New South Park: The Stick of Truth footage
  • The first 13 minutes of South Park : The Stick of Truth , i am hoping that the game is going to be solid throughout. There have been a number of previews by game sites that have been really encouraging. Anybody planning on getting it at launch or pre-ordering it?
  • Between DS2 and Second Son, March is kinda booked for me. SouthPark is so variable in quality, Christmas Critters is funny as hell, many episodes are unfunny, preachy, and aimless. I hope it is like playing a funny special, but wait and see is the best this can be for me.
  • Yeah, i am inclined to agree. If the rpg elements and combat turn out to be as good as they promise to be i think i can overlook the dips in writing quality if there are any. But i sure as hell aren't pre-ordering it, haven't preordered anything since i got burnt on Rome 2: Total War. Obsidian have made some quality games though, i  really hope this is one of them.
  • I'll probably give it a go down the track. The combat system looked pretty dull from what I saw of it, but the rest looked like it could be pretty fun. I haven't watched an episode of South Park in years though.

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