Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 24/02/14
  • A day late.  I know, I know - I had a day off and didn't get near a keyboard/internet connection all day...

    Anyways, last WiG finished with me saying

    "I can't decide whether to invade Gwyndolin's little domain and wrap up a few other lose ends, or whether to head straight to Gwyn.  There's half a chance I might finish the game tonight or tomorrow night and after that...well there might be some fairly exciting news.  Just you watch and see!"

    So how did that go?

    (360) Dark Souls Well, exactly as above, really.  Went and visited Gwyndolin and then headed straight to Gwynn, to give him the bad news that I'd offed all of his remaining family.  I really enjoyed the final battle, even if it did take multiple tries, it's just a shame the ending cinematic is a bit short and disappointing.  I mean, it wouldn't be entirely in keeping with the rest of the game if the final cut scene laboriously explained what you'd been doing for the last 50+ hours, but to go from the beginning of the game to the end with little understanding of my character's motives, or those of the major NPCs is definitely an interesting direction to go in for From Soft.

    I'm still mulling over my thoughts about the whole game, and I've also been immersing myself in some of the lore and background videos available on YouTube, what I will say though is that Dark Souls will be near the top of the list when I come to write my personal 'Game of the Generation' list.

    (PS3) Gran Turismo 6 ....wait, WHAT!?!

    That's right, folks.  A whirlwind 8 years later, I've taken the plunge on a Playstation 3.  Partially as a f*** you to the new generation of consoles, which are currently utterly unappealing, but also due to the great offers that Amazon were doing on PS3/GT6/The Last of Us bundles.

    So far, so Playstation as far as the ownership experience has gone - given my crappy internet, it took an hour and a half between me putting in the GT6 disk and actually starting to race.  The game itself seems pretty great, there are clearly things that are missing compared to Forza and the physics engine is different enough to require some adjustment on my part but getting to re-visit the tracks that I spent 10+ years pounding around on PS1 and PS2 is pretty exciting.

    Looking forward to hearing about your week...
  • Hehe, another convert sees the brilliance of Dark Souls! And a PS3? Now you can try Demon's Souls!

    I have been playing Earth Defense Force 4, just building up my guys' armor tallies. Also played some Giana Sisters and hit a game halting glitch which stopped me in my tracks. Might give it one more try and if it gives me any cheek I'll be done with it. Also slowly going through Far Cry Classic. I have totally forgotten this game so it's like a new experience again. Bought the Last of Us DLC but haven't really done much with it yet. What else? Oh saw the 2 Ass Creed games on sale on PSN so snapped them up. Played through some of the girl Ass Creed and it seems decent enough. I think that's everything.

  • Not much again this week. I think I am just waiting for Titanfall to drop (ha ha get it). I know sad. Anyway I did play a little Battlefield 4 with work mates. It was ok but battlefield is about the big ass 64 on 64 battles and they just wanted to play TDM. I mean if that's what you want play fucking Call of Duty.

    I also went to a party Saturday night for a mates 26th and it was a proper nerd affair. We set up multiple Xbox 360's and played 4 v 4 on Halo Reach. Its was a pretty decent time. We also got into a little Dive Kick. But as soon as my friends found Baz my winning streak ended and I spat the dummy out. Roll on the balance update on that one.
  • Rayman Legends

    I played the demo and promptly dropped forty bucks on the PS4 version.  This is total 2D Mario, in the best possible sense.  The game is endlessly ingraciating, it gives you no reason to not like it.  It is always fun.  There is tons and tons of content.  With the swimming and flying and other mechanics, it mixes things up micely.  Well organized, always pointing you in the right direction, but lets you putter about do most anything.  It is trying for no innovation at all.  It is perfect gaming comfort food.  You know exactly what you will be getting.  Well, I suppose the music levels are a little newish.  Very very pleasing, but more art projects than challenging gameplay.  I like this game a lot.  I suppose part of it is that SNES Mario was the last one I played, so this perfect iteration of that concept is hitting a game starved niche for me.

    Probably going to plug through Metro Last Light.  It would be nice to be ready for the March psplus drop.  Plus can be hard to keep up with.
  • Fable Anniversary (360)
    Bringing back some good memories, and having a good time with this game. I loved the original, and I love the remake. Achievements seem easy too. Fun game.

