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  • Ok so from the title you probably think I am here to talk about dance central or Wii fit or some other shitty game that gets you up off your arse for 10 minutes to swing a remote around and pretend your gonna be a fitter better person for it. 

    No I am here mainly too keep myself honest. I am not a big guy...I'm not especially a skinny bean pole either. But I want to get in better shape. Every so often I make a pact with myself that I will get back in to the gym, cut out the Maccie D's and get in better shape. It never happens. I get lazy. I wake up on a Tuesday Morning (my day off work) and decide. NO! I don't want to travel 20 minutes to the gym . Or on any other day I walk out of work at 5pm and say "shit that was a hard day, I can leave the gym off till tomorrow" (its next door to work by the way). 

    The Plan

    You probably want me to get to the point right about now. Well here goes to keep myself honest I want to publicize my work out regime each week. I also ask you guys to do the same. (please no well I wanked does that count jokes lets keep adult). I want to run this pretty much like a WiG. A Week in Fitness if you will. 

    You don't have to post anything you don't want to. I am not gonna post my weight because my aim at the moment is to build muscle mass so a weight tally would be counter productive. I just want us all to come together say what we did to stay a little healthier the past week and spur each other on. I really hope this works because fuck me I need something to keep me going. 

    Anyway last week for me was a piss poor effort. I spent the Saturday drinking a shit load of beer and rum and cokes with friends and ended the night with a kebab.


    I also eat at KFC friday and only managed one Gym session the whole week. Now you see why I need this topic. 

    (This week is looking better by the way)

    I hope this actually kicks off and people are interested but I guess we will see. 
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  • I go to the YMCA 3 times a week!
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  • I'm actually in the same boat as you Nutta! I'm not going to the gym, but I'm consciously eating healthier and I've begun doing a workout dvd thing at home. I've only kind of started the workout just to get a feel of it for now, but once my exams finish I'll be keeping up with what the dvd tells me to do week-by-week. I only did the first workout and I felt the difference just the next morning when I forced myself to fall out of bed! :P

    I may post some weight numbers along the way, my purpose for getting healthier is to lose weight, more than any other reason.

    In terms of food, last week was great I think! I had some type of salad 5 days in a row for either lunch or dinner. Mostly standard when it came to the vegetables, just leaves, spinach and tomatoes(maybe olives too), but for meat I mostly had chicken and sometimes some bits of bacon to get punchy taste. Two of the salads had no meat, and instead I had tuna. As boring as this food sounds, I love the taste! I wouldn't mind having salad most days of the week. :)

    This week has gone a lot worse. Finals are coming (over by Friday week thank Christ) so I eat a lot more when I'm stressed over studying, and not necessarily healthy stuff. Been having junk like crisps and nuts for snacks, chips and junk for dinner. At least yesterday I put in the effort and made a decent stew which was the best meal I've had all week.

    Will be posting pics of food in the future!
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  • Do squats while masturbating furiously to schoolgirl tentacle porn like I do. Make sure you use alternate hands after every 10th stroke. Great workout for muscles and cardio, and ends with a homemade champagne of victory. I don't think anyone wants to see pictures of it though.
  • @Dr Flibble I expected something like this from you and sure enough you didn't disappoint. :P
  • Where there's piss to be taken, I shall take! :)
  • This is a GREAT thread and I really hope that everybody sticks with it. I'll totally stick to it with you guys because personal health is something that I'm really into.

    The three points that I hold most profound are:
     - An interest is when you partake in something when it is convenient. A commitment is when you participate no matter what. Commitment is no excuses.
     - Working out is not about motivation. Motivation implies a metre that needs to be built up for you to work out. That's bullshit. Ask yourself: "Is what I'm going to do building a better me?" If it's not, don't do it. If it is like exercise, get onto it. Gaming and leisurely pursuits are totally valid life pursuits because they make you happy. It all depends on what you value.
     - Half an hour of exercise a day cuts your stress in half. Just half an hour.


    @nutta27 Good on you! Beer and kebabs - this seems like an international phenomenon now, lol. What do you do at your gym session and how long is a session? If it's over half an hour, than you're doing a mega awesome job; even if it's only once a week. Have you looked into protein powder if it's muscle that you want? It's a lot more convenient than eating lots of chicken or eggs etc.


    @FirLocke Good on you for consciously eating healthier. Don't forget that soda is worse than junk food. If you can get one thing down a day, as in, "today, I did not drink soft drinks", than that's bloody good work already.


