Groupees: Be Mine 11 (32 hours left) & Steampunk 2 (9 days left)
  • Hey everybody. Some of you might remember me. Glad to see the forums back up and active again!

    Anyway, Groupees is a site that runs bundles similarly to Humble bundle except they often contain a mixture of games, music, and sometimes ebooks. They're headliner bundle is their Be Mine bundles and I got my second EP into the bundle! They have sold just over 35,000 bundles so far. I've continued making music and I have released 2 EPs so far under the name Panda P.I., one is a synthwave/cyberpunk themed EP and the other is a space themed EP. I had my Debut EP in the Groupees Community Bundle 2 a short while back and they liked it so much they asked me to contribute to their Be Mine 11 bundle so I contributed my second EP for the current bundle. So check out the bundle! Its got some great games and great music!

    Be Mine 11 Game & Charity Bundle

    A $1 minimum campaign with charity support to 6 year-old Julia's Journey Against Neuroblastoma.

    Game titles include: (All for $1 minimum)

    • ÆRENA - Clash of Champions (2-pack*) - Steam, Windows
    • Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge - DesuraGreenlight, Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Redshirt - Steam
    • IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 - Steam
    • Grimm (Complete 3 seasons) - Steam
    • Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe - SteamDesura, Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Infected: The Twin Vaccine: Collector's Edition - Steam, Windows

    *= ÆRENA - Clash of Champions gives a bonus giftable copy in your steam inventory when redeemed.

    Bonuses: (All bonuses are now unlocked.)

    Like, Share, Spread the word and #MakeGreatHappen.

    Also, for those interested the OST for Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge can be purchased PWYW here.

    Steampunk 2

    "Introducing the Steampunk Groupee 2, curated by Evelyn Kriete, who runs the single largest social media hub for steampunk online. Pay what you want ($1 minimum) for steampunk-themed games, music, ebooks, and comics and choose for a % of your contribution to be donated to Direct Relief."



    • Johnny Hollow - Collection - Bandcamp
    • Sxip Shirey - Sonic New York - Bandcamp
    • This Way To The Egress - Caged Bird EP
    • Spiky - Carnival Symposium

    Comics + ebooks:

    • Tales of Jack The Ripper (ebook)
    • 19XX Book One: Rise of the Black Faun (comic)
    • Cities of Ether (ebook)
    • Steampunk (comic)
    • Wildside Press Megapack 1 (ebooks)

    Bonuses: (all but the last bonus are unlocked so far, the last bonus should unlock in the next few days)

    • 2,000 - Blood of the Innocent 1-4 (comic)
    • 4,000 - Telepath RPG: Servants of God - Desura
    • 7,500 - Discovering Aberration (ebook)
    • 10,000 - Sunday Driver - Unreleased Song (music)
    • 13,000 - Wildside Press Megapack 2 (ebooks)
    • 18,000 - Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads (movie) - Trailer on youtube