Noobtoob's Week in Gaming 27/1/2014
  • The date still looks weird to me that way, but who am I to disagree?

    Well I finished platting Xcom Enemy Within. Really dead simple. You could do it with one playthrough, on classic, never buying the squad expansions, and then go back through your monthly saves on easy. Tingling Sensation was the only annoyance, because it demands you use bad tactics and forgo mimetic skin. Mimetic skin is just cheating with the snipers.

    Now chugging along on Brothers. Very pretty, the central mechanic is surprisingly counter intuitive. Other than that, the puzzles are blindingly simple, although that could change at any moment. It would not take much to make the game hard, but it seems focused on emotions and beauty, not challenge. Another great plus game.

    Probably keep playing Lego Marvel, and see if I can get myself into Binary Domain or Blood Dragon. God those opening jokes on Blood Dragon were funny as Hell.
  • Dark Souls
    This is the only game I've been playing.  Having a pretty good time with it.  I'm currently lurking around in the Tomb of Giants and I gotta say, these bone fuckers are really annoying, haha.  Chuggin' along so that I can find and kill Nito I think his name is.  After him, all I will have to do is fight the 4 Kings and I will have filled the Lordvessel.  Hooray!

    That's it for me this week.
  • Dark Souls- Been going through with a couple of new characters.

    Saints Row The Third- I found the German version in an import shop so decided to play through it again and get a double plat for it.

    Dead Island- Started a new character and played a little bit, but don't think I have the patience to go through it again.

    Battlefield 3- I got this late last year on a PSN sale. The whole thing with all the DLC for $20 iirc. I hate it. This is Warfighter with prettier graphics. I'm sure the multiplayer is wonderful, but I don't give a shit. I will try to push through the campaign and finish it.

  • Platted Brave, It's Ok some bosses are annoying on hard.

    Gran Turismo 6 i unlocked the Super/Special races and Difficulty ramps up immensely.

     Played some Kingdom of Amalur and it is just not resonating with me, it is ok but it is no Dragon's Dogma or DarkSouls.

    Skylander Giants is just fun and it appeals to my miniature collecting habit.

    Devil May Cry reboot bought it secondhand after watching the Games only podcast 2013 game talk. TheBluehex was lyrical about it and i have been playing it. Liking the story and the battle system.
    2nd hand and the DLC codes had expiration dates, but they still worked, lucky!
  • Hm no edit?
    Flibble man, maybe we should try BF3 online together? Haven't played in a while, so maybe i have to download another 2gig update.
  • Sure. We still have to do the Arena in Dead Island too.

    I felt the same way about Amalur. It's just so dull. I think you have to be one of those freaks who love Fable to get into it. The combat is fun enough but the world, characters, and story just don't inspire a fuck to be given.

  • (PS4) Battlefield - I've recently completed the campaign and I'm not currently interested in going back to the all the collectables (think I had my fill of that), so I am solely going to play some multiplayer. I just hit level 17 going to see if I can hit 20 by the end of the week but that might be a bit of a steep task.
  • Pretty much been a week full of Dark Souls. I never would have guessed 2 years on that I would love this game so much. I tried to get into it 3 or 4 times over its lifespan and it is only its resurgence here on this site and over on Giant bomb that urged me to give it another shot. Before I managed o make it to the Gargoyles become frustrated and give up. Now I have rang the first bell nearly ringing the second and loving my hour or two I spend with the game each day. 

    I also Played a little Spelunky. I know I must hate myself both these games in one week. Another game I thought I could never get into has made its way into my heart. This is an amazing game for my lunch break at work. Just sit there on my Vita, be antisocial and try not to scream in frustration when a bat kills me for the 20th time.

    Sadly that is about it for games I have played. I might try and pop some more Rayman on this week or maybe make a start on the Call of Duty: Ghosts Campaign.
  • Final Fantasy XIII PS3; I am about 8 or 9 hours in now and the combat has picked up quite nicely. I'm going back and forth with enjoying the combat and sometimes hating my AI teammates. I got stuck on a boss for an hour b/c it switches elements so I kept healing it by accident and then getting killed.

    Then I sat and watched the boss change his weakness from water, to something that absorbs water and my AI teammate fires off 3 water attacks to heal the boss for like 600HP. After that I said fuck it and put him on healing me, and I chipped away at the boss with physical attacks. Took forever. Other than that its been fun. 

    That has been it for me this week. I haven't had much time for games lately. ;p
  • HearthStone

    Been doing most daily quests to get enough gold to do Arena runs more easily. Slow progress however on the actual card rewards. Having tough but satisfying games against people who have better cards than me. (Especially when I win, however desperate the means.)