    Personally I'm eating well, binging every Friday (and feel totally ok with this), and working out three times a week. I'm developing a calisthenics fitness app on the side that aims to set the benchmark low (so that its accessible), and then organically grow your rep count based on how many of them you can do. The aim is to show a mate of mine that even if he starts with one pushup, he'll get to 100 and not a set schedule but to his own body's. I'm adding gaming elements to it like an EXP bar and levels (not by fitness level, but on times exercised). If you can think of any mechanics that would be great on a fitness app, I'd love to know and see if I can implement it.
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  • @sloth I actually didn't know that! I often have a glass of Coke Zero or Pepsi Max alongside my dinner, I'll keep that in mind from now on!

    About your app (great idea btw, calisthenics workouts are what I'm into), I have an idea that is perhaps a tad harsh. I assume the user keeps their phone in their pocket or something and the app records have many reps they do? How about, before the app begins to record, it asks the user whether or not they want take a picture of themselves. Then, after about a week or so, the app asks this of the user again, and if they took the two pictures, the app will compare the two and also bring up some statistics so that the user can see what they have achieved over a week's time.

    I think taking a picture of yourself as you commit to a workout is a great way to get started on it. It sets a date in the mind, and it acts like a trigger, and a reminder of what you want to achieve with your body.

    ...Originally, I was going to suggest that the app won't continue until the picture is taken, but I figured that I ought to push the optional version. :)
  • Fuck exercise, buy bigger clothes!

    All I do is stick my iPod in and dance around for 3 hours before I collapse on my bed.


    " How about, before the app begins to record, it asks the user whether or not they want take a picture of themselves. Then, after about a week or so, the app asks this of the user again, and if they took the two pictures, the app will compare the two and also bring up some statistics so that the user can see what they have achieved over a week's time. "

    Girl, have you ever coded before?!?!?! That shit don't write itself!
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  • I binge drank this weekend too....I'm using  my best friends break up as an excuse. Friday we went to the pub to talk shit out. Saturday was cheer up lets get pissed LADs night. It seemed to work. I did hit the gym 4 times last week and plan on doing the same again.

    At the gym I do about an hour 20 minutes cardio and between 30 and 40 minutes weight work splitting up muscle groups each day (I do 1 leg day but it kills me) 
  •  Since last July I began to take exercise and eating healthy very seriously. I started out just doing cardio and cutting out starchy and overly sugary foods. Back in January I decided to take things more seriously and cut out any liquid that wasn't milk or water (with an occasional beer every month or so). Following that I joined a gym in February, and have been going there Monday through Thursday for weight training, taking Friday off, and spending Saturday's and Sundays at home on my elliptical ever since.

     I tend to follow a fairly strict regiment with food and exercise every week, granting myself "cheat meals" 2-3 times a month. It's all a slow and steady process that leads to a better version of you.
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  • @.Ethereal. I have and I do! Didn't say it was easy to implement.

    @laphamking I admire your dedication good sir. I only wish that I was as self-disciplined.
  • Okay so this week got fuccked up 1 burger king, 1 maccie d and only 1 gym session. Been for a walk every day though as the weather was awesome and always stayed above my 3500 fuel (what the fuck is fuel Nike???)
  • I've been doing ok. Doing a workout first thing I do when I wake up, mostly having meat & veg and some potato. Although yesterday I did have a pizza. What? It was Saturday night! :P Been having a glass of juice instead of milk for breakfast as well, trying to get my 5 a day done easier. :)

    I've not kept my phone on me recently so I haven't taken any pictures at all. :/
  • So this past week officially marks three months in the gym for me. Below is everything I've done this past week.

    5/19/14 (Leg Day):
    5 minutes on the treadmill to get the blood flowing and warmed up.
    5 sets on the leg press:
        -Warm up set of 2 plates for 10 reps (90 lbs)
        -Warm up set of 4 plates for 10 reps (180 lbs)
        -6 plates for 10 reps (270 lbs)
        -6 plates and a quarter for 8 reps (320 lbs)
        -6 plates and a quarter for 6 reps (320 lbs)
    4 sets of squats
         -10 reps at 135 lbs
         -8 reps at 155 lbs
         -8 reps at 160 lbs
         -6 reps at 165 lbs
    4 sets of dead lifts
         -6 reps at 205 lbs
         -6 reps at 205 lbs
         -6 reps at 205 lbs
         -4 reps at 225 lbs
    4 sets of calf raises
         -2 plates for 12 reps
         -2 and a quarter plates for 12 reps
         -2 and a quarter plates for 12 reps
         -2 and a quarter plates for 12 reps
    4 sets of leg curls
         -8 reps at 150 lbs
         -8 reps at 160 lbs
         -8 reps at 160 lbs
         -8 reps at 160 lbs
    4 sets of leg extensions
         -8 reps at 125 lbs for all 4 sets
    1 set of box jumps
         -5 reps at 14 stacks
         -Went for another set and crashed; legs were fried

