It breaks my heart...
  • that the animated TV Series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will probably never come to a conclusion.  Now I know I'm late with the news, but its still so shocking to me.  All these loose ends that will dangle in our minds indefinitely because George Lucas sold out like a bitch.

    1. Rebel Against Disney?5 votes
      1. No
    2. Start a kick-starter campaign that will fail because of copy right issues?5 votes
      1. No
    3. Would you sign an internet petition that would accomplish nothing because Disney doesn't care?5 votes
      1. Go fuck yourself disney
  • Star Wars has already entered so far into the wilderness of crap that I no longer care, but it must suck to still be a fan after all this and watching the train wreck go on and on and on.
  • @Dr Flibble Honestly, I never was a huge star wars fan boy until recently when I started watching on it Netflix, because Anakin's fall to the dark side didn't entirely make sense and wasn't very well acted out in the movies. BUT in the show you actually connect and understand what made him do it, it's not a light up dildo war, it's a very dark, depraved, and realistic take on what war is actually like.  But yeah you're right at this point all I can hope for is them not to utterly destroy the star wars name lol
  • Clone Wars have always been a strange abomination.  You want me to root for Anakin?  You know he's gonna kill the younglings, right?  You want me to root for the troopers?  You know the order is going to come down and they will all become faceless killing machines, right?  Yeah, fuck that.  Forget the basic sell out.  Forget the terrible writing that ruined much of the prequels.  The very structure of The Clone Wars is offensive.

    Oh Yeah, the new movies might be more watchable, but they will become generic action.  Look at the last Star Trek.  It wasn't Star Trek.  It was generic scifi action.  It had no flavor.  Their was no kernel of Trek in there.  That is the future of Star Wars.  Get out now.
  • I'm not talking about the movies? lol @westsw
  • has anyone else played the star wars pinball games on playstation? it got great reviews and is a great game except for one thing. the flippers seem to have a delay on them. and of course in a game where timing is so crucial it absolutely ruins the game. im just wondering if the problem is with my controller. if not i am baffled by the scores the game was given.
  • @gilligan Well if your other PlayStation games don't have a input delay with the same controller, then your controller is probably working fine. I haven't played the Star Wars Pinball game, but I hear that the Zen Pinball games are the go-to pinball games in terms of realism.
  • its been a while since i busted out the ps3 but i just got uncharted 3 and it works fine so......i am really disappointed with the zen game game. maybe there is settings to adjust the flipper.

    the williams collection is the most realistic i have played.
  • @gilligan Actually Pinball Arcade seems to be quite popular, and it's on the PS3. I think I might have actually played that one, but I can't really remember it. I'm not so much into pinball, as you can probably tell. :P

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