Facebook buys Occulus
  • In bizarro news, Facebook bought Occulus for two billion dollars. What the Hell? Clearly Facebook wants to do more than Facebook, which is probably a bad idea. Maybe they pour all kinds of money into this and make a great product, but I do not think Facebook will make back the two billion. So strange.
  • Hey do the kickstarter folk get any of the two billion? I actually have no clue what chipping into kickstarter entitles you to. If you don't get a slice of a huge payout, then fuck that method of coughing up precious starter capital.
  • Yah know, I just watched The Wolf of Wall Street. Fun, but a bullshit justification by an unrepentant sociopath. Kickstarter is the new penny stock. It is another way for the rich to steal from the poor. Give us money, and get to "feel" involved, without getting any actual stake in the business. PS you are stupid.
  • Do these mechasims offer anything real to the investor, or is this just cyberbegging? Because if these are just tin cans you can put money in, that is pathetic and not a real engine for change.
  • There was that comic artist dick a few months back who made the news. He got something like $50K from people to print up books which he did, but then filmed himself burning them and posted it up on YouTube. He also wrote a gigantic post about how he defrauded everyone as some sort of bizarro form of protest. Real grade A douchebag. If you Google the story you should find it quick.

    Kickstarter can be good, but the system is ripe for abuse, and simple human incompetence. I hear a lot about Kickstarter projects going way over budget and people needing more than they originally thought. I'm sure some of this is genuine "I suck at Maths and planning" human error but there's no doubt there's some fraud going down there too.

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