I'm LycaBack... LycaBack Again... LycaGuess Whose Back... LycaTell a Friend...
  • Hello again I just re-found the website from the grave of our older website... What did I miss?

    Here is my Twitch channel, which will have a list of other places to find me and more information on who I am if you are new!
    Do you LycaKnow who I am?
    1. Doya?5 votes
      1. LycaNo.
      2. Yes, but stop putting Lyca in front of words.
      3. No, but stop putting Lyca in front of words.
  • I do like the offline image on your twitch account.

     Craig: "If the noobtoob forums became a central hub for a great gaming community again, i would be so happy..."
  • Oh I remember you. :)

    Welcome back friend!
  • Sup homie.
  • Sup Manio and everyone else... Why is the forum lagging a serious amount of green and darker blue?

    and you know... form... to the forum...

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