Deception IV: Blood Ties PS3/Vita release
  • Trap game Kagero deception also known as Trapt in the west will be released in the west as well as Japan 

    The game is a revisit of Tecmo's 1996 PlayStation game Devil's Deception. As a game focused on strategy, the player aims to defeat enemies by luring them into a wide variety of traps. The aim of the game is to prevent the enemy from reaching the player, exclusively using traps. Players can choose to utilize a variety of different traps, including rolling boulders, electrocution, fire, spring boards, spiked walls, human cannons, falling bathtubs, banana peels, an iron maiden, and locomotives. Proper timing of traps is an important aspect of the game play, as the player is also able to fall victim to their own traps.

    Players are able to set their trap combinations within three methods, namely Brutality, Magnificence, or Humiliation; each different type used will grant different rewards from the devil's three servants. Effective utilisation of the environment also allows the player to deal additional damage to foes. The PlayStation Vita version of the game allows players to select and activate traps using the touch screen.

    Loved the previous incarnations of this game, didn't know they were releasing a new version of it.
  • This came out a week or 2 ago. I'll grab it when the price drops a bit.
  • Hope they didn't change to much, nothing so much fun as stringing people into several traps :P
  • The concept sounds really fun! But my goodness do the hero's animations look janky.
  • It looked good on PS2 :P
  • So like, if you guys like the idea of the Rat covenant in Dark Souls 2, then you might want to check out this game. It's all about the traps and killing the hero. <- Pretty good review, with a video in the middle too, if you want to check the game out some more. I must say I would like to try this out, but not at a brand new price. I'll wait until it becomes cheaper, then I might check it out.

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