Xbox One System Update
  • All the details ate over here on Major Nelson's blog. In short we are getting a battery indicator and the ability to check and manage storage space.

    What do you lot think if this?

    In my opinion it is 2 very needed adjustments.
  • These sound like features that should have existed on release. I suppose the consoles need time to refine the OS and such.

    I haven't had chance to check out the Xbox one yet, what is your experience up to now nutta?
  • I like it. My PC is 2 years old so the visuals do seem like a step up to me.

    The interface can be a mess at times but (and I never would have thought I would say this) the kinect voice commands make finding things so god damn easy and streamlines near enough everything. I will be picking a ps4 up in a couple months. When I do I might try and write up a comparison piece and find a home for it somewhere on here.
  • My console didn't update until yesterday afternoon so I've not used it much but so far it seems good. I like that they split games and apps apart.
  • Wow that is interesting that the voice functionality is useful :) It is good that it is getting to the point where it is worth using rather than just being a bit of a gimmick.

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