The Floor Is Always Lava - 1.00 Released
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    I’ve developed this really weird habit of
    developing quick, little games around one type of variable/concept.
    These have included games like Shadows: The Darkness, Poop Tycoon (a jab
    at all those damn simulator games) and now The Floor Is Always Lava. I
    never really intend for these little projects to blossom into anything
    large, hell most of the time I do them for fun or to kill time while I’m
    sitting at home on my days off.

    That being said, this is probably the one
    I’m most proud of at this stage. It’s fun, fast-paced, and you can play
    with some buddies. It pretty much takes the concept, and idea behind
    that game kids would play in their living-rooms but instead of jumping
    from various pieces of furniture, you’re standing in a room that’s
    quickly filling up with lava. It’s essentially a last-man standing sort
    of idea. I’ll probably look into adding more features sometime down the
    road (more maps, achievements, better visuals, etc) but for now it’s
    more of a concept test/tech demo in a sense.


    Anyways, I just pushed the full release out on the IndieDB page, but it’s still waiting to verify. For the time being you can download the files from here. Installation instructions are below if you’re having issues.

    being said, I hope it's okay that I tossed this here. Couldn't find
    anywhere to toss it in the forums, and would like some feedback even
    though I made this in like 24 hours. It's got an online multiplayer
    component too, so there's that.

    Installation Instructions
    Go here to download BYOND, the game’s engine tool –
    Create an account if you want.
    Once installed, open the .zip folder that the game is stored in.
    Double-click on the BYOND Executable (orange monitor icon)
    So, there you have it. It's essentially that silly childhood game that most of us should have some experience with playing on our house furniture. I made it in like 24 hours time and decided I'd love to hear what some of you have to say about it. All criticism welcomed, as long as it's you know...constructive. That being said, the multiplayer component is a tad finicky.
  • im new to byond but it downloaded ok and i have a list of games but the search shows nothing about the floor is always lava and after searching manually i still cant find the game there. maybe i will try a few of the others since i went through the trouble already.
  • @gilligan

    If you downloaded the .zip folder for my game, go into the folder and look for the BYOND Executable.
  • BYOND is cool but the language leaves much to be desired.

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