats, sodium, vitamins etc) and time of consumption (eating times stacked towards the front of the day, smallest meal at 6pm) to be more beneficial habits to my well-being than straight up recording my calories and keeping that in line. I think that eating a healthy and varied diet is quite enough.

    @Epke I hope you can escape the humidity and keep your body running well. When I think of Japanese summers, I think of chirping crickets.


    For a month I was so-so with my work outs and then got back into a regular routine the second month. I try to go through a full routine Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ideally but let it slide sometimes as long as I do any three days. The last couple of weeks I've been doing a lighter routine daily.

    I found that giving your body a day off after working out was very beneficial however I'm curious what working out daily will do. I'm going to keep this up for three months to see what happens.

    I've evolved my amateur reps app a little more. A bit of a rejiggle to show rep count progressively in a horizontal manner, I've added 'step 1, this one. step 2, then this.' lablels, and slapped in a monthly calendar that colours a day where you've worked out. Right now I'm fiddling with breaking it down into stages with the idea that you could go from obese couch potato to improving your all-around strength, reinforcing your spine straight and getting the heart pumping for 20 minutes with very little impact to joints.

    I'm not sure about how much I want to put cycling into this. I feel that I might be a little bit bias towards it.

    But so far I'm thinking:

    Base Routine, ie 'Stage (X/2)' where (x = 2):

    Pushups - x
    Dips - x
    Crunches - 2x
    Left Lunge - x
    Right Lunge - x
    Squats - x

    Do every other day (three times a week). On the next routine, increment x by 2, capped at 100.

    I'm hoping to make a gateway little app that'll be easy enough to conquer compounded over time to demonstrate exactly how rewarding it is to watch your body improve day by day in the hopes that they would then go onto a greater variety of exercises. What do you guys reckon?
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  • I've been having a bit of trouble motivating myself to do workouts as of late, but because of that I've been eating less and more healthily when I do eat. Still managed to lose some weight doing that, but it is fluctuating if I'm honest.

    Keep it up Sloth! :)
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  • My left arm has been bothering me for a little over a week now, and for that I decided to avoid working my arms this past week and give it time to heal (don't want to injure myself). Hopefully everything will feel fine when I have an arm day later this week. 

    With that said, everything else is going smoothly. I'm now up to the point where I can squat 225 lbs. for multiple (2-3) reps; so I'm definitely sticking with having two leg days a week. Everything else is also improving, only at a slower pace (which I'm fine with). 

    The one thing I know I need to work on is actual sleeping to replenish energy and give my body the proper amount of time to heal. I have a busy schedule, so it's hard to do, but I know I can manage to find the time.

    @sloth Working out daily is a challenge. I only have one "rest" day, and I spend that entire day working. I've learned that it's important to really pay attention to how your body reacts, and build a workout program around that. I'm still learning to properly adjust to the best possible program for myself, as I'm always finding new things that work better for me (and still trying to find what my overall goals are).
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  • Yeah I hurt my back recently (in a mosh pit)so haven't been able to hit the gym at all. To be honest my motivation just dropped. I have been eating crap and i feel a hell of a lot worse for it. 

    I plan to jump back into work outs slowly and do a few sessions of cardio next week  maybe hit some weights. Pecs and Arms mainly (might just focus on the bench press), I plan to steer away from legs and anything that may strain my back more. 
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  • It's not really about calories for me, but how good those calories were.  You can eat 2,000 calories of Twinkies, but that probably won't get you far (nor will it help in terms of longevity).  Meanwhile, if you eat huge amounts of green vegetables (as much as you want, really), you'll get all the nutrition you're lacking PLUS low calorie meals.

    I was what people refer to as "skinny fat."  Looked okay with clothes on, but had a belly with clothes off.  I weighed 165-170 last year.  Technically at my height of 5'8''/5'9'', that's technically "okay," but I certainly didn't feel "okay."  So I nearly eliminated all animal products (no dairy or red meat whatsoever, but some lean chicken/turkey and eggs).  I like to eat a lot, so I'm not into counting calories.  I don't "limit" the amount of vanilla ice cream I want.  If I try to do that, I'll have a whole damn bucket.  So I just avoid it.  I just blend frozen fruit in my VitaMix with other things like almond milk or shredded coconut.

    Anyway, I dropped nearly 40 pounds in a couple months (40 pounds I didn't think I needed to lose, nor I was TRYING to lose, but the weight just sort of… dropped).  But… because I wasn't exercising at all (too busy with schoolwork), I ended up going from "Skinny fat" to "Skinny-skinny."  Skinny fat people don't necessarily have muscle.  They just have a hell of a lot fat on them.  So… all my excess fat stores were gone, and I became really thin.  So… this is the point where I have to build muscle and exercise.

