Philip Seymour Hoffman, dead at 46
  • One of my favorite actors is now dead.  ODed at the tender age of 46, with three small children, just tragic.  Addiction is so dreadfully common in the arts.  He spent more than twenty years sober and cranked out so much great work.  Addiction don't care, addiction just waits.  Take your eye off the ball, and pow, like a tiger out of the grass.

    He was very versatile, he could carry the show or support others.  Mr. Hoffman could chew the scenery with the best of them, but was even better at inferring deep emotional states, with very little outward change.  I suppose it makes sense he won the Oscar for Capote.  Another great artist destroyed by addiction.  I suppose I would prefer overdose to alcoholic dementia, but the choices active addiction leaves open are mostly horrible.
  • RIP, being in entertainment and have a substance addiction seems to be thing.
  • Yep, he was fantastic in everything I saw him in (although I don't watch a huge number of films), with what appeared to be a huge range.  I saw one person say that he so talented that he managed to turn a Mission Impossible movie into Macbeth.

    As I said on Twitter last night, that ending of Synecdoche, New York is going to be extra fucking depressing now, huh?
  • He was an amazing actor, loved him in 'The Savages'. Sad to see him go.

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