E3 2014
  • Can Noobtoob send someone to E3 this year as a representative?  Getting coverage and interviews on things we want to know about would be awesome from one of our own.  It'd honestly be a great opportunity to bring in new members and viewers too.
  • I wonder if yuzo and/or tobin will go?
  • Have they ever gone?  This site is like eight people strong, at this point.  The dream would be to see Tobin at an Amazon presentation of game streaming services in Prime, but that is about as likely as MS coming out and NOT pounding their chests, despite getting whomped since E3 2013.
  • I'm pretty sure they've gone before, as they have had E3 special videos.

    I'm really excited for this year's E3! Consoles are out, gonna be all about games, and probably Virtual Reality. I wonder if Nintendo will hold an E3 conference this year? They didn't last year.
  • Well, we actually could send a group of people under the guise of media, we just have to get the credentials set up to get the media passes.  I think it'd be great to try and bring the community back to life.  I'm sure you all agree? @FirLocke @westw @Epke
  • I wonder if locke vincent or HP will go
  • @shozaya Of course! The easiest way is to tweet like, "Oh shit, NooBTooB.com is discussing this game right now! Hop on over to the forum and join the discussion". Easiest, but not the most effective. I mean, it'd be great if someone could go! I won't be going because I live in Ireland. :P
  • Sending the site to E3 seems a long way off. But I do think there are things we can do to drum up some business around this place. 

    I think the best way to start would be a new podcast that the site could live off of. Something that could hopefully live up to Tobin and Yuzo's legacy. Probably don't call it noobtoob and don't infer that is official at all but use it to guide people to the forums. 

    Then when we do get a few more guys and girls in here look into ways of promoting the forums/ new podcast

    The most important thing though would be to make sure we don't lose the Noobtoob spirit. Tell new users not to be dicks, advise them that we are a different breed of gamers we try to look over the fan boy system wars and try to have adult conversations about gaming and gaming culture.
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  • @nutta27 I completely agree!  We just need something to draw in the views fast and up the popularity fast, thats why I think a big gaming event and special coverage first would be the best way to get it.  Just like how nobodies become somebodies because they released their console unboxing first or reviewed a highly anticipated game first, right?

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