    Dark Souls

    Continued my new character and I'm glad that for Dark Souls 2 the devs decided to let us progress through the game more to how we want. One problem I had a couple of times went like "Oh, I can't access this area yet because I haven't gotten this particular item, and I can't get that item unless I get another item from waaay back there......" And blah di blah di blah. It's not a huge problem because the world ain't too big, but when I was planning to go somewhere and I couldn't so I had to take a detour, it felt a bit of a downer.

    Still, I think this character may go far and he definitely has my favourite build so far. Still undecided where to take it though, faith/int, I dunno. I was thinking of going down a quality path (which is str and dex build) and buffing intelligence just a bit so I can use non-offensive spells. Might be fun.
  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts (360)
    I don't have a next-gen console (getting the Xbone in the Spring) and I have to say this may just be the worst iteration in the series. I wasn't going to get this game, but my friend and I desperately needed things to play toether so Ghosts was sort of like a "meh, why not" sort of purchase.

    The online feels weird. Ranking up takes forever, and this whole "squad point" system really rubs me the wrong way. The customization is sort of a mess, and not too though out either. Campaign is far too short, and boring not to mention the whole Extinction Mode is incredibly lackluster, and stupid.

    I can't say much nice things about this game other than it helps kill time.
  • Haven't played a ton this week. My launch 60GB PS3 died on me last week, typical YLOD error. I tried to fix it myself, and managed to get the console to live for about 10 minutes, but it promptly died again (I was at least able to get my disk out though).

    So, there were a few days off from Xillia, but I've been back at it. The story in that game is explaining less and less, moving really quickly, and kind of becoming less interesting as a result. I'd thought it was pretty solid up to a point, but they're skipping a ton of story and expecting me to completely understand what's going on. At the beginning of the game they let you pick which character you want to play as, Jude or Milla. Before getting the game I'd seen a little gameplay and liked Milla better, so I ended up picking her when I got my copy. I don't know if the game expects players have played as Jude first or what the deal is, but it basically seems like a lot happens to the other character when I'm not around and then the game kind of expects that I'm fully aware of what happened, so it never bothers to explain anything. I'm also having difficulty with the rationale and motives behind some characters' actions not matching up with their previously presented personalities. At this point I'm sure I'll ride it out to the end, but the story was kind of the thing holding my attention and it's gone totally off the rails at this point. Kind of just hoping it ends soon so I can move onto Yakuza 3.
  • Hey!  Someone stole my line!

    Thanks for posting westsw, having a bit of a crazy time at work right now so would've only been able to get this up Wednesday at the earliest, which isn't good enough for WiG!

    As it is, I've not had a huge amount of gaming time at the minute and, like the rest of the world it seems, my time was all spent in...

    (360) Dark Souls Having previously taken out S&O and then back-tracked through the Painted World (which I went into without enough white moss clumps, fuck those lumpy walking scrotum guys...), I figured I better get on with chasing down the Lord Souls.  For no particular reason I went for Nito first and the journey down through Tomb of the Giants was nearly the end of me.  Dunno why, but those giant dog skelingtons just did a number on me over and over.

    Once I'd figured out the speed run from the last bonfire to Nito himself though, I found that fight pretty easy and managed it in a couple of tries.  I cheated and looked at a wiki and found that not running around like a headless chicken as I did the first time meant I didn't aggro the two giant skeletons and from that point it was just a case of backing off often enough to prompt him to do his AoE charge attack which would take out the smaller skellies around him.

    At the risk of having absolutely nothing to write about in the next WiG, I'll mention that I've since done the Duke's Archives and the Crystal Cave.  Once again, the area itself seemed far tougher than the boss himself, and twice I lost 35K+ souls to stupid deaths (which is only just about an amount I can shrug off and say 'oh well' at this point).  I bloody hated the Crystal Caves - that bit where there's one of the harder Golems on a slippy path that you later find is only protecting a crappy Blue Titanite Chunk and in fact leads nowhere?  That was where one of my 35K souls went missing :-( ...
  • LittleG there's a Blue Slab down in those caves but the path to get to it is completely invisible. Have fun!

  • Heh, I lost souls there too G.  Much later I found out there was an invisible path at the upper end of the ice chunk you're standing on that would get you to safety.  Dark Souls is a mean mistress.

    As for me I'm still trying to take down Gwyn.  I haven't even been able to get him to half health.  I fear this will be a toughy.

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