Trials Fusion (PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360)
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    So Talk about Trials its out today!!!!
  • I think I played a Trials game a few years ago and totally hated it. I probably didn't give it a fair shot though. If you think it's worth playing again, convince me! :P
  • Gonna have to get real cheap before I get excited.
  • Aw man, wish I had the money. I love me some Trials.
  • @FirLocke you want me to sell you on Trials? I really shouldn't have to sell you on Trials. The first two games two of the best Xbox Live Arcade games on the Xbox 360. But if you insist I guess I can give it a shot.

    Do you like motorbikes? 

    Not really? Me neither but to be fair that's not what Trials is and has ever been about.

    Do you like physics based puzzle games?

    If the answer is yes then Trials is a game for you. At its core Trials is just that. You have a set of obstacles in front of you and your task is to get from the start of the track to the finish without crashing. Oh and you have a set time limit too. To do that you will need to feather the gas and brake and shift your weight on the bike strategically to reach the goal. Remember the tortoise and the hare though. Pure speed is rarely the best option.

    Do you want to beat your friends and shove that fact in their faces?

    Trials fusion is all about leaderboards. You will even get a ghost on the track of your nearest competitor to let you know in real time how well you are doing (don't worry its not too intrusive).

    Do you have a creative streak?

    In trials you can create and upload your own courses. Everyone can then test, play and rate your tracks.

    What about playing with friends?

    Trials is a great couch co-op game. 4 players going head to head is hell of fun.

    Is it cheap you ask?

    Its an arcade game so its not that bad of a price. Especially for what you get. Over here its £15.99 on the marketplace. I bought a retail disk copy for £20 that included a season pass.

    Do you like Dark Souls? 

    C'mon now I know this is a stretch. But the difficulty jump at about 50% reminds me of Dark Souls. It batters you over and over making you try new things and get better until you succeed (not in an annoying way).

    Finally and I know I have gone on here...Do you own a Current Gen console?

    If the answer is yes. The what the fuck are you waiting for? There is absolutle nothing else to play on the PS4 and Xbox One right dust it off and get playing Trials Fusion. 

    All in all Trials Fusion is another Trials game and there is nothing wrong with that at all in fact is fucking excellent. 

  • Haha! I like the enthusiasm! Unfortunately, not much appeals to me there. x)

    "Do you like motorbikes? + Do you like physics based puzzle games?"

    Pshyeah. But I'm more of a Need for Speed or Sleeping Dogs kind of guy when it comes to motorbikes in games though. i.e Full Speed Ahead!! :)

    "Do you want to beat your friends and shove that fact in their faces?"

    I do enjoy this, it's a nice bonus feature to have in games. Not a major selling point for me though.

    "Do you have a creative streak? + What about playing with friends?"

    Gotta say these two sound really fun! Had no idea that Trials had couch co-op.

    "Is it cheap you ask? + Do you like Dark Souls?"

    I dunno, there a lot of other games - indie in particular - that are about that price range.... :)

    Of course you know the answer to the Dark Souls question, but that analogy sounds like a bit of a stretch to me my friend. :P

    "Do you own a Current Gen console?"

    Unfortunately, I don't yet. I do plan on buying a PS4 at some point though.

    I remembered which Trials game I played as well! It was the one on Vita (so it actually wasn't years ago) called Urban City Trials or something. Really didn't enjoy my time with it. IIRC, you have a Vita don't you Nutta? If you've played it, tell what you thought of it. Maybe it's shit in comparison to Fusion or something. :P

    Also, I found out this morning that Trials Fusion actually has a pretty intriguing story to it!

  • Yeah the vita game isn't actually a red lynx joint if I'm correct. I didn't like that either. The vita doesn't allow for the analogue control needed for trials.

    Yeah Its really awesome that they take the constant death and restart mechanism and build a plot around it.
  • Ah right! The ones I always heard were good were the ones you mentioned, the XBLA ones. Unfortunately I've never owned an Xbox either, so I haven't played those ones. :P Gotta say that Trials is now taking up more mind space than I thought it ever would. :)
  • I'm turned off actually now that I look into more details. They got rid of the online multiplayer that gave Trials Evolution so much replay value for me. Now, they're working on adding some Tournamenet mode for the multiplayer that won't be launched until after release.

  • I never really played the multiplayer in the game. I have just hit the 60% mark and now the game is kicking my arse. Before this set of tracks I was getting constant golds. Now I'm struggling to pull out a silver.

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