Game Releases: Week of 3/16/2014
  • 3/18
    Metal Gear solid V: Ground Zeroes (Xb1, Xb360, PS3, PS4)
    Final Fantast X & X-2 HD (PS3, PSVita)
    Borderlands 2 (PSVita)
    Deus Ex: the Fall (PC)
    Luftrausers (PS3, PSVita, PC)
    SteamWorld Dig (PS4, PSVita)

    Couldbuilt (PC)
    Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (PC)

    Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (Xb360)
    Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

    Anybody picking anything up? Discuss!

  • I've actually pre-ordered the Final Fantasy X collection for the PS3. It was my first Final Fantasy and it's my favourite. Getting the Limited Edition too! (Supposedly) :)

    I might pick up Luftrausers for the Vita, I remember playing it on the PC and it was really fun. Between FFX and Dark Souls 2 I probably wouldn't even play it though. :P
  • Metal Gear solid looks interesting, but I'll hold off for awhile. Willl be too busy playing souls. I will however be picking up infamous. I've really been looking forward to this game. hopefully it's awesome
  • I dont think i'll pick up anything. I just preordered the Diablo expansion and the Wow expansion, and i might preorder Wildstar when preorders become available this week. Possibly FFXHD or maybe Infamous, but most likely nothing.
  • Maybe i will buy the FF X and X-2 down the line.
  • inFamous baby!
  • Gotta pick up Final Fantasy X on Vita. Can't wait to jump into that again.
  • Getting the limited edition of X/X-2 and hopefully my import of Samurai Warriors 4 comes in this week too, customs is usually quick for me. Don't think there's much else in the upcoming months apart from the Layton/Wright crossover.

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