    I'm a bit sporadic with my workouts.  Right now I just do some light workouts, 30 minutes a day, five days a week.  I noticed I've gotten stronger, and I do feel better right now.

    But yeah, I just started eating a very strict diet because I was tired of getting sick all the time.  Not for the looks.  I wouldn't recommend simply exercising on a junk food diet though.  Most people do not get away with that.  Exercise just makes you hungry, but if you go back to eating junk, then you get nowhere.  Some people with good genes can get away with it, most people, however, do not.
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  • @Sloth Chirping Crickets sounds like heaven those cicadas make a hell of a noise,
    Well august is training vacation as the old YMCA closed and the new one will open on the first of September not far from where i live. 
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  • Last week was a good week (squat 230 lbs for 3 reps); I finally feel like I have the right schedule working for me. 

    Monday: Legs, Triceps, and abs
    Tuesday: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, and Cardio
    Wednesday: Chest, Triceps, Abs, and Cardio
    Thursday: Biceps, Cardio, and Legs
    Friday: Rest
    Saturday: Abs and Cardio
    Sunday: Cardio

    I'm going to try and maintain this schedule until I reach my  current goals, and then move things around in order to achieve my next set of goals.
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  • I've moved my shoulder workout to Wednesday, as it just fits better in regards to working out the triceps. 

    Everything continues to go smoothly, though I am finding that I may have hit a plateau in my leg training as my squat has not increased over the last two weeks. I'm not certain as to whether it's my form or if I've somehow overworked my legs and can't progress. If I continue to stagnate, then I'll need to consult a more advanced lifter to see what it is I'm doing wrong.
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  • So the last couple of weeks have gone really well. I've increased my squat to 235 lbs for 3 reps, and have put deadlifts back into my leg routine (took them out for a couple of months). My back workouts have been some of my most progressive workouts yet; lifting heavy every week and the weight just keeps going up. 

    Starting last week I also made a slight change to my diet by adding Greek yogurt, and I'm really glad I did. Adding strawberries to it really helps to fill that sweet tooth craving I have, while also giving me the protein and carbs I need for my workouts. I also started doing Yoga as a friend of mine is an instructor, and many say Yoga can be beneficial to those who partake in weight training. I'm going to try and continue doing that once a week. 

    I also thought it be nice to note that I've officially been going to the gym for six months straight now, and can't wait to see how much stronger I can get over the next six months.
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  • I have gotta back into the gym in a big way recently. I have only had 3/4 of an hour spare after work but I have been going in 5 days a week 2 of those days have been straight up cardio:

    Stationary Bike
    Cross Trainer

    The other 3 have been 10 minutes Cardio and then 30-40 minutes weights depending on the time I have. I have been focussing on pecs and abs 2 days a week and then light work on my my lower back (recently had back issues) and leg work one day.

    I still,need to work on diet but I have been eating more fresh chicken and substituted chips with baked sweet potatoes with some meals. Gotta get dat protein.
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  • YMCA in Kobe opened their new building and i had to adjust because the fitness area is tiny and a lot of machines have changed.

    Doing my usual routine;
    Day 1; Chest, Triceps, abs and some cardio
    Day 2; Back, Biceps, abs and some cardio
    Day 3; Shoulders, Legs, abs and some cardio
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  • Last week was another good week for me. I didn't increase any of the weight, but did manage to increase the rep count on multiple exercises. This week I plan to go heavier on everyone of my major lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift). 

    I'm also planning on making a couple of small changes; such as trying to find a gym buddy, and depending on my wrist straps a lot less. While I enjoy being able to pull a lot of weight on my back days, I know that the grips are nothing more than a handicap in the long run. I'm aiming for strength gains, not bodybuilding. The gym buddy thing is primarily so I can have someone help me go to failure on my exercises, and push me when I feel like quitting. 
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  • I'm glad to see this thread because I just started a new regime myself.

    I've been tracking it with the website's program tracking tools and found it really handy getting all kinds of info from nutrition to workout programs and basically have been using it as a 'workout facebook', kinda neat really.

    I've been posting my workouts and meal ideas via twitter, @d4ftgmr
    Or you can see what I did here

    (some of the earlier entries indicate errors I made in early data entry, in case you're wondering. Either that or it was a good night in food.)
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  • Damn you guys, well done at keeping at it!

    It makes me feel like i need to make more of a commitment.
  • Happy to report that I have lost a stone over the summer!

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