    5-20-14 (Back, Shoulders, and Abs):
    2 warm of sets of hyper extensions
         -10 reps per set
    4 sets of pull-ups to failure
         -8 reps
         -6 reps for remaining 3 sets
    4 sets of close grip rows
         -10 reps at 140 lbs for first three sets
         -10 reps at 150 lbs
    5 sets of Dumbbell shoulder press
         -10 reps at 50 lbs
         -7 reps at 50 lbs
         -10 reps at 45 lbs
         -10 reps at 45 lbs
         -3 reps at 45 lbs
    4 sets of rear-delt dumbbell flys
          -10 reps with 25 lbs for all 4 sets
    4 sets of rack-pulls
          -8 reps at 225 lbs
          -7 reps at 245 lbs
          -5 reps at 255 lbs
          -5 reps at 255 lbs
    4 sets of isolation rows
          -8 reps with 2 plates per row for all 4 sets
    4 sets of side shoulder raises
         -10 reps per arm at 30 lbs
         -8 reps per arm at 30 lbs for remaining sets
    4 sets of shrugs and wheel super-set
         -70 lb shrugs for 8 reps with 35 lb wheel
         -60 lb shrugs for 8 reps with 35 lb wheel
         -60 lb shrugs for 8 reps with 35 lb wheel
         -65 lb shrugs for 8 reps with 35 lb wheel
    4 sets of wide-grip pull-downs
        -8 reps at 120 lbs
        -8 reps at 110 lbs
        -8 reps at 110 lbs
        -8 reps at 120 lbs
    2 sets of rear-delt fly machine
        -8 reps at 90 lbs for each set
    3 sets of a cable crunch and leg lift super set for 12 reps each set
    3 set of bench crunches for 15 reps per side
    20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, with an incline of 15 and speed of 3

    5-21-14 (Chest):
    3 sets of dumbbell press and fly for warm-up
        -10 reps per exercise for all 3 sets with 25 lbs
    4 sets of dumbbell press
        -10 reps per set at 50 lbs
    5 sets of bench press
        -5 reps per set  at 135 lbs
    5 sets of incline bench press
        - 5 reps per set at 120 lbs
    4 sets of machine fly's
        -8 reps per set at 140 lbs
    4 sets of cable fly's for lower chest
        -8 reps at 50 lbs
        -8 reps at 50 lbs
        -8 reps at 45 lbs
        -8 reps at 45 lbs
    4 sets of incline dumbbell press
        -8 reps per set at 45 lbs
    10 minutes on the cross ramp, on an incline of 20, with a resistance of 5

    5-22-14 (arms and abs):
    15 lb bicep and hammer curls for warm-up
    4 sets of hammer curls
         -10 reps with 40 lbs
         -10 reps with 35 lbs for remaining sets
    4 sets of overhead dumbbell tricep extensions
         -10 reps with 65 lbs for first 3 sets
         -10 reps with 70 lbs for final set
    4 sets preacher curls
         -10 reps with 40 pounds for all 4 sets
    4 sets of cable-bar pull downs
         -10 reps per set at 100 lbs
    4 sets of dips
         -10 reps per set
    4 sets of cable-bar bicep curls
         -10 reps per set at 80 lbs
    4 sets of overhead rope tricep extensions
         -10 reps per set at 75 lbs
    4 sets of high concentration cable curls
        -10 reps per set at 45 lbs
    4 sets of rope pull-downs
        -10 reps at 70 lbs
        -10 reps for remaining sets at 80 lbs
    4 sets of cable crunches for 15 reps
    4 sets of leg lifts for 15 reps
    3 sets on the ab bench; 15 reps per side

    5-23-14 (rest day)

    5-24-14 (cardio and abs):
    30 minutes on the elliptical at full resistance
    3 set, giant set, for abdominals
         -20 crunches
         -20 reverse crunches
         -20 side crunches per side
         -20 dumbbell twists

     5-25-14 (cardio):
    30 minutes on the elliptical at full resistance

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  • I've only just found out about the forum being back!

