PS4 launches in Japan
  • So the PS4 is out on the home islands.  The news seems to indicate that it is selling well, that the initial supply is drying up, etc.  There is no frenzy, the Japanese are not going bananas, handheld is now bigger than console.

    What do the Noobtoobers on the ground see?  What has been the reaction on the street?  Have you gotten one?  What game will really move the PS4 with you and/or with Japan in general?
  • It launched with a pretty unspectacular fizzle to be honest. Nowhere near the lines or insanity we saw with PS3 or the Wii years ago. A few people I know bought one, but most are waiting. There's only really one big game and that's the new Yakuza title, but it came out on PS3 on the same day so a lot of people just went with that. I suppose there's also Killzone but since the Americans and Europeans have already had it for months now, and didn't give it the best word of mouth, there's not much excitement for it. Same with COD, Ass Creed, and others, which either got shitty reviews abroad or are also out on PS3 already. If they'd put Dark Souls 2 on PS4 I'd have one, but they didn't, so I probably won't be buying one for a while.

    People are a bit pissed that they didn't get the console first, but I think that'll be forgiven as soon as something worth playing and exclusive comes along. That's the real problem: there's nothing to play on it. People aren't happy about the lack of backwards compatibility either for disc games. I'm more annoyed with the latter personally.

    The boom in mobile games is going to be a problem but another problem a lot of people seem to disregard is a lot simpler. Japanese gamers in general are not graphics whores. If you tell the average gamer that they can play the game in 720p on PS3 or 1080p on PS4 they will look at you like you are asking for permission to stick your dick up their nose. They don't care. This is an anime culture, not photorealistic you-can-see-the-beads-of-sweat-on-his-glistening-bald-head culture like the US/EU. Dragon Quest beats Final Fantasy every time they go toe to toe. It's the games they want, not higher res versions of shit they can play on a system they already own.   

    I don't know what will push me to buy one at this point. I still have so much to play on PS3. Yakuza is tempting but it's on PS3, and I have trouble believing the graphics jump between systems is going to be all that huge with that game. I guess we'll have to wait and see what's out after I get Dark Souls 2 out of my system. An exclusive Yakuza game, or Resident Evil, would no doubt persuade me to buy.

  • Famitsu is reporting 320K sold in the first two days.  Seems to follow the theme of very good, but not record breaking sales.  Metal Gear will likely move some units.  God knows Second Son is the game I have been waiting for.  inFamous is a fantastic franchise, but the Japanese are probably barely aware of it.  Even in the West, it is highly regarded, but not a top tier sales kind of guy.
  • 320k sales sounds pretty good to me! It sold 250k in the UK which was recognized as being very very good. Let's hope for more Japanese games on PS4. :)
  • I think Sony handled the launch here well enough. 320K is good and remember that's just the opening weekend, not week! They didn't want a repeat of the PS3 debacle so they came in prepared this time. The other factor which I suspect may have helped sales is that Japan will be raising its consumption tax by 3% from April, with another 2% being added for good measure in 2015, so people expect the price of the system to actually move up, and not down, at least for the foreseeable future. Me being the negative Nancy that I am expect further deflation, so I'm betting against the crowd on this one.

    Yeah Metal Gear has a big fanbase but I doubt Second Son will do much for the system over here. The first 2 games are generally liked, by those who have tried them. Being World Cup year and with the popularity of Winning Eleven (PES outside Japan iirc) that should get some sales too. With the amount of good exclusive IPs Sony has in their bag it's only a matter of time until the awesome starts coming down the pipes.

  • If you've never played a Yakuza game, you really should. I really liked Kenzan, so I'm looking forward to playing Ishin.
  • I actually own Yakuza 4 and played a few hours, but I lost interest. :( I boot it up the odd time, but I could never stick with it.
  • Oh my Lord. I really hope Sony keep going. Like a lot of people, I grew up with their technology around me.

    So it's been known that Kaz wants to focus on mobile tech, cameras and gaming but what about audio? Their consumer and professional audio products are excellent.
  • There was an interview on TV (CNBC maybe?) in which Sony's CEO Kaz said that not only is the hammering they are copping in other areas hurting them, but even with the success of the PS4, they still aren't seeing as much profit because of the weak yen. This is bizarre, as Sony has said the same thing about the strong yen in the past. Bullshit bullshit everywhere!

    Some more happy reading

    When the shit hits the fan in the Japanese economy and the Abenomics tea cup ride spins out of control leaving everyone vomiting and running for the door, Sony could well go bye bye, along with a lot of other Japanese makers. In my work I had the chance to talk with one of the higher up execs of Sumitomo West Japan (Sumitomo group is a massive banking/insurance financial group. Think Umbrella Corporation) and when I asked him where he sees Japan in 10 years from now (this is about 2 or 3 years ago) he replied "Do you know what Roman decimation was?"

  • Damn, if Japan implodes that feels like 2008 all over again. Who the playstation division gets sold to will be the least of all our problems. Sony has really taken a bath on several movies and that division had been even more important.
  • If Sony goes bankrupt the question of where the PlayStation brand would go is an interesting one. Realistically what other company has the ability to take over something like that?

    But yeah, when geriatric Japan finally shits the bed it's going to be bad news for everyone. 

    I think I may pick up a PS4 when the next must have game comes along. There's already Second Son, and PS4's have been dropping in price (I found one place selling them for $350). Getting tempting.