Noobtoob audio podcasts
  • Hi all,

    Could anyone tell me where I can download the original Noobtoob audio podcasts please?

    I know most of the videos are still on Youtube, but I'd like to download the mp3 audio files as well.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • They used to be in the wiki which I think no longer exists. So unless y or t have them on a hard drive somewhere I think that the only way of getting to noobtoob is via YouTube sorry dude
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  • Awww what a shame that the audio files  aren't available to download anymore. I love watching the old podcasts. I think there aren't many people like me that like re-watching and listening to old content like that. But when I like a show, I can watch it again and again. I'd rather do that than watch TV shows.

    Thank you for the reply nutta.
  • For anyone who may be like me and into watching/listening to old shows, I was just googling around a few minute ago in a last ditch effort, and I found this link:

    It has all the audio files for the shows.

    Whoever is responsible for keeping these files available, you have my sincere thanks. I'm downloading them all now.
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  • The previous link for the noobtoob podcast no longer works, so here is one that works from the wayback machine.  It is episode 1 to 218.  There are about six episodes that don't work but the majority are perfect.  Here is the link:
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  • This should work too:
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  • Here is a link to a playlist that I just set up that is going to have the old audio episodes from 2006, so far I have seven episodes on it.  Will update it when I can:
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  • Cheers for this you guys, always appreciated.
  • Just got done with ep3, thanks. Is the first one gone forever?
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  • I have converted the video files of Noobtoob to wav. They sound really nice.
  • I have converted all the audio episodes from 1-23 and 24 to video and put them on Facebook. Just search the name of the episode and it will come up with my username Hicklespickled Hero. I have also uploaded every episode from YouTube but they might not show up in search yet because I recently changed my name after I uploaded them.  I uploaded all of the video episodes from Youtube and the higher quality episodes from the vodcast index on Noobtoobfiles from 23 to 105 excluding a couple from about 54-62 that were not any better than the Youtube videos.  I copy and pasted the episodes names, the episode description along with the timelines when they were implemented and then I uploaded the main video file.  I did this because I noticed that about 3 of the videos on Tobin 00 have been muted due to audio copyright strikes and it is possible that in the future the channel could be deleted because of this reason.  If it is ever removed the videos are on Facebook now and so they are future proofed.  They are the direct videos and not just links to Youtube or some other site.

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