Game Releases: Week of 3/2/2014
  • I'll get South Park at some point probably.
  • Nothing that i would fancy
  • Maybe Dead Nation Apocalypse for PS4 this week. Not really a new game, but I remember liking this on PS3 and I will totally give it a whirl if it is the plus game.
  • I loved Dead Nation but never bought the DLC. Let us know how Apocalypse is.
  • I will probay get south park on the PC in a steam sale.
  • Dead Nation is exactly as good as I remember. I do not see any real difference. I thought I would play to one checkpoint. The next thing I know I am third done with the campaign and miss my bedtime. Have not gotten to the DLC. Plus also dropped Tomb Raider, so Plus is so good I do not understand how playstation turns a profit.

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