Comcast to buy Time Warner
  • Americans should get ready to get fucked.  The largest cable provider wants to buy its largest competitor.  Together they would have 57% of the market.  The next guy would have 8%.  Welcome to monopoly land.  The deal should not be allowed, but I figure it will be.  Now I could give a fuck about cable TV, but these are also the biggest internet providers.  There is already fuck all competition in high speed internet in the United States.  Where I live, it's Time Warner or go fuck yourself.  This means fifty dollars or more for 15mbps that really ends up being less than 15.  There are other parts of the country that are worse, or plain do not have high speed.  I imagine noobtoobers in elsewhere in the world would be appalled at more than three bucks per mbps.  Americans would be surprised that other areas have cheap 100mbps.

    One of the hundred and one crazy things about America is that we talk all the fucking time about competition, but hardcore capitalists will do anything to promote monopoly, because it is vastly more profitable.  We have shitty internet, and all signs point to that actually getting worse.  The companies that provide internet hate the idea of the internet cutting into TV for entertainment and phones for communication.  The internet is clearly the more efficient future, but more efficient means less profitable to them.  What little competition there is, appears to be getting stamped out.  Two companies which provide crucial modern services have the lowest customer ratings and are about to be combined.  They will have even less incentive to give a crap what you think or how you feel.  If America believed in modernizing it's infrastructure, or in an actually competitive market, this deal would be laughed out of existence; instead it will be lauded.
  • Wow, i am not really clued up on the cable/internet suppliers in US. From what you are saying this seems like it is going to become a difficult situation that harms the internet consumer :( . Is there an equivalent on a monopoly commission in the US? I assume there is, this sounds like the sort of merger/ buyout that should be blocked.

    From the description of the providers you have provided it doesn't sound like it is boding well for you. This appears like it would put the internet infrastructure of the whole country second to profits of large companies. I don't mean that as grandiosely as it sounds haha. Competition pushes forward improvements for services, you remove the competition it slows progression which is unfortunate.

    I get 60mb in the UK and I am really happy with the prices and the quality of service. There is a lot of cable politics that go on here, though i do feel the UK is moving in the right direction in terms of internet provision. Though the larger companies again have problems with customer service and monopolies etc. which is expected and sucks. Saying that i had my cable relayed (re-pulled) last week and they were mostly on the ball with getting that sorted reasonably quickly/efficiently. Although they could of coordinated it better. The main issue i have with my ISP are the fair usage / traffic management policies, and some confusing rules and pricing. They are slowly getting more lax on fair usage, hopefully improving and disappearing as the nationwide infrastructure improves.
  • I don't really find myself getting to fussed about it, to be honest. The vast majority of America is already divvied up into monopolised areas. I live in an area of 230,000 people and the only choice here was Charter, up until about 5-6 years ago when Comcast joined the fray. Most Americans live under a 1 or 2 provider choice anyways. So in that respect, this isn't really much different. There's almost no overlap in the coverage between the two, so it's not going to make that really much worse. We lost that battle a long, long time ago, when the FCC became overran with former telecom CEOs and checks from their friends.

    TV Networks deserve some the blame, too. Networks like Disney and TBS and all of them basically lock in 10% price raises annually, so they gouge the cable companies, who then turn around and gouge customers.

    It won't be long before they're all pretty much being buried by Google or Amazon or whatever other tech giant gets involved. What's really weird is that Internet service has far and away the best profit margins for these companies, and yet they still totally slack on it, while cable TV is bleeding customers. Why not update the infrastructure and try to fend off Google? Internet is going to be the basis of all media consumption in the future, why not invest in it? It makes no sense. They're all just using the strategy of trying to get every last penny they can get. All it'll do is speed the collapse. Put another stake in rational expectations and efficient markets. Not that we needed another.

  • Consolidating monopolized areas is heading the wrong way. Yes, things already suck, but this is headed towards greater monopoly. Google is not coming to save you. Kansas City and Austin are hobbies, are experiments.
  • It isn't capitalism, it's corporatism. The old champions of capitalism would be doing double somersaults and triple axels in their graves if they could see what passes today under the banner of capitalism. These people we deal with today are about as interested in free market capitalism as Stalin was. 

    Don't expect anything to change. Bankers, big business and government don't even try to hide the fucking they are giving the people these days and the people, upon seeing these institutions loosening their belts yet again, do not get angry. They assume the position and accomodatingly spread their now far from virgin ass cheeks.

    I hear this Russell Brand guy has a revolution we can join. Gods help us all.  

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