Nintendo Planning to Develop New Consoles For Emerging Markets
  • “We want to make new things, with new thinking rather than
    a cheaper version of what we currently have,” Iwata said in
    Tokyo today. “The product and price balance must be made from

    So, yeah. China recently lifted a ban that they had on consoles, so China is now a fresh giant of a potential new market for games. Article is from Bloomberg. To me, it sounds like a pretty smart idea to get in there, and establish a presence as quickly as possible.
  • On the plus side, Nintendo can certainly make something for under a hundred dollars that can run Mario. Maybe that also means they start making Mario for Android etc, maybe not. On the minus side, it signals Nintendo exiting even trying to hang with first tier hardware ever again. It will be great for China, but plunge Nintendo deeper into the past for folks here.
  • They've lifted the ban but the list of conditions is ridiculous. Most games will still not be able to be sold (legally at least) since they won't be able to meet requirements. I suppose Mario would be OK though. 

    But from another angle, China, like all good socialist hellholes, has a thriving black market. If people want a console that bad, they can get them. And considering that if you have the funds to buy a console in the first place, and then the time to actually play it, you are probably the kind of person the law only fucks with during a government witch hunt anyway. 

    The only bright side I can see to this story is Nintendo will maybe at last be able to empty their warehouses of WiiU's. I can appreciate that they want to make new things, but there's no need to reinvent the wheel every generation. I don't need a tablet in my lap irradiating my balls when I play in my living room, nor a camera monitoring my heart rate and demanding I flail about like a moron to turn a handle on my screen, and nor do I need a frigging VR helmet. 
  • To be honest, I really wouldn't mind cheaper consoles from Nintendo. They make absolutely amazing games, not hardware. Heck, I bought my Fire Emblem: Awakening for my 3DS, before I even had my 3DS. If the Wii U wasn't at a stupid price because of its second screen shenanigans, I'd probably already have one, with Mario 3D World, and Wind Waker HD. It's not like those games needed that second screen.

    *Sigh* God, Nintendo. Sometimes, you're really easy to love, but sometimes, you're really easy to hate.

    @westsw If Iwata stays at the helm, don't expect Mario on tablets or smartphones anytime soon. Man seems adamant to keep the quality of Ninty's franchises really high, and therefore he excludes touch only devices when it comes to development. Even if Nintendo went third party and stopped making hardware, I still wouldn't expect much from them on touch only devices.
  • If Iwata can't bring a profit to shareholders soon he may find his ass booted from the helm. Speaking of which, I believe Nintendo is holding such a meeting in a couple of months. 

    It's good to hear the man won't budge on quality, but here's the thing many companies don't get these days: the customer is always right. Stubbornly standing your ground and making shit nobody wants is the fast track to bankruptcy. 

    Ever noticed how inflexible companies are these days? Think about the situation 100 years ago. Toyota was a sewing machine manufacturer. BMW made engines and aircraft. Nintendo made card games. Bayer made heroin. Etc etc. But times changed, and these companies became as we know them today. But they've lost the ability to evolve with the times. Many companies have become stubborn assholes for the most part. Imagine if they hadn't changed with the times 100 years ago. There's a very good chance we'd never have heard of them today if they hadn't. 

  • You're right! I can only think of a couple of big companies right now that have diversified a bit; Samsung and Volkswagen. I only recently discovered that Samsung make fridges! And that Volkswagen have some sort of bank business going on as well.

    It's ironic that diversification is usually seen as a good thing, yet Sony have their fingers in too many pies and are bleeding out money because of it. As a result, Sony plan to reduce the amount of sectors they are in.

    As for Nintendo, I've always felt that they are a lot smaller than they should be. I mean, even though Nintendo themselves release quite a few games every year, they only have 1 development team that's outside of Japan. I think they were sitting on their Wii & DS cash for too long, and didn't expand much, if at all, with that all of that cash. At least it looks they can survive their abysmal Wii U performance with all that leftover cash..