  • I've been busy with school so I've only managed to play some Hearthstone this week. I just hit rank 11 using mostly a Warlock Control and I've completed a Midrange Druid deck that I've used every now and then. I've been having a couple rough Arena runs lately just drafted what seems like a solid Mage deck but we'll see where it goes.

    edit: Midrange Druid, not Control Druid
  • Er, how about the last few weeks of gaming for me, eh?


    Well, I got my first legendary card from one of my Arena runs!

    Suddenly, 0 mana cost fireballs exist in my Druid deck. :D Swipe is also the most devastating thing with this guy out on the board. I've tried using Malygos in other decks with spell damage like Mage, Rogue and Shaman, but Druid is the most fun to use with this guy! Moonfire being 0 mana makes a huge difference. :)

    Been mostly playing Arena runs, although I haven't played in a while actually.

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Been playing a crap load of this. I've even planned out how I'm going to progress my characters through their classes and have been experimenting with characters which I've never used before like Vaike and Miriel and they are SO GOOD. Vaike is a surprisingly interesting character too, his relationship with Sully blossoms into something very, very cool.

    Because I've been playing my 3DS a fair bit, I got interested in a few 3DS games that I don't have, like the two Zelda games, Mario & Luigi, heck even Animal Crossing. For some reason it still staggers me how much amazing work Nintendo have done with their 3DS. Their DS games were phenomenal too so I shouldn't be so surprised haha. :P

    Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

    I was never really into the PW games, until I played the demo for this one. I love the graphical style they went with for Dual Destinies. Pokemon ain't the only series that's gone from 2D to 3D you know! PW's index finger is even more glorious in 3D. Music is brilliantly timed and is of course amazing. :) Very fun game so far, and memorable characters to boot. 

    No PlayStation at all recently! Neither Vita nor PS3, but that will change when Dark Souls 2 comes out. :)

  • Final Fantasy XIII I played this until Friday, after which I have been playing the other game I'll talk about. I'm about 50hrs in now and I'm finally in chapter 12. I am wrecking monsters that I had no chance against in chapter 11, feels good. :) Nearly done I think.

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze This game is AMAZING! The level design and music is just fantastic. I'm in world 3 now and Cranky Kong is really helpful in the swimming levels since he swings his cane when you swim. :) This is just so much fun I'm a bit sad I dont know very many who have WiiUs and have picked this up.

    Thats about it for last week. I've taken a break from FF XIII now, and I am going back and forth between DKC and Castlevania LoS 2 which I'll talk about next week. :)
  • Forza Horizon
    I beat the game so now I'm mopping up achievements that I missed.  I only have a few to go, but I don't know if I'll complete the game fully.  I really don't want to get the achievement for driving on every road in the game, particularly because I don't know which roads I've driven on and which I haven't.  It's a big map.  

    All in all it was a fun game.  I like the style of Forza 4 MUCH more, but it was interesting to play a more arcadey version of the game with new age music and stuff.  Here's hoping I can get my XB1 soon so I can get onto Forza 5.

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    Still trying to get through this Classic playthrough.  Boy, is it tough.  I think I'm getting a little burnt out on it. 

    I'm thinking about picking up Deus Ex or Dragon Age: Origins again.  Perhaps I should just buckle down and beat Gwyn in Dark Souls.  Congrats to Littleg, by the way, for kicking his ass.  I was hoping I would beat the game first, haha.  Any tips for a friend?
  • Played some LBP karting the online is quite dead, Dead space 3 no liking this incarnation. Udraw picked this up cheap in Holland, would be nice if the tablet wasn't so fidgety. Miami Hotline, kind of stuck at the level with the swat team. Oh and started to play dead space again with Dr. Flibble
  • Yeah I have to agree Dead Space 3 isn't doing much for me either. The resource robot sucks and I'm not too fond of shuttling about between derelict spacecraft either.
  • Thanks Bongo - it ended up taking me a lot longer than I thought to get him.  I got pretty good at making the run through the knights beforehand without having to fight any of them...

    As for tips, I'm no Dark Souls expert, the main thing I found made a difference was using the big rocks/pillars scattered around the room to act as a barrier between me and him whenever I needed to heal.  There was a heart-stopping moment right at the end of the fight, where I'd gradually been wearing him down and was getting low on Estus Flasks; he was very low on health so I thought 'fuck it' and tried to go toe-to-toe with him so we were both just standing there thrashing away at each other and it was pure fluke that it was him that went down before me :-) .

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