    So err i went through some pretty big changes physically from when i was a heavy user here. My diet has changed totally. Fresh, non-processed, foods are now 99% of my diet. I've switched to Turkey and Chicken  for my meats given their lean nature. Fish is still there, along with some new foods like quinoa and other stuff i can't pronounce!

    I began doing normal day to day exercises which saw me go from 16st 6 to around 14st. I then started (last jan) doing MMA lessons which resulted in me dropping to my current weight of 11st 4.1. I hit up the gym and pound cardio. So yeah, big changes! I've started doing far more intense MMA sessions so im hoping it's going to result in more progress!

    also..hi again :D   
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  • I wish I could say I was doing as well as you dude. At my heaviest. Last December I was 15 stone I have dropped to 13 now but I am stuck there.

    I think if I cut out the fizzy drinks and alcohol I would see a big drop but well Saturday nights with the lads is the social time and unfortunately I am not prepared to make that sacrifice.
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  • Welcome back Linko and well done to you and lapham! I've only just started on making myself be healthier, but hopefully I can become like you guys. :)
  • I just ate 3 easter eggs.

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  • @laphamking I really like the whole 'rep until failure' bit in your routine. The last capable bunch are the most satisfying because my ego is just screaming more more more and you can really test your metal. The issue with this is that I'm retarded and will go until I throw up so I stick to set small increments. What kind of body are you packing lifting 100kgs?

    @Linko64 Congratulations on losing 19kgs. That's six Xbox One consoles or eighty 3DS handhelds.

    @nutta27 Good luck with cutting out soda. I think that a diet that is detriment to enjoying your social life isn't a viable diet and don't shy away from drinks when the occasion calls for it either. It's just my every day, in between-y living bits that I focus on and that seems to be working out well.


    My focus since last posting has been sleep. I received the advice that I should sleep for longer if I'm exercising seriously because that's when the body gets its time to repair itself bigger and stronger. I realised that I wasn't sleeping enough (6-7 hours) and now do about 8-9 hours a night. Another point was on eating well before you sleep so that your body isn't spending the night digesting and instead focussing on repair.  I'm finding this hard to implement because I lose track of time a lot.

    I'm thinking about cutting out cardio but I like what it does for my lungs.
  • @sloth I'm 5'9'' and my weight is 153lbs.

    This week was essentially the same thing as last week. The few changes that occurred were that I went up 5 lbs in my squat and 10 lbs in my leg press. For my chest I've decided to stick with 135 lbs on the bench press until I can get each rep to 10 for all 4 sets. Once I can do that I will increase the weight. The final change was in my cardio since I decided to do cardio 5 times this past week and focused on reaching a loss of 200-300 calories during my sessions. 
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  • Last week was a blow out 0 gym sessions. A heavy weekend drinking and eating shit with mates in London. I plan on hitting the gym after work today. Let's get things back on track.
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  • I'm on week 2 of my work out schedule and I'm doing a little bit more everyday. Feeling good, looking better. Ate well, but had too much bread over the week. Had 2 glasses of soft drink over the week, so I've cut down a lot. This week I'll try having none. :)
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  • Had a couple of good wanks this week. Turned off the AC and really worked up a sweat. Chugged a few beers afterward to cool down. Felt dirty, both physically and spiritually. Had a shower, but those stains on the soul don't wash out easily.
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  • My overall workout is relatively the same, with only a few changes made. First I increased the weight on a few of my exercises: The leg press has been increased to a total of 8 plates (360 lbs), my dumbbell press has increased to 55 lbs, and my leg extensions have increased to 140 lbs. I tried to increase the weight on my squats to 185, but was only able to do 2 successful reps. Another big change I've implemented is with my arm routine; all my arm exercises are super sets. I do two exercises per set; four sets per exercise, and manage to hit the biceps and triceps far more efficiently doing so.

    I'm still doing to same method of cardio that I mentioned last time.
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  • Big question here guys. I drink a shit ton of IRN BRU like 8 litre a week. So I was wondering what diet fuzzy drinks people like? I have tried diet and coke zero and both taste like arse hole. Are there any that taste nice. I'm consuming thousands of calories of fizzy drink a week and cutting that down seems like it would be useful to me.
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