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  • I made the big swap. I have after 8 years of iphones finally left apple behind. I sold my iPhone 5 today and purchased a Nexus 5 on contract.

    Now I have never been much of a mobile gamer but I have to have a few things on here to pass 20 minutes or so on a lunch break.

    Usually I hate questions like what games should I get for such and such but I have tried a Google search and that just brings back bull shit like first person shooters and need for speed games. I want mobile games. Time wasters.

    For comparisons sake I played a hell of allot of threes in the final days of my iPhone. I always had a copy of plants vs zombies or peggle installed.

    So guys what I am trying to ask for through all this rambling is what games should I get. Money doesn't matter.

    I already picked up

    Rayman blah blah run
    Marvel endless runner thingy
    Plants vs zombies
    The room 2

    What else?
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  • Sorry this is a bit of a late comment.

     Congragulations on moving to android. I have become a bit distanced from mobile phone games, i am struggling to be motivated without physical buttons. I cant really help you on hat games to pick up unfortunately. But of course Plants versus Zombies and Rayman are always solid choices :) But you are probably way ahead of me on discovering games the platform has to offer.
  • Emulators, emulators and more emulators.

    Other than that, Ridiculous Fishing and Game Dev Story are games I really enjoyed on my Nexus 7. :) Game Dev Story you could actually play for hours on end as it's quite addictive, but Ridiculous Fishing is perfect for just a few minutes at a time.
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  • Some of the better free games I've played are Zombiewood and Dungeon Hunter 3, but both require a lot of grinding to unlock a lot of stuff.  They have a pay to get the good stuff scheme going on.  Dungeon Hunter 3 reminds me a whole lot of Diablo, and Zombiewood is a more is an overhead shooter which is a ton of fun (And the story isn't that bad).  Both are multiplayer, but on Zombiewood I always have problems, but I think it's because I'm on Android and my friends are on iPhones.  Highly recommend both, welcome to the droid family :)
  • Anybody using a controller clipped to a phone?  Are those things worth it?  I have a good phone and am sort of waiting around for the note 4, so what are some good review sites for higher end phablet stuff?
  • Oh yeah forgot about Game Dev Story! That is a great game, i have played through it about 5 times, hours and hours on trains :) You are right it is really addictive and fun. I haven't checked out Ridiculous Fishing or even heard about it, will definitely give it a go next time i am out and about with just my phone.

    Android seems to be a great platform for emulators. Going back a bit i spent a bit of time with a great DS emulator (cant remember the name) but worked full speed and fully functional whereas all the others had really poor performance and were just ports from other platforms. I havent checked out any emulators for a while, good DS emulators are probably commonplace now.
  • * I wrote the above comment yesterday and forgot to click post. So i am not being ignorant of the latest comments they just were no there at the time of writing. Sorry :)
  • I have an emulator called Super GNES Lite and it is superb for SNES games! You can even download the ROMs straight to your memory card, so handy. Runs everything really well, however the controls make me want to invest in an Android controller. :P

    @westsw I've never tried any Android Controllers, but MOGA seems to be the name people mention when it comes to them. Here's a review of one of their controllers:

    Personally, this would be too expensive for what I want, so their cheaper pocket controller would suit me more.
  • Yeah I would definitely want something really small i could carry in my pocket with my phone without a bag if i was to buy one of these attachable controllers for my phone. Or else I might as well take my 3ds or Vita about with me.

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